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Chapter 839 - Perfect Seal

At the moment Yao Bingyun's eyes opened, Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he revealed a smile. His right hand opened up and origin energy rapidly condensed on his five fingers. These five fingers all shined brightly when they landed on the ice around Yao Bingyun.

Then Wang Lin quickly retreated. The white gas surrounded his body, so he raised his hand and mercilessly chopped down! 

This chop wasn't directed toward Yao Beingyun but toward the tentacles that entangled her!

All of this happened in a flash; it was inconceivably fast.

When those five rays of origin energy landed on the ice around Yao Bingyun, there was a series of popping sounds as they penetrated through the ice like five poisonous dragons toward Yao Bingyun.

"What is… your… dao…" Yao Bingyun didn't even dodge or look at the five dragons rushing at her. Her face was pale, but it revealed a determined look, showing her firm dao heart!

At this moment of crisis, she gave up everything but her dao heart and began a domain battle with Wang Lin!

However, Wang Lin had already predicted she would do this before she even opened her eyes. To be more accurate, Wang Lin and Yao Bingyun, in some respect, were the same kind of people!

Even when they were going to die, they would give it their all! Even if they were destined to die, they would take the other into the reincarnation cycle with them!

The moment Yao Bingyun opened her mouth, her eyes were filled with confusion. An illusory figure appeared before her. This was the figure of a woman; to be more accurate, a 14 to 15-year-old girl.

The girl had her hair tied up in a bun and she had a weak and helpless appearance. She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. It seemed like she was mute.

The moment the girl appeared, a sad dao domain diffused toward Wang Lin. However, just at this moment, the Heavenly Chop Wang Lin had sent out reached the tentacles around Yao Bingyun.

Wang Lin had controlled the power of the Heavenly Chop very well. It wasn't enough to hurt the tentacles but enough to stimulate them. When the Heavenly Chop hit the tentacles, they suddenly contracted.

When the tentacles contracted, Yao Bingyun's face immediately turned pale and she coughed out a mouthful of blood. Sounds also came from her body; it as if her bones couldn't withstand the pressure anymore.

As the tentacles contracted, they suddenly began to move rapidly. The Heavenly Chop had stimulated the tentacles and made them go crazy. Yao Bingyun's eyes dimmed. With her body separated from her origin energy, she was like a mortal. Being thrashed around by the tentacle caused her to reveal a bitter smile and despair appeared in her eyes.

The pain from her body wasn't able to make her dao heart unstable. However, the stimulated tentacles began absorbing like crazy. Not only were they absorbing her vitality and origin energy, her dao was being absorbed as well.

The illusory girl that appeared before Yao Bingyun became blurry and then completely disappeared.

"Younger sister…" Yao Bingyun looked at the girl that disappeared and then she closed her eyes. Her vitality and her dao were being rapidly absorbed by the tentacles.

Wang Lin had already calculated everything before he decided to break the ice. If she didn't wake up, then it wouldn't matter, but even if she did, given how she was entangled by the tentacles, Wang Lin wasn't afraid.

What he depended on was speed and initiative!

The moment Yao Bingyun's domain diffused, it disappeared, but the extreme sadness stayed. This shocked Wang Lin, and his eyes lit up. Without hesitating, his right hand pointed toward Yao Bingyun's body.

Popping sounds quickly echoed as the ice around Yao Bingyun completely collapsed, revealing her body!

Wang Lin's right hand didn't stop; his hand continued to form seals that fell on Yao Bingyun's body. One by one, the restrictions landed on her body and origin soul.

As he continued to to place restrictions, Wang Lin's left hand pointed at the sky and the Karma Whip appeared. It charged into Yao Bingyun's body and locked her origin soul.

Wang Lin still felt uneasy, so he slapped his bag of holding and the soul flag appeared. The flag wrapped itself tightly around Yao Bingyun.

Finally, Wang Lin spat out the Celestial Sealing Stamp. When it appeared, Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Seal!"

Hundreds of thousands of golden runes appeared and moved like a golden river onto Yao Bingyun's body, sealing her completely. Each of the runes represented a seal.

