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Chapter 842 - Sealing the Moongazer Serpent

Blood God didn’t hesitate to explode into a large mist of blood and use blood escape along with the demonic shadow behind him.

On the outside, all of the tentacles fell from the Moongazer Serpent and turned into countless smaller Moongazer Serpents. This made the surrounding old monsters all gasp.

Master Flamespark’s eyes lit up and his hand formed seals without hesitation. The countless fragments immediately surrounded the area. At the same time, Master Flamespark let out a roar, and waves of mysterious power spread.

Every single fragment was filled with power. The fragments surrounded all of the Moongazer Serpents and rapidly rotated, forming a huge vortex.

The red-robed old man waved his sleeves and the octagonal formation collapsed. It turned into countless smaller formations that trapped each Moongazer Serpent. Then the red-robed man flew high up, formed a seal with his hand, and divided his mind to enter every single formation.

The four boys circled tightly around the Moongazer Serpent as the red core continued to seal the Moongazer Serpent’s path.

The Li Yunzi’s eyes lit up. Holding the silver sword, he went past the blockade and closed in on the countless smaller Moongazer Serpents. He was so fast that he had often already attacked by the time the silver flashes occurred.

However, none of these attacks had any effect on the ancient god finger created by the angry Moongazer Serpent. The countless ancient god fingers that condensed shot out everywhere.

Boom, boom, boom… Thundering rumbles echoed. The ancient god finger formed by the main Moongazer Serpent landed on the blockade formed by the four boys.

One of the boys’ face immediately turned pale and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Cracks appeared on the red core on top of his head and a red mist quickly spread.

At the same time, the face of another boy on the opposite also turned pale and his body weakened. However, there was a red flash on his head that eventually charged out and entered the red core above his head.

The moment the red light left the boy, his body suddenly collapsed.

The red-robed old man created countless octagonal formations, but they all collapsed under the impact of the ancient god finger!

Blood came out from the corner of the red-robed old man’s mouth.

Master Flamespark’s eyes were bloodshot. He let out roar and his hand formed a seal that caused the Celestial Realm fragments to expand. It was as if the Thunder Celestial Realm had appeared here!

At a glance, it seemed like the Moongazer Serpents were surrounded by the Celestial Realm fragments! Thunder connected the fragments to each other, locking the Moongazer Serpent inside, and the fragments began to contract!

At this moment, the entire Northern Domain was trembling as if space itself was going to collapse!

“Fellow cultivators, help me seal this beast!” Master Flamespark’s voice was like thunder. His arm stretched out and the veins on his face bulged as he used all of his power!

A trace of returning to the origin appeared from Master Flamespark’s body. Although it was only a trace, it caused the Moongazer Serpent to panic!

It remembered that in its memory from long time ago, the terrifying voice that warned it also had this aura. Except that voice’s aura was even stronger!

The Moongazer Serpent remembered the terrifying feeling of that voice after feeling the aura from Master Flamespark.

It remembered that when it felt that aura, it was as if it had gone back to its life within the ancient god’s body, where it lived without consciousness!

Fierce roars came from its body. Then its large body moved like crazy and a strange voice came from its mouth. All of the ancient god fingers from the smaller Moongazer Serpents started to gather before the main body.

These countless ancient god fingers fused together. The ancient god finger before the main body was no longer illusory and looked real!

Complete with the rough skin with cracks that looked like runes, a corporeal ancient god finger appeared before the Moongazer Serpent!

The finger pressed down along with the roar.

The three boys before the Moongazer Serpent weren’t able to resist at all; their bodies all exploded. The red cores above their heads also shattered, creating a large, red mist.

The blockade disappeared and a large number of Moongazer Serpents rushed out. The Shengong family ancestor stepped forth with his body filled with thunder. A large number of thunder dragons appeared to stop the Moongazer Serpents.

It was as if the entire Northern Domain was shaking as the rumble echoed across the stars. The space within the area began to collapse. Even the blockade formed by the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple 50,000 kilometers away were affected. A gap appeared, but it was quickly filled up by thunder.

