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Chapter 813 - Celestial Sealing Stamp is born!

When the golden lock collapsed, the golden light immediately dissipated. The countless fragments scattered on the ground and only a drop of golden liquid remained in Wang Lin’s hand.

Under Wang Lin’s control, the way he crushed it was very ingenious. He destroyed the treasure without damaging the golden liquid inside it at all. If the previous owner had seen this, he would have sucked in a breath of cold air and his heart would have ached.

Although that messenger hadn’t placed a lot of importance on this treasure, it was something he used often. If it was him, he wouldn’t have been willing to crush it.

Although that messenger knew that there was something inside that treasure that gave it its abilities, he didn’t have the courage to break the treasure to obtain it.

In truth, not only him, but if any Illusory Yin or Corporeal Yang cultivator saw what Wang Lin had done, their hearts would’ve ached.

After all, if they destroyed their treasure and what they obtained was worthless or was worth less than the origin treasure, then their action would be considered foolish.

If a first step cultivators saw Wang Lin, they wouldn’t feel their heart ache. Instead, they would feel shock, a great amount of shock!

It has to be said that if this kind of treasure had appeared on planet Suzaku 800 years ago, it would have set off a storm. Even Zhuque Zi would have participated.

Unconsciously, after 1,000 years of cultivation, Wang Lin had reached such a state. He was willing to crush a treasure like this just to see the spell sealed inside.

After 1,000 years of cultivation, not only had his cultivation grown, but also his horizons. There weren’t many treasures that could catch his eye. Even if there were any weak treasures in his bag, he only kept them due to special affection or because they had accompanied him through his 1,000 years of cultivation.

No matter how weak a treasure was, it must at least be a celestial treasure to catch the fancy of a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, and yet Wang Lin had casually crushed it. Even if it was destroyed, his heart wouldn’t have ached for it.

While staring at the golden liquid between his fingers, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. A crack suddenly opened between his eyebrows and the third eye appeared. Red light quickly fanned out and surrounded the golden liquid.

Under the third eye’s gaze, the golden liquid slowly dissipated and began returning to its source, but its speed was not fast. After a moment, Wang Lin’s third eye dimmed, but only half of the golden liquid had dissipated.

“It is strange for this to last this long under the third eye!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the origin energy inside his body rapidly surged into the third eye regardless of the strenuous consumption. The red light from the third eye immediately intensified.

The golden liquid started dissipating faster. A moment later, due to Wang Lin’s spell, the golden liquid dissipated and turned into countless golden threads. The threads intersected with each other, forming a very complex, golden rune.

This rune only lasted for three breaths of time before it completely collapsed, leaving nothing between Wang Lin’s fingers.

“Rune…” Wang Lin began to ponder as he slapped his bag of holding and the celestial brush appeared. His hand started moving and he began drawing.

A moment a later, a rune appeared before Wang Lin. This rune was exactly the same as the rune formed by the golden threads. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the rune. There was no aura coming from the rune and there was nothing special about it.

Wang Lin frowned slightly, but then his expression changed as he stared at the rune. A moment later, he closed his eyes and then suddenly opened his eyes with a hint of shock.

“My divine sense can’t detect it!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a decisive gaze as he raised his left hand and pointed at the rune. The rune flew into the air under Wang Lin’s control and flew toward the mosquito circling in the sky.

The mosquito was happily flying when all of its hair stood up and it was about to dodge. However, under the soothing of Wang Lin’s divine sense, it hesitated and didn’t move as it stared at the rune that was quickly approaching.

The rune flashed and imprinted on the mosquito beast. It immediately shattered into golden liquid and instantly surrounded the mosquito beast. The mosquito struggled and only broke free after a few moments. Then it flew far away as it looked at Wang Lin as if it has been wronged and let out a cry.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When he used the celestial brush, he had only used 10% of his origin energy, and yet the rune was still so powerful. When he uses all his power to create the rune, its power will definitely increase.

Wang Lin put away the celestial brush. After pondering for a bit, he figured out the truth. “The true ability of the treasure is this rune. When it was inside the treasure, its full power couldn’t be displayed, but with the brush, I can release its true power.”

If it was someone else, unless they had a powerful spell like the third eye to see the origin, then even if they extracted the golden liquid, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“This is the first time I obtained something from a magic treasure like this. Since it functions like a seal, I’ll call it the Seal Rune!” Wang Lin raised his right hand to draw it a few more times and engraved it in his heart before putting his hand down. Then he suddenly had a thought.

