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Chapter 807 - Small Transfer Array

Waves of black fog circled around the top of the furnace as if they were trying to escape. However, there was a strange power preventing the black fog from leaving.

There were nine skulls around the large furnace. These skull were not beast skulls but human skulls! There was a very complex tattoo between the eyebrows of each of the skulls.

The skulls emitted bursts of black light was as if they formed a formation.

Ta Shen looked at the large furnace with a complex gaze and whispered, “This is the Mysterious Yin Furnace.”

Wang Lin’s eyes glowed like a torch and his divine sense circled the furnace. After hesitating for a moment, his divine sense rushed into the furnace without any resistance.

However, the moment his divine went inside, a sharp shrill from a woman came out from inside. This sound was extremely strange; it was impossible to hear with one’s ears and could only be heard with one’s divine sense. It was filled with killing intent as it rushed out like a storm. It almost caused Wang Lin’s divine sense to collapse.

Wang Lin’s body flickered and he retreated a few steps. His face turned slightly pale, but his eyes shined brightly.

Wang Lin stared the furnace and slowly said, “I’ll stay here for a few days. You can go out first.”

Ta Shan silently pondered and then raised his head to look at Wang Lin. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Are you... really a celestial?”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at Ta Shan. When Ta Shan asked to lead him alone, he already realized that Ta Shan had a question for him.

Wang Lin silently and calmly looked at Ta Shan.

Ta Shan revealed a bitter expression and whispered, “In my childhood, I often heard from my elders that we were chosen by the celestials. We were to spend our lives serving the celestials. It is the honor of my clan...

“This honor was the only belief in my heart as I grew up. This isn’t only me, but almost everyone who grew up in the clan.

“However, as I grew up, I gradually discovered that this isn’t true. No one had seen a celestial besides that celestial jade in the temple...

“Every once in a while, the Mysterious Yin Furnace my clan guards would spew out fog. The things that came out of the fog would slaughter my clan. I suffered grief and indignation at the deaths of every single one of my clan members. I began to question if celestials even existed.

“Even until today, I, Ta Shan, still don’t believe celestials exist. If they really do exist, why have they forgotten about us for so many years…”

Wang Lin silently pondered. When he heard the old man claim them to be the Chosen Immortal Clan, he had a guess.

“The Chosen Immortal Clan… The Forsaken Immortal Clan… One choice to abandon…”

“Tell me, are there celestials in this world? Are you a celestial?” Ta Shan raised his head and looked at Wang Lin. His voice was very low, but it had the impact stronger than a roar.

Wang Lin calmly and slowly said, “I’m not a celestial…”

Ta Shan’s body trembled and the bitterness on his face became even stronger.

“There might still be celestials around, but the Celestial Realm collapsed a long time ago…” Wang Lin’s gaze landed on the Mysterious Yin Furnace.

Ta Shan let out a miserable smile as he took a few steps back and muttered, “Sure enough, I was right. Celestials… There are no celestials. My clan made the wrong decision to guard this place all this time…”

Wang Lin stared at the Mysterious Yin Furnace and slowly asked, “What is inside this furnace?”

Ta Shan muttered, “I don’t know. The clan records say that countless years ago, Celestial King Carefree brought my clan into the body of the Nether Beast to guard this Mysterious Yin Furnace until he returned.”

“How do I leave this place?” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze.

Ta Shan took a deep breath and wrily smiled. “There is no way to leave. This place is completely sealed…  I have tried to find a way out of here to find the celestials, but I failed. This sky has a limit, but I’m unable to pass it. Outside the cracks of the meatwall it is an endless void.”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he asked, “What did the celestial jade from back then say?”

“Can’t see… No one has been able to see what is inside. Not one among the countless clan members that have died were able to see the contents…” Ta Shan gradually recovered from the shock.

Wang Lin frowned. After pondering for a bit, he stepped forward and pressed his hand against the Mysterious Yin Furnace. His divine sense entered it once more.

In almost an instant, that shrill that could penetrate divine sense appeared once more. This time it was several times more intense than before. It immediately penetrated Wang Lin’s divine sense and echoed in his mind.

Wang Lin focused on using origin energy to protect his origin soul and began resisting the shrill. That sound became even more intense in his mind. In the end, the penetrating force reached its peak. Wang Lin’s expression turned pale as he retracted his hand and his body retreated. Every step he retreated caused the ground to shake and left behind a deep footprint.

