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Chapter 812 - Ancient God Leather Armor

The moment the blue-robed man died, the gate of the altar closed. Although Wang Lin’s expression was calm, his heart was shaken as he looked at the five-colored butterfly flapping next to him. After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin lifted his right hand to form a seal and carefully pressed it toward the butterfly.

The butterfly’s wings paused and then turned into specks of five-colored light that slowly dispersed. After a moment, it turned back into the God Slaying War Chariot.

Wang Lin’s heart relaxed and sweat came out from his forehead. The feeling of cold sweat was very rare for him. However, the scene of a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator’s body and origin soul completely collapsing from just a flap of the butterfly’s wing shocked him greatly.

“With this God Slaying War Chariot and the Wither Dao Pair, I can battle Nirvana Scryer Cultivators!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he looked around. The Chosen Immortal Clan members returned to normal after the middle-aged man died. Their eyes were filled with sorrow and they silently pondered on the ground.

In the distance, Ta Shan returned with injuries. He was holding a big pot in his hand. He had managed to capture the fog beast that went after the children. However, he was very injured, so after he came back, he fell into a coma.

Time flashed by and 10 days passed. For these 10 days, Wang Lin lived with the Chosen Immortal Clan. The ancestor had prepared a quiet place for him to stay.

During these 10 days, Wang Lin didn’t waste time. After a detailed conversation with the old man, Wang Lin felt that his previous guess was 80% accurate.

However, this matter was not related to him. Wang Lin’s focus was on how to leave this place.

Wang Lin had already been to the end of the sky. It was just as Ta Shan had said, the end of the sky was a boundless wall of flesh. However, blue light penetrated the wall of flesh, making it look like a real world.

Aside from the sky, Wang Lin had searched the entire continent, but he still hadn’t found an exit. At this point, Wang Lin was convinced that the formation inside the Mysterious Yin Furnace at the altar was the way out!

“Ignoring the spirit of the Mysterious Yin Furnace, there was also that blue-robed man. All of this makes this entire place very strange. That blue-robed man claimed he was a celestial and the power he used was similar to celestial spiritual energy, but it also contained the aura of origin energy.

“It was very similar to Celestial Lord Qing Shui back in the Thunder Celestial Realm. Adding on the reaction of the Chosen Immortal Clan members, it is very likely that the blue-robed man was a real celestial!”

As Wang Lin pondered, he walked out from his room and disappeared. He reappeared at a plain on the eastern side of the continent.

Just as he appeared, there was a cheerful cry. The mosquito beast flew in the sky, and after circling a few times, it flew toward Wang Lin.

The thunder toad’s body that was like a small mountain was lying in the grass in the distance. It opened its eyes to look at Wang Lin before closing them once more.

There was not even a shadow of Xu Liguo. He had already gone to who-knows-where to look for fun.

When the mosquito closed in, Wang Lin revealed a smile and patted the mosquito’s head. The mosquito revealed a comfortable expression as it flew into the air once more.

Wang Lin stepped forward in the grass, and a moment later, he arrived at an open area about 1,000 feet wide. The grass here had been cleaned out and replaced with gulches. These gulches intersected and formed a complex image, as if it was a formation.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the gulches on the ground before stepping inside. He sat down at the center of the formation.

Ever since Wang Lin had released the thunder toad and mosquito beast, he hadn’t taken them back and let them move around freely. As for Xu Liguo, Wang Lin was too lazy to care.

This was a place Wang Lin had found to cultivate. After removing the grass, he placed a restriction formation here. With the mosquito beast and thunder toad guarding, there was a certain degree of safety.

As he sat there, Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and pressed down on the formation. There was a flash of light and then everything disappeared and was replaced with a field of grass.

No matter how far or close you were, you wouldn’t be able to see that this place was fake. Even if you stepped inside, everything would appear normal.

After activating the formation, his eyes lit up. During his trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm, he had managed to obtain a lot among all the dangers he had faced. However, he hadn’t had time to refine any of them since he left.

Originally, he planned to go to planet Qing Ling after leaving the Thunder Celestial Realm to refine the treasures, but he didn’t expect to be sent here.

“Right now I must refine the treasures I obtained in the Thunder Celestial Realm to strengthen myself. That way, the road to leaving here will be smoother.”

While Wang Lin pondered, he touched his bag of holding and a suit of leather armor appeared. The skin used to make this armor was very rough and there were some runes on it. While holding the leather armor, Wang Lin’s left hand gently touched it.

