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Chapter 806 - Mysterious Yin Furnace

Wang Lin let out a cold snort as he moved and he instantly appeared next to the fog beast. His two fingers formed a sword and moved faster than the fog beast. He directly pressed his finger between the eyebrows of the fog beast and it exploded.

However, after it collapsed, it didn’t dissipate and instead turned into a cloud of fog. The fog twisted and began to show signs of reforming.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he arrived near where the fog was reforming. The thunder inside his body gathered at the tip of his finger.

A ball of thunder suddenly appeared. With a point of Wang Lin’s finger, the ball of thunder charged out toward the reforming fog.

There was series of explosions as the fog collapsed even more into strands of smoke. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his hand formed a seal and pointed out. Even more thunder appeared and violent rumbles echoed the area. All of the remain fog immediately disintegrated.

The remaining fog beasts let out sharp roars at this moment and charged out toward the people around them. Wang Lin remained calm and took a step forward.

He floated in the air as his finger pointed at the sky. He slowly said, “Underworld river!”

There was a loud rumble in the sky and the underworld river appeared. It came from the void and a powerful aura of grievance spread out.

Wang Lin was standing on top of the underworld river as if he was the lord of the underworld.

“Third ability, the power of the underworld river!”

An unimaginable suction force came from the underworld river. The fog beasts that had rushed out roaring was immediately affected and involuntarily sucked into the underworld river.

It wasn’t only one fog beast but almost all of them. Under the suction force, the fog beasts collapsed into mist as if they were struggling to escape. However, they couldn’t resist, so they continued to be sucked into the underworld river.

At this moment, the ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan revealed an anxious expression and shouted to stop Wang Lin, “Upper Celestial mustn’t!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. When the old man shouted, he felt that the black fog sucked in by the underworld river wasn’t being refined. Instead, it gathered and formed a human-shaped figure.

This human figure was only a silhouette filled with mist without a clear appearance. However, after it appeared, it was as if the underworld river had lost its power and it directly stepped out.

After he appeared, his expression was completely blurry and only the right eye was clear.

The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal clan quickly landed from the sky. Not only him, but the other clan members quickly landed as well. After the old man saw that the human figure only had a right eye, he let out a breath of relief. He looked at Wang Lin and shouted, “Upper Celestial, please come back so I can activate the celestial array! This is a humanoid fog beast. As long as any spell that lands on it doesn’t immediately kill it, it won’t be hurt by that spell a second time!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly retreated. Just as he retreated, the humanoid fog beast with one eye immediately rushed after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and the thunder in his body gathered. In the blink of an eye, dozens of fist-sized balls of thunder formed around Wang Lin. With a point of his finger, the balls of thunder rushed toward the humanoid fog beast.

However, at the moment the balls of thunder closed in, Wang Lin shouted while retreating, “Gather!”

The balls of thunder immediately gathered into one and landed on the humanoid fog beast. There was a loud rumble and the humanoid fog beast collapsed, but the next instant, it reformed as if it hadn’t taken any damage. It continued to chase after Wang Lin.

Only now there were power of thunder in its body. When it chased after Wang Lin, the thunder it gave off was almost exactly the same as Wang Lin’s thunder.

The thunder made the humanoid fog beast move even faster. In a flash, it caught up to Wang Lin. There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes as his right hand touched his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared. Wang Lin mercilessly chopped down with the celestial sword.

The Heavenly Chop immediately appeared. The humanoid fog beast stopped and its eyes revealed terror. It wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

The humanoid fog beast silently split into two and a large amount of fog gushed out along with a miserable groan. Wang Lin took a step forward and disappeared. He then re-appeared next to the fog and used the Heavenly Chop once more.

Rays of Heavenly Chop appeared as the fog continued to collapse. However, moments later, the fog seemed to begin to resist the Heavenly Chop. The speed of its collapse slowed down and it even showed signs of reforming.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand pointed forward and he shouted, “Stop!”

The celestial Stop spell immediately filled the area and the reforming fog immediately stopped. At this moment, the Beast Bone Tattoo on Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly appeared.