“Since this Seal Rune was extracted from a treasure, then I should also be able to place it into a treasure to increase its power…” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and his heart skipped a beat.

“Most of my treasures were obtained from outside sources and I rarely refine my own…” Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out a grain of sand. The grain immediately became a large fragment stamp.

While staring at the fragment stamp, the mysterious light in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger.

“This was originally a Celestial Realm fragment, and it was refined by divine retribution. It wasn’t damaged at all when it was attacked by Celestial Lord Qing Shui, so its sturdiness is at its peak. However, this treasure isn’t complete, as when it attacks, it simply uses the celestial spiritual energy it posseses to imprison someone. In truth, it’s not very strong; it can’t compare to the lethal force the Wither Dao Pair possesses and definitely can’t compare to the third God Slaying War Chariot.”

Wang Lin took out the celestial brush once more and began to draw. After a moment, a Seal Rune appeared.

“Now I’ll give it a spell! A sealing spell!” Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly moved and then the rune that appeared flew onto the fragment and fused with it.

Wang Lin didn’t stop. He flew into the air and continued to draw. One by one, Seal Runes appeared and landed on the fragment.

Wang Lin gradually became faster and faster. His body left afterimages as he circled the fragment. In the end, he was like a bolt of thunder creating rumbles that echoed across the plain.

As Wang Lin became more proficient in creating the Seal Rune, it went from one rune per stroke to more than a dozen rune per stroke, and they all landed on the fragment.

Wang Lin didn’t feel tired at all during this process and he didn’t pause the slightest. The fragment was the only thing that mattered to him while he continued to draw Seal Runes that fused with the fragment.

Wang Lin had placed an unknown amount of Seal Runes on the fragment when it gave off a pale, golden glow. However, Wang Lin didn’t stop. He continued to place Seal Runes on the fragment one by one.

Three days later, Wang Lin landed on the ground and immediately began to cultivate. His face was slightly pale. During these three days of time, he had continuously used origin energy. Even with his cultivation, he had reached his limit.

The 1,000 foot fragment had shrunk to about 800 feet. It still gave off a light, golden glow, but it was now a bit darker.

After resting for several hours, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His body moved and he began drawing more runes.

As time passed, Wang Lin had rested seven times. The 1,000 foot fragment shrank to 500 feet, 400 feet, 300 feet, until it was only 100 feet wide.

The golden light it gave off became even darker. From a distance, it was like a golden sun that gave off a dazzling glow.

When he looked at the treasure, Wang Lin’s fatigue disappeared instantly. He took a deep breath and his eyes were filled with excitement. After resting a little, he flew out once more, and this time he refined for five days!

Five days later, Wang Lin landed on the ground. His face was completely pale and his steps were unstable. However, the excitement in his eyes had reached a peak!

“From today onward, this is a treasure refined by me. I’ll name it ‘Celestial Sealing Stamp!’” Wang Lin’s voice echoed across the sky. Before him was a three inch stamp that emitted dazzling light. If a mortal saw this, the golden light would penetrate their eyes and destroy their mind.

Even a low level cultivator would feel his mind tremble and pain would fill his body as if he was being stabbed by countless swords. Even a cultivator with advanced cultivation would feel like their origin soul was being sealed when they saw it.

The three inch stamp shined brightly and was filled rich celestial spiritual energy. There was also a very powerful sealing aura surrounding it. 

This stamp was created after Wang Lin spent a month refining it. Wang Lin had roughly calculated that there were no less than 600,000 Seal Runes in it!

More than 600,000 Seal Runes were fused into the 1,000 foot fragment, and he had condensed it into a three inch stamp. Wang Lin was very confident about the power inside this stamp.

As he looked at the Celestial Sealing Stamp, his eyes lit up and his hand began to move, placing restrictions on the stamp. The celestial spiritual energy from the stamp was gradually covered up and even most of the seal aura was hidden.

A moment later, its power was completely hidden. The treasure that would shock the cultivation world, the Celestial Sealing Stamp, was born!

“This appearance fits the ideal image of a treasure that I had in my heart!” Wang Lin looked at the stamp that looked no different from an ordinary treasure and his eyes lit up.

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