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Chapter 811 - Wings of the Butterfly (2)

One of the fog beasts turned into a five-clawed bird as it rushed toward a Chosen Immortal Clan member. It pulled the clan member into the air and let out a cry that penetrated that clan member’s body. That clan member’s body exploded into a mist of blood that was absorbed by the fog beast.

Even until the moment of death, that clan member didn’t resist at all. There was a trace of struggle in his eyes, but it was too weak.

On the other side, the other fog beasts closed in on the Chosen Immortal Clan members and swallowed them one by one. The area was immediately surrounded by the smell of blood. Along with this aura was a deep sense of sadness and helplessness.

Every clan member that died couldn’t resist. The sadness in their eyes was extremely strong. At the moment of their deaths, they gained enlightenment in their hearts.

“Perhaps this is my clan’s mission…”

Ta Shan’s knelt on the ground with his knees shattered. He struggled to raise his head and looked at the deaths of his clan members. A sound like the roar of a beast came from his throat. The veins on his face were bulging as he tried to resist the slave imprint that had become an instinct for his clan.

As the blue-robed man coldly watched all of this, his expression was calm.

The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan’s body trembled. There was a gust of wind as the youth behind him was thrown into the air by a fog beast and was devoured.

The old man subconsciously raised his head as a drop of warm blood fell on his face and slid down his cheek. The old man’s eyes revealed a power sense of indignation.

He muttered, “Why… Why…”

Just at this moment, a fog beast rushed over and dragged the old man into the air. A force came from the deepest part of his heart and filled his body. The old man’s eyes were filled with sadness as he looked at the blue-robed man and shouted, “Why!?”

When the old man shouted, the clan members that hadn’t been killed yet struggled to raise their heads. Their gazes followed the old man’s and landed on the blue-robed man.

These gazes were filled with endless sadness and anger!

“Your mission is to feed the fog beasts, and there is no reason. I won’t let all of you die, because I need you to reproduce future generations…” The blue-robed man’s voice was extremely calm.

Just at this moment, one of the fog beasts rushed into the distance. Its target was the children hiding inside the buildings!

The blue-robed man frowned slightly, but he didn’t stop them.

The old man let out miserable smile as the fog beast rushed at him, and he was about to collapse. Just at this moment, Wang Lin let out a sigh and pointed at the void. The fog beast that was about to devour the old man suddenly collapsed. The old man stared at  the fog beast that was closing in on the buildings. He could even hear the children calling out in panic. They were calling for their love dones...

The Chosen Immortal Clan members struggled to get up. Roars that were like growls came out from their mouths like crazy.

Although Ta Shan’s knees were shattered, his eyes were red as he struggled to get up. Even if his bones shattered again, he still needed to stand.

“Celestial… Celestial… What do you think my clan is!?!?! My clan guarded the Mysterious Yin Furnace for countless years, but what did we get!?! It was these fog beasts and the countless deaths of my clan members!

“Now I finally know that these fog beasts were what my clan was guarding. That my clan’s mission was to become food for these fog beasts!

“Since that is the case, I will resist. Even if my body shatters, I will not give in!” Ta Shan’s roar finally broken through his throat and came out.

Not only him, all of the Chosen Immortal Clan members let out roars. The plants between their eyebrows flashed intensely as they struggled to stand up.

The blue-robed man’s expression was still cold as he said with a hint of contempt, “Back then, your clan lost and became slaves. This is your life! You can’t change it!”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand and pressed down, causing a series of explosions. Blood sprayed out of the body of the Chosen Immortal Clan members and they were stopped from getting up.

Only Ta Shan charged out with a roar. The moment he charged out, explosions came from inside his body as his bones were shattering, but he still charged out!

The blue-robed man’s eyes lit up and he pointed with his finger. Wang Lin let out a sigh. He originally didn’t want to meddle. This blue-robed man’s origin was very mysterious, and he was actually a celestial!

However, as he let out a sigh, he opened his mouth and the fragment flew out. The moment it appeared, it flew between Ta Shan and the blue-robed dman.

The blue-robed man’s eyes lit up and his gaze turned cold. His right hand formed a seal and a rune filled with celestial spiritual energy shot out toward Wang Lin.

“I thought you wouldn’t act!” The middle-aged man leaned forward as he rushed after the rune and rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at the fragment, causing it to rotate and smash toward the blue-robed man. At the same time, Wang Lin arrived beside Ta Shan. His left hand touched Ta Shan and sent out some origin energy into Ta Shan’s body.