The moment the large beast appeared, its eyes gave off a ghostly light and a dense, evil aura filled the area. The fog emitted a grey light and began to petrify.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as his finger pointed at the petrified fog and a large amount of origin energy rushed in. The petrified fog collapsed into pieces and the pieces collapsed and finally disintegrated completely.

This scene caused the eyes of the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan to widen. This was the first time they had seen the humanoid fog beast, which would often require the formation to kill, destroyed by just one person in such a short period of time.

What shocked them even more was that the humanoid beast almost had no chance to resist at all. It was constantly being pushed back before it eventually met its demise.

As for the burly man who was pressed into the ground by the fragment, he struggled to get up. He stared at Wang Lin in the air and was completely startled.

“This… is a celestial…”

Wang Lin’s spells were far beyond everyone’s imagination. Even the ancestor was stunned as he muttered to himself, “Wither dao pair…”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from where the human-shaped fog beast had disappeared. Then he turned toward the old man and calmly said, “Now take me to the Mysterious Yin Furnace!”

The old man took a deep breath. The respect in his eyes became even stronger and he quickly said, “This way, Upper Celestial!” As he spoke, he flew into the air and slowly flew toward the group of buildings.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he casually followed behind.

This time, none of the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan dared to stop them. The burly man’s eyes lit up and stood up. He then took a few deep breaths before flying after them.

The old man turned around and angrily shouted, “Ta Shan, are you going to continue to be ungrateful!? The Upper Celestial has already been merciful!”

Wang Lin indeed showed mercy. After all, he had come here without knowing anything. He was afraid it would affect matters if he killed someone; otherwise, Ta Shan would have died for sure.

Ta Shan said, “Ancestor, Ta Shan knows he was wrong. I just want to go with you guys to the Mysterious Yin Furnace. After all, I’m very familiar with that place!”

The old man frowned and was about to reprimand him when Wang Lin calmly said, “Come, lead the way!”

The old man bowed and ignored Ta Shan as he flew forward. The three of them weren’t fast, and after the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Wang Lin saw an alter in an open area past the buildings.

This alter wasn’t big and there were many cracks on it. Under the altar was a gate that was purple. On it was a rune that sometimes flickered.

The old man landed before the door. He then bit the tip of his finger and drew the same rune as the one on the door in the air with his blood. There was a flash of red light as the sound of the gate opening echoed throughout the area, revealing the dark entrance inside.

Strands of cold aura came out from inside. When the cold landed on the body, it was as if it could drill into your body. If one’s cultivation was lacking, this cold aura would leave behind hidden injuries.

The old man stood to the side. “Upper Celestial, this is where the Mysterious Yin Furnace is located.”

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out. There was very well-hidden celestial spiritual energy under this cold aura.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Go in!”

The old man nodded and walked toward the entrance. Ta Shan hesitated before his eyes became filled with decisiveness. He walked a few steps forward and blocked the old man.

The old man frowned and shouted, “Ta Shan, what are you doing now!?”

Ta Shan looked at Wang Lin and said, “This place is filled with cold energy. The ancestor is too old, so it is inconvenient. Let me lead the way, OK?”

The old man was startled and said, “Although the cold energy is strong, my body can still bear it.”

Ta Shan looked at Wang Lin and said, “Upper Celestial, Ta Shan is this generation’s altar keeper. I have the qualifications to bring you inside!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he looked at Ta Shan. His eyes seemed to contain penetrating power and could see through Ta Shan’s heart.

Under this gaze, Ta Shan still looked at Wang Lin and didn’t try to avoid Wang Lin’s gaze at all.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly said, “OK!”

Ta Shan no longer spoke. He turned around and walked into the entrance. Wang Lin revealed a sneer and slowly followed inside. As for the old man, he frowned. He had vaguely seen through Ta Shan’s thoughts. However, he didn’t follow and sat down on the ground.

There were layers of stairs inside the entrance. As they walked down the stairs, the cold aura became even stronger. After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, they reached the bottom with Ta Shan leading the way.

At the moment they reached the bottom, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

There was another world at the bottom of the entrance. This area was about 1,000 feet wide with a 100 foot furnace in the middle. The surface of the furnace had countless tattoo marks engraved on it.

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