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Chapter 841 - Shattered Star of an Ancient God

The seven people who were almost at the peak of the Allheaven Star System had begun a war with the Moongazer Serpent!

The Moongazer Serpent’s body had awakened from its curled up form. It release a fierce roar as it changed form and its towering tentacles swayed in space. For the first time, there was a hint of vigilance in its eyes.

Although its senses ware different from people’s, it could still feel a strong sense of danger. It hadn’t felt this kind of danger in a very long time.

It vaguely remembered long time ago when it was drifting that a vague voice told it not to enter a region.

There was an unimaginable force within that voice that made it feel fear.

This memory was from too long ago and was extremely blurry, but that sense of danger was so strong that it was engraved in its mind. Even now it was affecting its mind.

At this moment, it also felt danger. Although it was much weaker than back then, it still made it cautious.

Its numerous tentacles swayed as the Moongazer Serpent let out a roar. It was like the sound of the world being split open; it was more fierce than any thunder and could split the heavens!

This sound didn’t appear the last two times the Moongazer Serpent became angry. When it was facing those weak cultivators, it didn’t need this, it just slaughtered them all.

However, while the Moongazer Serpent was angry, it was the danger that it felt that made it display its true strength!

There was a complex, human-like language mixed within this roar that created a spell that collapsed the space around it and continued to spread.

The red-robed old man pointed up and merged with the octagonal formation. The formation stayed above the Moongazer Serpent and rained down flaming thunder on it.

At the same, the red thunder from the four boys tightly restricted the Moongazer Serpent’s movement.

The black-robed middle-aged turned into a 1,000 foot giant eagle. His huge body looked like a real eagle as he circled the Moongazer Serpent and attacked with his claws.

Even a real cultivation planet would easily collapse under the power of the black-robed man’s attack. His cultivation was very strong, enough to rank among the top cultivators in the Allheaven Star System!

The Shengong family ancestor closed in on the Moongazer Serpent with one step. As he opened his arms, strands of thunder moved like crazy through his body. The thunder came out as thunder dragons, and although this thunder wasn’t from an ancient thunder dragon, it was from a thunder spirit!

There were no less than 10,000 of these thunder dragons roaring. They charged out with the Shengong family ancestor as the source and launched a furious attack on the Moongazer Serpent.

The Zhan family’s Li Yunzi was like a white ghost, he was simply too fast and he held a silver sword. Often times, his sword would pierce the Moongazer Serpent’s body in a flash. Then the sword would shine so brightly that it was enough to blind cultivators. The silver sword in his hand would extend until it penetrated through the other side of the Moongazer Serpent!

This was the spell that allowed Li Yunzi to shake the Allheaven Star System! The Heart Movement celestial spell! As long as his heart willed it, nothing could block him!

The Five Colored Daoist turned into five rays of light. This five-colored light seemed to contain great power as it rotated to form a large vortex. The vortex filled the world and continued to extend. Then the shadow of 99 maidens appeared. They all looked solemn and sat down in the lotus position inside the vortex. An extremely feminine aura came from the 99 maidens’ bodies and violently condensed into a hideous evil spirit that charged at the Moongazer Serpent.

Blood God’s face was filled with indifference as he exploded into a large mist of blood. The smell of blood became very strong as the blood mist surrounded the Moongazer Serpent’s body. He entered through the tentacles and began a rampage of destruction inside the Moongazer Serpent’s body.

Constant rumbles echoed within the Moongazer Serpent’s body.

Master Flamespark’s hand formed a seal and countless fragments appeared before him. Each of the fragments were made of a fragment of the Celestial Realm! The fragments began to rotate under his control and a powerful celestial force created a storm among the stars!

For this operation, almost the entire Northern Domain had been evacuated by the Thunder Celestial Temple. All of it was to capture this Moongazer Serpent!

The Moongazer Serpent’s roar became even more intense. This was because the impact within and on hits body gave it intense pain that almost made it go crazy. It had been a long time since it had suffered such pain. Aside from that voice in its memory, it had never suffered so much pain!