“Ancient God Leather Armor…” Wang Lin silently stared at it for a moment before he threw it into the air. Then he spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy.

A white flame suddenly appeared and surrounded the armor. The leather armor showed no change inside the flame. However, not only did Wang Lin not stop, he spat out more essence origin energy.

The previous owner was very likely Master Carefree. Although he was dead, his cultivation was very strong. Even now, there was still a trace of broken yet independent divine sense on the armor.

“If another 10,000 years had passed, I fear the broken divine sense on the leather armor would have awakened by itself. It would produce its own consciousness and become the new spirit of the Ancient God Leather Armor!” At Wang Lin’s cultivation he was able to see through the core of some matters. Although not all treasure spirits were formed like this, this was how most were formed.

The essence origin energy surrounded the Ancient God Leather armor and time slowly passed. This was a very slow process. After all, the previous owner was extremely powerful and far stronger than the current Wang Lin.

Although the divine sense was broken, it couldn’t be underestimated. Most importantly, it had evolved over the countless years and was starting to develop into a treasure spirit.

“Although the treasure spirit is precious, if it’s not removed, the Ancient God Leather Armor will never belong to me and will instead belong to the treasure spirit. It will end up like Rain Celestial Swords, whose true master is only the spirit inside. Moreover, this is only a fragment of a celestial’s divine sense, and it conflicts with the ancient gods. Although they have begun to fuse after countless years, it still isn’t enough!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Then his eyes lit up. He was determined to erase the treasure spirit that hadn’t gained consciousness yet.

Several days flashed by. On this day, a blue mist came out of the Ancient God Leather Armor that was being refined by Wang Lin. The blue mist moved as if it was under extreme pain, but it was forced out of the leather armor by Wang Lin’s essence origin energy.

There were strands connecting the blue mist and the Ancient God Leather Armor. At this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes and they turned cold. He raised his hand and mercilessly chopped down!

Heavenly Chops flew out. What was chopped was the law! What was chopped were the last connections between the treasure spirit and the Ancient God Leather Armor!

The strands broke with a crackle and the blue mist flew into the sky. Wang Lin took out the one-billion-soul soul flag. It turned into black mist and devoured the blue mist.

The Ancient God Leather Armor floated before Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out and entered the leather armor, leaving behind his own imprint. This imprint was very strong and the leather armor immediately gave off an ancient aura.

This aura was very rich, and it immediately surrounded the area. A vortex immediately formed around Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was at the center of the vortex, and he didn’t move at all. The moment he left his imprint on the leather armor, a familiar aura surrounded him.

This familiar aura came from the leather armor. It was very familiar and kind… like a child that had been wandering for many years that suddenly met his relatives. This was the feeling Wang Lin felt, but it was also the feeling the Ancient God Leather Armor had as well.

This was a mutual feeling. The Ancient God Leather Armor didn’t need to be summoned by Wang Lin; it flew toward Wang Lin and entered his chest. Wang Lin didn’t reject it, and he felt a familiar feeling when the leather armor entered his body.

The Ancient God Leather Armor completely entered Wang Lin’s body. Then the leather armor wrapped itself around his origin soul.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he took a deep breath and pointed between his eyebrows. There was a flash of light and his origin soul flew out. The Ancient God Leather Armor was almost impossible to see in his ancient dragon form, but Wang Lin could clearly feel that his origin soul’s defense had reached a terrifying degree.

“It is a pity I can’t test exactly how much it can withstand, but it can’t be weak!” Wang Lin’s origin soul returned to his body.

After refining the leather armor, Wang Lin didn’t stop. He opened his mouth and spat out a ray of golden light. The light flashed in the air and turned into a golden lock.

This lock was completely gold and it shined brightly. Wang Lin remember that he took this from one of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple when he charged into the transfer array.

That messenger’s origin soul was still inside the soul flag. He once said he was going to give up a precious treasure in exchange for his life.

While looking at the golden lock, Wang Lin’s divine sense surrounded it. After all the time he had spent refining it, Wang Lin easily removed the imprint left by the previous owner.

This golden lock immediately became dim as it fell from the sky and was caught by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stared at the golden lock in his hand as he muttered, “This item is not bad, but compared to the Wither Dao Pair, it is still lacking too much. However, a spell that can seal a person’s spell is very interesting!” Origin energy filled Wang Lin’s right hand and he mercilessly crushed the golden lock.

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