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Chapter 840 - The Call From Inside the Moongazer Serpent’s Body

All four of them wore red and they were all boys! Their expressions were cold without any emotion, as if they were puppets. The moment they appeared, they split into four directions and surrounded the planet formed by the Moongazer Serpent.

The four boys sat down in the lotus position and a blood core floated out from each of their heads! The four blood core immediately linked together and surrounded the Moongazer Serpent!

The red-robed old man walked out from the giant formation. Although his expression was calm, his eyes were cold. His body gave off powerful killing intent that was targeted at the Moongazer Serpent.

Master Flamespark’s eyes lit up as he looked at the four boys and smiled. “Fellow Cultivator Xiang, you’ve actually brought the Xiang family’s Four God Sealing Sons. With this, our chances will increase! Did Fellow Cultivator Gongsun invite any other friends to participate?”

The black-robed man Songun calmly said, “The Shengong family ancestor and the Zhan family Li Yuniz!”

The red-robed old man named Xiang appeared next to Master Flamespark and smiled. “This old man didn’t invite many people, just Blood God and Five Color Daoist. I believe they should be here soon.”

After hearing the name “Blood God,” Master Flamespark snorted in his heart and said, “I only invited one person. As for who it is, you’ll all know in a bit.”

As he spoke, a ray of silver light came in from the distance. There was a middle-aged man standing on the silver light, and his appearance was similar to Shengong Hu’s. In a flash, he appeared before everyone here.

“Shengong!” After he arrived, he clasped his hands and no longer spoke. He merely looked at the Moongazer Serpent. There was no change to his expression and no one knew what he was thinking.

Waves of silver light arched around him; it looked very shocking.

At this moment, rumbling sounds came from the stars and a giant ship came from the distance. There were countless young women wearing colorful dresses and dancing on the ship. There was a loud laugh as a white-haired old man in a five-colored robe jumped off from the ship and arrived next to everyone.

“I made fellow cultivators wait. On the way here, I encountered several good cultivation furnaces and was delayed!” The old man wearing the five-colored robe had a ruddy complexion and his skin was extremely smooth, like that of a baby. As soon as he arrived, a strange feminine aura filled the area.

The Xiang family old man laughed and said, “To catch the eye of Five Color Daoist, those cultivation furnace must be extraordinary.”

“If Bother Xiang wants, I’ll send you one after we capture this beast!” Five Color Daoist looked around and was secretly shocked. Everyone here was a famous old monster. Since all of them were gathered here, they were definitely going to capture this beast.

As the two spoke, the Shengong family ancestor didn’t participate in the conversation, he only stared at the Moongazer Serpent. As for the black-robed man, he was even more silent.

Master Flamespark’s face was calm. Although Five Color Daoist’s cultivation level was high, it wasn’t worthy of his attention.

Just at this moment, a person came from the distance. He was waering white and looked like a young man, but he gave off an ancient aura. Overall, this made him give off a strange aura.

There weren’t any magical treasures under him; he was walking with his feet. He was extremely calm, and when he arrived, he only looked at everyone before clasping his hands. He didn’t speak.

“Li Yunzi!” Master Flamespark’s eyes narrowed.

The white-robed man nodded slightly and stood there. He still hadn’t said a word.

“Rumor has it that the Zhan family’s Li Yunzi has a bad temper. Once, he went on a rampage and extinguished 13 cultivation families! This made him famous and everyone remembered his temper!” Maste Flamespark withdrew his gaze and suddenly looked into the distnace. 

A large amount of red light appeared in the distance and the smell of blood quickly spread across the horizon. The blood light quickly appeared within 100 feet of everyone and immediately condensed into a person!

This person was an old man with red eyebrows and a blood red robe that looked like it was dyed with fresh blood. He had a gloomy expression, and when he appeared, he didn’t look at anyone else. Instead, he looked at the Moongazer Serpent with a mysterious light in his eyes.

“Blood God!” At the moment he appeared, all the old monsters’ eyes narrowed and looked at him. Li Yunzi and the Shengong family ancestor were no exception.

Blood God withdrew his gaze and his eyes swept across everyone here. Finally, he looked at Master Flamespark and calmly said, “Master Flamespark, you took away my grandson’s origin  soul. Once the tunnel to the Alliance Star System is opened, we will battle!”

There was a flash of coldness in Master Flamespark’s eyes and he smiled.  “I’ll be honored to accompany you!”