Ta Shan’s body was immediately thrown out toward the fog beast that was charging at the buildings.

After doing this, Wang Lin turned around and his two fingers formed a sword and immediately chopped down. The incoming rune immediately collapsed and turned into ripples that quickly dissipated.

At this moment, the fragment landed and the blue-robed man’s eyes became cold. His hand formed a seal and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged, then a spear appeared in his hand.

This spear was completely white and gave off rich celestial spiritual energy. He let out a laugh as he smashed the spear into the incoming fragment.

There was a loud bang and the blue-robed man was knocked backwards. His eyes became serious. However, the fragment was also pushed back several dozen feet.

As the middle-aged man retreated, he shouted, “Lowly slaves, attack with me!”

When his voice entered the struggling Chosen Immortal Clan members’ ears, the order became their instinct and they couldn’t resist. Their eyes were filled with sadness and struggle, but their bodies all rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he retreated. The butterfly formed by the God Slaying War Chariot was still following Wang Lin. Now that Wang Lin was retreating, it followed Wang Lin like a shadow.

Wang Lin had a thought. He wasn’t clear about the power of the third God Slaying War Chariot. His eyes lit up as his right hand formed a seal and pressed it down on the butterfly’s body.

Killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and he pointed at the blue-robed man.

The butterfly didn’t move at all and its wings gently fluttered, but this time they were a little faster. Five-colored powder fell from its wings and slowly filled the area.

The blue-robed man immediately stopped, and his eyes were filled with caution. He had long noticed the butterfly, and it was the butterfly that gave him a feeling of dread. Otherwise, he would have already attacked instead of waiting until now.

The Chosen Immortal Clan members all flew into the air without their control and flew toward Wang Lin. The struggle in their eyes became even stronger, but they couldn’t resist the power of the slave imprint.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he stared at the butterfly. He wanted to know just what power this third God Slaying War Chariot had. The butterfly left Wang Lin’s side and flew forward. Its wings suddenly paused for a moment but then gently flapped again!

This flap caused no disturbance, but the face of the vigilant blue-robed man in the distance suddenly turned pale. There was no wind around him, but his hair flew backwards as if there was a gentle breeze.

A bang came from his body, causing him to jerk backwards and cough out a mouthful of blood. The blood mist condensed into a butterfly, and the moment it appeared, it flapped its wings.

Another bang came from the blue-robed man’s chest and blood sprayed out. The blood turned into another butterfly and flapped its wings.

As the bangs echoed, the blue-robed man was constantly knocked back. Each this happened, a large amount of blood would spray out and turn into a butterfly. Every flap of the butterfly’s wings caused him unimaginable damage.

His eyes were filled horror and there was even a trace of fear in them. He couldn’t resist at all. It was as if everything inside his body didn’t belong to him and was sealed by a mysterious power.

The butterfly re-appeared once more and the blue-robed man was thrown back once more. This continued until he was more than 10,000 feet away. The fear in his eyes had reached a limit.

As he struggled, the blue-robed man hissed, “Thunder, explode!” A rumbling sound came from his body and his right hand collapsed, releasing a destructive force.

Borrowing this explosion, he was able to temporarily restore control to his body, but his face was completely pale. He was frightened, and this fear almost occupied his entire body.

“What spell is this!?! What kind of treasure is this!?!” He had never seen such a strange treasure in his life. Just a flap of the butterfly’s wings almost made him collapse.

At this moment, he charged toward the altar to escape.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he sucked in a breath of cold air. He had a mysterious connection with the God Slaying War Chariot, and he had a feeling that this chariot hadn’t used its most powerful attack yet.

Just at this moment, the five-colored butterfly next to Wang Lin gently flapped its left wing!

The middle-aged man that was quickly escaping had just entered the door of the altar. At this moment, his body trembled and his eyes were filled with disbelief. His body began to dissipate starting from his feet, and in just a moment, his entire body had disappeared.

The blue-robed man died. Somewhere in the Nether Beast, there was an endless, black void, and a person was sitting in the black void and giving off black fog. What was strange was that there was celestial spiritual energy inside that black fog.

At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight ahead. His eyes were filled with shock.

“To be able to destroy my avatar so easily… What kind of treasure is that!?”

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