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Chapter 848 - Yao Bingyun’s Dao

The yin and yang picture slowly rotated in the sky above Wang Lin. The black and white image gave off a powerful origin energy. As it rotated as it absorbed all the ideals from all living things in the planet to form a heaven-defying force.

Then it charged into the sky!

The entire sky changed colors as if there was an invisible force rapidly retreating. A moment later, the sky was still the sky, but in Wang Lin’s eyes, it was a lot quieter.

While this was happening, in a place far away where the four domains insected, Qing Shui was cultivating inside a quiet pavilion at the Thunder Celestial Temple. At this moment, he opened his eyes.

His eyes were calm without the slightest disturbance. When he opened his eyes, he looked into the distance as if his gaze could penetrate the stars.

“Master once joked that if someone could learn one of his spells, they could be considered a student of Bai Fan… This person learned Call the Wind by chance…” Qing Shui silently pondered for a moment and his eyes revealed a hint of melancholy.

“Master, Disciple is incompetent… However, even after countless years, I must find the reason why the Celestial Realm collapsed and why I went crazy. I’ll get revenge for you!”

On planet Qing Ling, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the sky. After his enlightenment, he was half a step into the Nirvana Scryer stage. He needed but a thought to become a true second step cultivator.

To reach the Nirvana Scryer stage with just a bit over 1,000 years of cultivation was enough to shock anyone. Wang Lin, a person with ordinary talent but with his own ideals and unyielding nature, was able to reach such height after persevering for only 1,000 years!

When he was still on planet Suzaku, no one there could have foreseen that he would come this far!

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. When he awakened, he only released a bit of his cultivation and already caused such a change. Wang Lin could imagine that at the moment he breaks through, divine retribution will immediately arrive.

“Divine retribution is somewhat strange. Considering what happened when I went through all that karma, I must be cautious and not be careless!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Since he was unwilling to yield to the heavens when he reached the Ascendant stage, every time his cultivation level increased, he would be suppressed by divine retribution.

The power of the divine retribution was more powerful and strange than before!

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at Yao Bingyun, who hadn’t awakened yet. His right hand didn’t hesitate and he pressed down between her eyebrows!

“Devouring domains is the wrong path. However, before this, this idea echoed inside my mind. If not for enlightenment, I would have been immersed in the dilemma until my dao was destroyed!”

The moment his finger touched Yao Bingyun’s forehead, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. It was as if he had merged with the world.

“The correct path is not to devour but to borrow it to comprehend! Borrow the other’s dao to confirm karma! This is the correct way of allowing karma to reach completion!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. His domain appeared. The black and white fish in the sky slowly rotated and descended. It eventually sank into his and Yao Bingyun’s bodies.

The heaven defying bead inside Wang Lin began to rotate and slowly absorb the yin and yang.

“Younger Sister… Younger Sister…” A weak voice came from the void. This voice was filled with indescribable sadness. When it fell in one’s ears, it would cause one’s heart to tremble in pain.

The voice muttered, “Younger Sister… Your older sister will save you… You have to hold on… Wait for me…” The sadness was very strong and wouldn’t dissipate...

Inside the black void, Wang Lin silently listened to this voice. He felt no joy or sorrow.

As the voice echoed, clouds seemed to appear in the void. They shrouded the area as if Wang Lin had entered the depths of a cloud. Inside it was a young girl holding her knees. Her eyes were filled with hesitation and fear.

She was only 15 or 16 years old. Her body was fragile; it was as if a wind could blow her away.  Under her flowing hair, her complexion was pale and filled with helplessness.

“Big Sister… Big Sister…” A timid voice came from her mouth.

“Big Sister promises that during this life, I’ll definitely come and save you… Younger Sister… Don’t cry, your big sister is here…”

“Don’t be afraid, you’re just going to a far away place to wait for Big Sister. Once I have the power, I’ll definitely save you!”

“Don’t cry, Mother is no longer here, only the two of us are left. No one will bully you there. Listen to Big Sister’s words: hold on and wait for me!”

The girl raised her head. Her face was filled with tears as she murmured, “Big Sister, I don’t want to go… I’m afraid…” She was crying, but a pair of old hands suddenly appeared from the void. The hands directly grabbed the girl and she disappeared far into the void.

