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Chapter 847  - Change

It was as if the earth-shattering thunder from the beginning of time had landed on Wang Lin. His mind rumbled violently, he understood!

"The dao of the heavens is something everyone can prove and everyone can confirm. The heavens is not dao. Dao is formed by the will of the heavens and earth. Everyone can have this will!

"Just like the fish that lives in the river. It doesn't violate the heavens or provoke yin and yang, it lives peacefully and free! This river is the heavens, the world. The fish is all living things that exist inside the world!

"However, the net pulls the fish out from the river. This net is dao, the laws of the world! No matter where you are, you won't be able to escape dao!

"This net will one day pull the fish out from the river. Once out of the river, the fish will face the laws of the world. Either it obeys and enters the reincarnation cycle or it must revolt! Break the net and revolt!

"Cultivators are like the struggling fish. The more they fiercely the struggle, the more they defy dao!

"This is dao! Whether it is life and death or karma, all of it is formed by the will of dao! I'm karma!"

The wind whistled through the sky and took Wang Lin into the sky, leaving no trace.

He left behind the terrified old man in the raincoat and the old man name Xie felt warmth in his body.

The old man named Xie muttered, "He… is he a person or is he a ghost…"

The wind scattered and merged with planet Qing Ling. At this moment, the spiritual energy increased countless fold. Countless spirit veins formed and endless spiritual energy gushed out.

Spiritual energy filled one river after another and they became green!

As spiritual energy gushed out from the earth, spirit stones formed in ordinary mountains, causing the mountains to become spirit mountains!

All of this was because of Wang Lin! When Wang Lin was in the Dream Dao, he became one with planet Qing Ling. He was the planet and the planet was him!

Wang Lin's enlightenment in dao was because he became planet Qing Ling. This caused a series of drastic changes; it was as if planet Qing Ling had also gained enlightenment!

"People have spirit, so they can comprehend dao. Beasts have souls, so they can also be enlightened. Everything in this world that has a spirit or soul can comprehend dao!

"This planet has a soul and can also be enlightened!"

Wang Lin merged with planet Qing Ling and gained enlightenment. At this moment, he clearly felt planet Qing Ling's soul! This was the first time he had clearly felt a soul that was different from a cultivator's!

This kind of soul was illusory, but it existed. It had no thoughts, but there was an instinctive power! This power came from the countless cultivators on planet Qing Ling, from the lives and deaths of all the mortals and creatures. It had been brewing for countless years!

"Back then, the scattered demon could pull the soul of a planet. Now if I want to, I can as well!" This mighty voice echoed across planet Qing Ling. It turned into countless thunder booms that spread across the planet.

Countless mortals began to worship this thunder roar. Countless cultivators' minds trembled as they knelt down and worshiped this thunder.

Among the mortals, the old man named Xie stared blankly in the sky. The tremble from his soul filled his body; it was as if he was evolving at this moment.

"He… isn't a ghost…" A kind of enlightenment appeared inside the heart of the old man named Xie. He was silent but walked out with resolve.

The spiritual energy on planet Qing Ling began to increase like crazy. All of the Nascent Soul cultivators in closed door cultivation who were trying to break into the Soul Formation stage felt the spiritual energy inside their bodies begin to rotate rapidly.

Wang Lin's enlightenment caused a drastic change on planet Qing Ling. Those who had been at the Nascent Soul stage for a long time that couldn't step into the Soul Formation gained huge benefits from Wang Lin's enlightenment. Those that were half a step into the Soul Formation stage gained enlightenment in their own domains and reached the Soul Formation stage!

Wang Lin allowed planet Qing Ling to breakthrough the limit of not having a single cultivator able to reach soul formation even after countless years. This caused planet Qing Ling reach completion! This planet was not a wasted planet like it seemed on the surface but still a child. If given enough time, countless years from now it will be able to form spirit veins and become a true spiritual planet.

Wang Lin's enlightenment accelerated the planet's growth and allowed it to have dense spiritual energy ahead of time!

Heng Yun Peak was the origin of Wang Lin's enlightenment. At this moment, from the ground up, every inch of it turned into spirit stone and it became a real spirit mountain!

The richness of the spiritual energy there was unimaginable!

At this moment, power from all directions on planet Qing Ling began to condense here. This power was illusory, but all of the cultivators noticed it. Even mortals could clearly feel it. This power rapidly condensed on Heng Yun Peak and into Wang Lin's body. At this moment, Wang Lin woke up!

His eyes were bright, but they seemed to contain the universe. His expression was joyous, but the might of heavens surrounded him. He face was pale, but it contained a hint of brightness!

Wang Lin's body gave off the aura of someone who had become aware of their own dao and obtained full control of themselves! This body was here and his origin soul was here. However, if a cultivator came and closed their eyes, they wouldn't be able to detect Wang Lin's existence at all.

It was as if Wang Lin had already merged with the world! Before, when he merged with the world, his body would disappear. However, even though his body and origin soul were there right now, they gave off the feeling that he had merged with the world.

It was as if with a thought, distance no longer existed. It was as if his thought was karma!

"The heavens leave no trace. I have inadvertently entered my own karma. If not for enlightenment, I fear I would not have awakened! This matter is strange, it was as if many thoughts filled my mind and replaced my sanity to force me to act toward a certain ideal…" Wang Lin raised his head as he stared at the sky and reveal a cold gaze.

His gaze was filled with killing intent and contained endless coldness. As he looked up at the sky, there was an infinite power coming from planet Qing Ling. It came from every cultivator, every mortal, every living thing!

This power gathered toward Wang Lin like crazy and shot out toward the sky!

At this moment, if planet Qing Ling was the river, then all the creatures on the planet were struggling fish. They had all gathered inside Wang Lin to to revolt against the heavens!

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