At this moment, bolts of thunder shot through the Northern Domain. Almost all of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple had come out. They circled around the Moongazer Serpent and formed a circular blockade 50,000 kilometers away from the Moongazer Serpent.

Each of these messengers formed a seal that allowed them to connect with each other through a secret method. Soon, dense thunder appeared between them and formed a blockade of thunder around the Moongazer Serpent.

Around 5,000 kilometers behind the messengers were cultivators wearing black and red robes. They formed a second blockage to ensure nothing would escape!

Wang Lin naturally didn’t know about any of this. The call from his soul became even more clear, and as his soul trembled, it caused all of his blood to boil.

Still standing on the large furnace, Wang Lin moved very fast and rushed toward the end of the narrow passage. The call from his soul became stronger and stronger until it filled this soul.

“Come… Come…”

Wang Lin moved faster and faster. Five minutes later, the call was like thunder and it echoed through his body. At this moment, he saw what was calling him ahead.

What Wang Lin saw caused his body to shake violently and his pupils suddenly shrank!

Before him were over 100 tentacles wrapped around a baby!

This baby’s body was extremely large, dozens of feet tall. His eyes were currently closed and he was curled up. The rich vitality from his body was being absorbed by the Moongazer Serpent.

Eight illusory stars flickered on the baby’s forehead, but none of them were solid. They rotated, creating a mysterious force that was also absorbed by the Moongazer Serpent.

Wang Lin gasped. His mind was shocked like it never had been before.

“Ancient god child!!” Wang Lin stared at this and recalled from ancient god Tu Si’s memories. There were were only two explanation for why the stars on the baby were illusory!

The first was that the child’s father was an eight-star ancient god and had left the power of an eight-star ancient god inside the body of the child!

The second was terrifying, and this explanation made Wang Lin’s heart feel cold. The second explanation was that this child ancient god wasn’t a child but an adult eight-star ancient god. However, he was either seriously injured or had experienced some unimaginable change.

This caused his ancient god power to degenerate, so he went from his adult form back to this child form...

“If it really is the second explanation, then where did the power of the ancient god go?” Wang Lin was gloomy as he looked at the surroundings. He especially focused on the hundreds of tentacles, and an shocking idea emerged.

“Could it be that the Moongazer Serpent’s massive change has something to do with this!? The Moongazer Serpent captured the ancient god and now possess its power!” Wang Lin slowly backed up.

However, and he didn’t know, but why he felt a powerful sense of sadness from his heart. This sadness came from his connection with his original body! This sadness was very strong, and as it spread, it soon shrouded his entire body.

“My clan member…” A sound suddenly echoed inside Wang Lin’s soul. This was in the language of the ancient gods. It contained such a powerful ancient aura that it would be enough to make a mortal instantly grow old.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the ancient god child surrounded by countless tentacles.

“My time… Not much… There is the aura of my clan in your… However, it is not strong… Let my real clan member come and accept my final inheritance…”

Wang Lin’s body trembled and whispered, “Are you an ancient gold child or did you regress from an ancient ancient god?”

“I’m an…” Just as the ancient god began to answer, the tentacles around his body seemed to have gone mad and absorbed like crazy.

Large amounts of bulges appeared on the tentacles as they rapidly absorbed. This didn’t only happen to the ancient god, but everyone else as well. Some of the people who already had fragile bodies exploded.

It was obvious that they suddenly had all their vitality taken and died completely!

This sudden change caused Wang Lin’s expression to become gloomy. He didn’t hesitate to return inside the furnace and form a seal. White gas surrounded him immediately.

The area experiencing this huge change wasn’t only the area around Wang Lin, the entire narrow passage was going crazy.

As if the Moongazer Serpent was desperate, it rapidly absorbed all the vitality. It was as if it was going to instantly absorb all the food that it had stored up over the countless years.

Popping sounds echoed as the mummified bodies collapsed. The last of their vitality was absorbed by the Moongazer Serpent.

At the same time, this place began to shake violently as if something unimaginable had occurred outside. Following that, furious roars echoed across the Moongazer Serpent.

The smaller Moongazer Serpents outside the vortex all flew into the air with ferocious expressions! Right now there were smaller Moongazer Serpent’s roaring everywhere inside the Moongazer Serpent.

There were too many smaller Moongazer Serpents. They quickly moved under the lead of eight large Moongazer Serpents.

An extremely large battle rarely seen in any of the star systems was occuring outside the Moongazer Serpent!

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