The Moongazer Serpent let out an angry roar and then a large amount of smaller Moongazer Serpents flew out from its mouth. There were eight of them that were 100,000 feet long, as well as countless 10,000 feet and 1,000-feet-long Moongazer Serpents. As the smaller Moongazer Serpent charged out, the language of the ancient god came from its mouth.

It wasn’t just the main Moongazer Serpent that emitted the voice of the ancient god, every single Moongazer Serpent did so as well.

The wrath of the Moongazer Serpent was like the finger of an ancient god! An bright light appeared in front of every single Moongazer Serpent. The light shined more brightly and rapidly condensed. Soon, the ancient god finger filled the stars!

Among the stars, the countless Moongazer Serpents formed countless ancient god fingers. This was one of the Moongazer Serpent’s most formidable powers!

The ancient god finger swept the area with the Moongazer Serpent as the center. This powerful force made the six people’s expressions change!

The Moongazer Serpent’s spell didn’t end. After releasing the ancient god finger, its huge body shook violently and it continued to roar. Its large body contracted like crazy as if it wanted to absorb all the vitality it had stored up. There were popping sounds echoing across space as its countless tentacles broke at their roots!

A large number of tentacles broke off from its body, and the tentacles twisted and turned. Then hairs grew from the tentacles and they all turned into 100,000-feet-long Moongazer Serpents!

Aside from the Blood God who entered the Moongazer Serpent’s body and couldn’t see what was going on outside, the remaining six were all shaken. Even Master Flamespark’s pupils shrank and were filled with aghast.

“This… What kind of moon beast is this? The ancient books never recorded that a moon beast could have this kind of spell!”

As the Moongazer Serpent used this terrifying spell, all of the mortals and cultivators near Wang Lin collapsed from having all their vitality absorbed.

When the countless tentacles finished absorbing, they all disappeared. At this moment, a large amount of tentacles disappeared.

The more than 100 tentacles on the ancient god before Wang Lin began absorbing at a terrifying rare. This was no longer absorption but devouring!

Large amounts of bulges appeared on each tentacles as they devoured the ancient god’s power like crazy.

At the same time, countless hairs came from the tentacles, and in the blink of an eye, these hairs rapidly extended into the ancient god’s body and began to devour as well.

“This ancient god child is the Moongazer Serpent’s source of life!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his right hand formed a seal. Just as he was about to attack, that ancient voice echoed inside Wang Lin’s origin soul once more.

This voice was even weaker than before, as if it could dissipate at any time.

“Don’t attack, I have already become one with the Moongazer Serpent. If you attack, you will immediately be attacked by the Moongazer Serpent. My clan member, quickly leave and bring the one who can accept my inheritance here… I don’t have much time…” The ancient voice became weaker and weaker. As the tentacles continued to devour, it become almost inaudible.

“You can’t leave with your power… I’ll help you leave…”

The ancient god child surrounded by countless tentacles suddenly opened his eyes. When his eyes opened, one of the eight illusory stars suddenly collapsed!

An ancient god’s star had shattered!

This collapse created an unimaginable force that directly passed by Wang Lin and charged toward the vortex at the end of the narrow passage.

As the storm rushed toward the vortex, a large amount of red light emerged at the vortex. It was the Blood God’s figure that quickly condensed. After he entered the Moongazer Serpent, he continued to cause destruction until he found this place. Just as he took shape, the power from the ancient god suddenly arrived.

Even with the Blood God’s cultivation, he let out a groan and his whole body suddenly collapsed. Then a demonic force suddenly spread and helped him block the power. The demonic shadow that formed was filled with shock and immediately collapsed. It was pushed back along with the Blood God and forced out of the vortex.

When Blood God’s body reformed, his face was extremely pale and he coughed out blood. He then quickly retreated while continuing to cough out blood. He looked very weak as his origin soul was seriously injured! If not for the demon connected to his soul, he would have died!

His eyes were filled with aghast and also fear and disbelief.

“Ancient god!” The demonic shadow appeared behind Blood God and said the same thing as him. Even their eyes were the same, filled with fear.

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