As the hundreds of thousands of golden runes were sealing Yao Bingyun, Wang Lin's heart relaxed. He retreated back to the furnace and then his right hand formed a seal. Then he pointed at Yao Bingyun and softly said, "Change position!"

The furnace trembled; it was as if a force that could split the heavens had appeared inside the Moongazer Serpent's body. As this force filled the area, Yao Bingyun's body disappeared without a trace.

When she reappeared, Wang Lin grabbed her and put her away inside his bag like a treasure.

"This is not the best place to refine a celestial guard!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he returned back to the top of the furnace. With a thought, the furnace slowly floated forward.

Along the way, the white gas around the furnace seemed to isolate itself, so the tentacles around it didn't bother it. Back then, this was how Greed was able to avoid the smaller Moongazer Serpents and tentacles to escape several times. However, he would alway fail due to the main Moongazer Serpent's abilities.

However, this did show that the white gas from the furnace had a stealth effect inside the Moongazer Serpent.

Wang Lin was being very cautious. His eyes lit up as he looked around. All of the people that were entangled by the tentacles entered Wang Lin's eyes one by one.

The deeper he went into this narrow area, the more tentacles there were. The ferocious expressions of all the cultivators and mortals that showed the pain they suffered before death made Wang Lin silently ponder.

As he moved, aside from these mortals and cultivators, Wang Lin didn't find anything with ancient god aura. He wasn't impatient and slowly moved forward.

More tentacles gradually appeared. They were so dense that they sealed the path, making it difficult for Wang Lin to navigate. However, by using the furnace's spell, Wang Lin was able to directly teleport past them.

After an unknown amount of time spent moving forward, the mortals and cultivators that were entangled by the tentacles changed. They were no longer dried bodies, some had a very faint trace of vitality.

However, their vitality was too weak. It was like a candle in the wind that could extinguish at any time.

Wang Lin's expression changed slightly and he continued to move forward. More and more people with vitality left in their bodies appeared, and as he continued forward, the vitality in these bodies became stronger.

Wang Lin suddenly stopped and stared at the endless tunnel and thought, "It looks like this Moongazer Serpent absorbs vitality from the outside first. The deeper I go, the more vitality the people trapped here have. I wonder if I can find a sober person in here!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he sped up and charged forward.

The number of people with vitality remaining increased, but Wang Lin didn't stop to check. As he closed in to the depths of the tunnel, he suddenly felt a call from within his soul!

This soul seemed to be coming from the soul. This caused Wang Lin's mind to tremble violently.

"Come… Come…"

This feeling seemed to set off a storm inside his mind. The storm was several times stronger than when he saw the furnace.

This voice contained a penetrating force; it penetrated his body, penetrated his origin soul, and directly echoed within in his soul!

That call from the soul didn't only affect Wang Lin, even his original body back in the Alliance Star System felt it!

The origin body was hidden inside a cultivation planet, but at this moment, his eyes suddenly opened. His eyes shined brightly like the sun!

Wang Lin gasped and his eyes sparkled.

"Come… Come…" The call continued, causing not only Wang Lin's body, but even his origin soul to tremble.

This voice had an endless force that made him feel like he had to move forward and see what was ahead.

While silently pondering, Wang Lin closed his eyes, but in the next instant, he suddenly opened them. They were now filled with resolve. He rushed toward the source of that call without any hesitation.

At this moment, as the Moongazer Serpent had turned back into a planet a few months ago and had gone back to sleep, everything was quiet. It was as if everything had stopped.

However, on this day there was a ray of light carrying a shocking aura coming in from the distance. This was a middle-aged man. He was the black-robed man that battled against the Moongazer Serpent!

This time he came with his original body. Behind him was the image of a 1,000-foot-tall black eagle. This eagle's eyes were like lightning and looked every cold.

The moment he appeared, thundering sounds came from the distances. It was Master Flamespark, who had closed in with one step.

Just as Master Flamespark appeared, there was a flash of red light and a 100,000-foot-wide octagonal formation appeared in space. The pressure it gave off was so powerful that one could clearly feel it even from very far away.

As the octagonal formation flashed red, an aura that could make the heavens tremble slowly spread. The formation shined brightly and four people walked out from within!

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