Only after he retreated seven steps did his expression recover. After letting out a cold snort, he charged forward and arrived next to the mouth of the furnace. When he looked inside, he saw that it was completely dark inside. The black fog around it gave off a cold aura.

His eyes lit up and his hand rose into the air. The thunder in his body rushed out, forming a ball of thunder in his hand. He threw it at the top of the furnace.

The ball of thunder landed on the mouth of the furnace with a rumble. However, at this moment, the black fog gathered and devoured the ball of thunder.

Wang Lin shouted, “Explode!”

A muffled rumble echoed with the collapse of the ball of thunder and the black fog was pushed out. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as if his gaze could penetrate the black fog and see the bottom.

There was a small transfer array inside!

The black fog moved and covered the transfer array. Then the black fog rapidly condensed and took human form. It was a woman, but her body was formed by the fog, so it was impossible to see what she looked like.

However, after she appeared, she immediately charged out. There was black fog under her as she charged out and let out a scream.

This time this scream wasn’t only targeting the origin soul; it could also harm the flesh. This scream was so powerful that it almost turned solid as it shot toward Wang Lin.

Ta Shan wasn’t far away, so he was also affected. His face became pale, his eyes dimmed, and he subconsciously retreated. He didn’t have a mutated thunder soul, so his origin soul was injured.

Wang Lin retreated without hesitation but was still affected. His expression turned pale and blood came out of his mouth. He grabbed Ta Shan and directly flew toward the exit.

The shadow of the woman from inside the furnace chased after them. She was very fast, so she  caught up to them in an instant and let out another scream. There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes as he spat out a mouthful of essence blood. The mist of blood rushed toward the shadow of the woman.

Wang Lin shouted, “Seal!”

The blood mist turned into many restrictions and immediately stuck to her body, forming a large seal.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he pointed at the void. The Karma Whip suddenly appeared and mercilessly lashed at the woman.

The shadow of the woman let out a miserable groan. She retreated a few steps but immediately rushed forward once more. Her body scattered into nine strands of black gas which shot toward Wang Lin like arrows.

Wang Lin frowned as he continued to retreat. This time he arrived at the door and threw Ta Shan backwards. He pointed between his eyebrows and the third eye immediately opened up, then red light surrounded the entrance.

Under the red light, the nine strands of black gas immediately began to dissipate. Then they rapidly merged back together and were able to completely ignore the red light form the third eye as they rapidly charged toward the exit.

The old man at the exit had already seen the black gas. His expression changed greatly and without Wang Lin’s command, his hand began to forms eals. The plant between his eyebrows began to flash rapidly and then imprinted on the door.

The large door began to slowly close with a loud rumble. The woman’s sharp scream immediately came from behind the door. The old man’s body trembled as he coughed out blood and his entire body became dispirited.

At the moment the door was about to close, the woman was about to charge out. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he slapped his bag and took out the celestial brush. He immediately drew six strokes and they shot out like rays of swords that blocked in front of the woman charging out.

There was a loud bang and the woman’s shadow paused. At this moment, the door closed and blocked out her scream.

Ta Shan was extremely shocked by this. He stared at the door and his scalp was numb.

“What is that!?”

“The spirit of the Mysterious Yin Furnace!” The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and revealed a complex expression.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy and he sat down. “The two of you, leave. Don’t let anyone get within 1,000 feet of here!”

The old man silently pondered. After a moment, he respectfully nodded. Then he and Ta Shan turned into a ray of light and flew into the distance.

Wang Lin stared at the door. When the old man opened the door, he clearly saw the old man use the tattoo from between his eyebrows. This tattoo was clearly his life tattoo.

While pondering, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding. Back when he was still on planet Suzaku, he obtained a lot of skulls from the Forsaken Immortal Clan. There was a flash of light and several skulls appeared before him.

There was a complex tattoo on each skull. After taking a closer look, Wang Lin put them away. Then his eyes lit up and he looked up at the sky.

The sky was blue, but with Wang Lin’s gaze, he could vaguely see that at the border of the white clouds, the wall of flesh was still there.

“If this place is really sealed, then how was I sent here… This place is not friendly. I have to find a way to leave as soon as possible! But while it is dangerous here, it is also the best place to hide!” Wang Lin pondered as he slapped his bag and an item flew out.

This item was about 150 feet long and 40 feet wide. The moment it appeared, it gave off a terrifying aura. There were countless thorns on this item that gave off a sense of ferociousness. If someone looked at it, it would cause them to feel a trace of fear.

The third God Slaying War Chariot!

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