At the same time, the ghost formed by Five Color Daoist rushed in and began its attack on the Moongazer Serpent.

The black-robed middle-aged man followed closely after the Five Color Daoist. He turned into a large eagle and opened his mouth to spit out a bell. This bell was illusory and it shrouded the large eagle. As the eagle charged out, the bell began to rang!

The sound from the bell contained a very strong power. As it echoed, the collapsed space became more intense and was pushed directly toward the Moongazer Serpent.

However, these attacks immediately collapsed in front of the almost corporeal ancient god finger. The first one to confront the ancient god finger was the Zhan family’s Li Yunzi. The moment his silver sword and the ancient god finger made contact, popping sounds came from his body. He coughed out blood and was knocked back! However, after flying back 100 feet, Li Yunzi’s eyes were filled with anger.  He no longer retreated and instead rush out again!

His cultivation level was very high, so he didn’t die under the ancient god finger, but his origin soul was damaged! 

The ancient god finger didn’t stop and continued forward. The red-robed old man let out a roar and turned into a blood cloud that fused with the formation. The red octagonal formation collided with the ancient god finger!

Just at this instant, the ghost formed by Five Color Daoist closed in. The moment it got near the ancient god finger, it collapsed into large, black fog and diffused across the finger, attempting to devour it!

The Shengong family ancestor didn’t pause. His hand formed a seal and pointed between his eyebrows. The countless thunder dragons quickly condensed into a bolt of thunder 100 feet thick. It moved at a speed too fast for the naked eye to capture and collided with the ancient god finger.

The black eagle formed by the black-robed middle-aged man didn’t stop. As everyone’s spells collided with the ancient god finger, he also charged forward. The bell rang when he collided with the ancient god finger.

The power of an attack from five people at the peak of the Allheaven Star System could easily destroy a planet; it wouldn’t even be difficult to destroy the Northern Domain!

At this moment, their spells formed a vicious storm that could destroy the void. This storm was too strong; even the expressions of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple 50,000 kilometers away changed. Some of the ones that were only at the Illusory Yin immediately turned pale and blood came out from the corners of their mouths.

This storm directly collided with the almost corporeal ancient god finger!


A thunder roar that echoed across the entire Northern domain echoed. Li Yunzi was dyed red as blood sprayed from his body and he was mercilessly thrown far away.

The black-robed man’s eagle collapsed and was knocked away. Cracking sounds came from the Shengong family ancestor. His face turned pale and he coughed out blood as he quickly retreated.

The red-robed old man’s octagonal formation collapsed and he looked weakened. He staggered as he retreated, and there wasn’t a trace of blood on his face. The one that was injured the most was Five Color Daoist, who had the weakest cultivation among the five. After his spell was broken, popping sounds came from his body and he constantly coughed out blood while he rapidly retreated.

The five of them were all seriously injured!

The ancient god finger also collapsed under the combined power of the five people’s spells!

The collision of these spells created a shockwave that spread like crazy. The rumble continued to spread as space collapsed.

The area within 50,000 kilometers was immediately affected by this shockwave. The few abandoned planets immediately shattered!

The messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple 50,000 kilometers away all coughed out blood. They could no longer maintain the blockade and were all blow away.

Further away, the two blockades formed by the black and red-robed cultivators were also affected. They all became pale and quickly retreated.

At this moment inside the Moongazer Serpent, the ancient god before Wang Lin trembled violently as the tentacles devoured him like crazy. Another star on its forehead suddenly collapsed!

After the star collapsed, a large amount of the power was absorbed by the tentacles, but the ancient god’s eyes revealed a strange light and he began a complex chant. A portion of the power was taken and formed a very simple transfer array!

“My clan member… Quickly go… Bring my real clan member here…”

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked meaningfully at the weakened ancient god. Then he stepped into the transfer array and disappeared!

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