“Big Sister!! Big Sister!!” Her cries for help continued to echo, but in the end they gradually disappeared.

“Younger Sister… During my lifetime, I’ll definitely gain the power to save you. Wait for me, stay strong and wait for me…” The sound of crying filled with unimaginable and indescribable sadness filled the void.

This sadness seemed to contained the power to break the world. When it filled the area, it caused the void to collapse. This set off a storm that rapidly took everything and wanted to tear everything apart!

The void broke, exposing a large path of green earth underneath. On the ground there were two girls in red laughing as they chased and played with each other.

These two girls were not old, but it was obvious they were sisters. The girl chasing her old sister had a thin body. Although her face was filled with a smile, her face was terrifyingly pale.

“Little Sister, if you can catch your big sister, I’ll buy you candy!” The girl in front turned back to look at her younger sister and laughed.

“Big Sister, slow down.” The girl rushed forward, but just as she started running, she fell down and began to cry.

Her older sister quickly rush over and squatted down. She softly said, “Don’t cry. When we go back, Big Sister will you buy you candy.” Before she finished speaking, the weeping younger sister immediately grabbed her older sister’s clothes and laughed. “Big Sister, I caught you!”

“You cheated!” The two girls laughed and then frolicked together.

Shortly after, it seemed they got tired and the two sat down on the ground. The younger sister looked up at the elder sister and softly said, “Big Sister, why did Ancestral Grandfather bring us here? Is it for us to see Mom? I miss Mom…”

Just at this instant, the sky changed colors. A large amount of red clouds began to gather above the two girls. A moment later, the red clouds formed a person.

This person was middle-aged and looked very handsome. He gave off the aura of a celestial.

The middle-aged man looked at the two girls with a complex gaze. He then landed on the ground and gently said, “Bingyun, Mengyun, follow me!” 

The girl called Mengyun immediately happily said, “Uncle Yun, are you taking us to see Mom?”

The middle-aged man’s gaze became even more complex. He looked at the two girls and clenched his fist. With a decisive gaze in his eyes, he nodded. “Uncle will take you two to see your mother!” With that, he waved his sleeves and immediately picked the two girls up. Then the cloud under his feet moved like thunder as he charged toward the sky.

“Ancestor, the children are innocent. Even if I, Yao Yun, must suffer punishment, I’ll bring these two children out of the Blood Planet!” The middle-aged man clenched his teeth. The cloud under him quickly flew into the sky.

However, just at this instant, the sky suddenly changed and a demonic hand appeared and grabbed the red cloud. In a flash, the red cloud collapsed inch by inch, exposing the pale-faced middle-aged man and the two terrified little girls.

“Yao Yun, come back!” said an ancient voice. It was filled with majesty, not allowing anyone to resist!

Yao Yun’s face was filled with anger and he shouted, “Why, Ancestor!? They are members of our Yao family too!”

“It is because they are Yao family members that this is their lives! They can’t escape! From the moment they were born, they were destined to be the souls of that magical treasure!” The ancient voice couldn’t be questioned. A gust of wind swept across the sky and took away the middle-aged man and the two girls.

Outside the Yao family ancestral hall, Yao Yun’s body was forced out from the void. His expression was pale and he coughed out mouthful of blood. After he landed, he retreated dozens of feet and laughed miserably.

He watched as the two girls were taken into the ancestral hall filled with panic and confusion. It was as if they were being devoured by the ancestral hall.

Similarly, this was all seen by Wang Lin. He watched this in a mysterious state as he confirmed Yao Bingyun’s dao! All of this was formed by Yao Bingyun’s dao, it was the root of her dao!

“Ancestor, is the magical treasure of the family that important? Bingyun and Mengyun don’t have a father. Even their mother was just one of your tools with the purpose of giving birth to the two children fused with the treasure’s spirit...

“The two of them will become the new souls for the magical treasure…”

Yao Yun revealed miserable smile. He had a very special affection for the two children. This was because their mother was his older sister… The most gifted second generation Yao family member throughout the countless years!

“Big Brother was right, the old ancestor has been possessed by a demon. The Yao family of the past no longer exists… When Elder Brother decisively left, I was puzzled. However, now I understand Big Brother’s thoughts…”

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