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Chapter 805 - Fog Beast

As the punch closed in, Wang Lin immediately became aware that the air around him seemed to have solidified. It was as if the punch carried with it a mysterious force that sealed off all his retreat.

Wang Lin’s expression was still neutral as he calmly said, “It’s not bad, but still not enough!” At the same time, Wang Lin raised his right foot and gently stepped forward.

A series of bangs suddenly appeared on the earth under Wang Lin with his feet as the center. It spread like crazy and the force sealing Wang Lin’s retreat immediately collapsed.

All of the shackles around Wang Lin shattered with sounds like mirrors breaking. The shattered force swept backwards all around Wang Lin.

The burly man’s expression changed greatly. He immediately felt a powerful force coming at him and his body slowed down.

Wang Lin took a step and arrived before the burly man in an instant. His hand touched the burly man’s chest, causing the burly man to involuntarily retreat. The tattoos on the burly man’s body gave off a dazzling glow.

The burly man retreated dozens of steps. Although there were no visible injuries on the burly man, the inside of his body was like a storm. However, due to the tattoos, it wasn’t serious, so he would recover after a short rest.

The burly man revealed a ferocious expression as he let out a roar and his hand hit his chest. A loud rumble echoed across the area. At the same time, the tattoos on his body began to move like crazy and came out from his body one by one. He was surrounded by countless tattoos, and it looked very shocking.

The burly man suddenly charged forward. The tattoos around him followed him as he charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Although the burly man’s body couldn’t compare to his celestial guard, there wasn’t much difference. His expression was neutral as he let out a sneer and his right foot stepped forward. He seemed to cross a long distance and instantly became infinitely close to the incoming burly man.

At the moment they closed in, the burly man’s right hand punched out. At this moment, the world surrounding them seemed to shake. The surrounding tattoos shined brightly like spells and charged toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of cold light in Wang Lin’s eyes as he raised his right hand and the celestial Stop spell activated. The burly man’s body immediately stopped, and at the same time, Wang Lin’s finger pressed down on the burly man’s chest once more.

The burly man’s body was thrown away with a bang. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and his gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with shock. As for the tattoos around his body, they were also pushed back him.

Right now he wasn’t the only one that was shocked. All of the surrounding clan members were also shocked from watching this battle and were completely silent.

The ancestor of the the Chosen Immortal Clan became anxious and quickly said, “Upper Celestial, please don’t be angry and let Ta Shan live!” 

“No need!” The burly man landed on the ground and continued to retreat. It wasn’t until he retreated 100 feet that he finally steadied himself. He let out a roar as both of his hands formed a seal and he mercilessly beat his chest.

All of the tattoos around him began to move strangely and rapidly retreated back into the burly man. However, they didn’t go back onto his skin but instead bulked out. Soon, the tattoos formed a black suit of armor around him.

The moment the armor appeared, there was a dark aura. There was even a vague illusion that had appeared behind the burly man as if it was a devil god!

The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan sucked in a breath of cold air and exclaimed, “Celestial Spirit Armor! You managed to refine a set of spirit armor!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He was a bit familiar with this armor. It was very similar to the armor the scattered demon wore. The only difference was that the devilish energy from the armor wasn’t as strong; it was as if it was being suppressed by another force.

The burly man let out a roar and charged out. At this moment, due to his armor and his size, he looked like a ferocious giant. If someone was timid, they would be shaken by the sight of him.

The black armor gave off a breathtaking aura. As the burly man charged forward, the illusion behind him revealed a fierce expression.

As he charged out, his right fist flew out. This punch was stronger than the previous two punches combined and much more imposing. At this moment, the illusion behind him turned into strands of black gas and wrapped around his right fist.

When this punch flew out, it created a sonic boom and a shocking aura came toward Wang Lin. At the same time, the black gas from the illusion turned into a skull. It let out a grin as it attempted to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was still neutral as he calmly stared at the burly man. He opened his mouth and a grain a sand flew out. It turned into a fragment stamp 1,000 feet wide and smashed toward the burly man.

This was the first time the celestial fragment stamp had appeared outside the Celestial Realm. When it appeared, rich celestial spiritual energy filled the air. When the old man saw this, he knelt to the ground and began worshiping the fragment.

Even the burly man’s eyes revealed a moment of hesitation. However, a moment later, he clenched his teeth and hesitated no more. His punch landed directly on the fragment that was blocking his path.

“Break for me!”

The punch was thrown out and landed with a bang. The fragment didn’t move at all, but the burly man flew backwards. His body trembled as he coughed out blood and continued to retreat.

His eyes were filled with shock. He didn’t expect this thing to be this sturdy. Not only had his full strength not caused any damage, but the backlash caused the energy and blood in his body to go crazy.

The devil illusion on the burly man’s punch also dissipated from the shock. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he pointed with his right hand. The fragment flew into the air and mercilessly smashed down.

A sharp cry echoed across the world. At the moment the fragment descended, the burly man let out a roar. Both of his hands rose up into the sky as if he was trying to block it.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Fall!”

The fragment suddenly smashed into the ground. A loud rumble suddenly erupted and the entire continent trembled. A large amount of cracks appeared on the continent.

As these cracks intersected, a large amount of fog appeared from inside the cracks. The moment the fog appeared, it gathered together.

It condensed very fast, and in almost an instant, each of them took very strange forms.

“Fog beasts!” the Chosen Immortal Clan members exclaimed, and the plants between their eyebrows immediately began to flash. The layers of leaves spread out, and from within flew out the long mouth pot Wang Lin saw before.

The fog soon finished condensing and more than 100 fierce black beasts appeared in the sky. The beasts all had different appearances and gave off a gloomy aura. Soon, low roars that could penetrate the soul appeared.

The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan’s expression became gloomy as he pressed his hand between his eyebrows. A large, long mouth pot more than 10 feet long appeared. He rushed into the sky and shouted, “Each of you, get into position and clean up this fog within 30 minutes. Don’t allow any human-shaped fog beasts to appear!”

His body flickered and immediately closed in on an fog beast that had just appeared. His hand hit the pot and soon a powerful suction force came from the mouth of the pot.

The fog beast’s eyes weren’t open, but it began to struggle. Soon, its body became twisted and was turned into smoke that was sucked into the pot. Then some banging sounds came from inside the pot.

In addition to him, all of the surrounding cultivators held the treasures. Their eyes were filled with anxiety as they charged toward the fog beasts.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and caused the fragment stamp to fly up with a move of his finger. The body of the fellow named Ta Shen was broken in many places and blood was pouring out from his orifices. However, he wasn’t dead and his gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with battle intent.

Wang Lin didn’t look at that person but stared at the beasts formed from the fog. His eyes continue to flash as he stared at the fog beasts.

These fog beast had just formed. They had bodies, but their minds weren’t sober yet. In addition, the clan’s reaction was extremely quick and they had rich experience in battling these fog beasts. In an instant, a large amount of fog beasts were sucked in by the treasures.

However, just at this moment, while one of the fog beasts was being sucked into the treasure, it suddenly opened its eyes. It was the first fog beast to open its eyes.

Wang Lin had never seen eyes like these. The beast’s eyes had no pupils, but there were six black spots. Aside from that, everything else was grey. These eyes were completely heartless.

The Chosen Immortal Clan member was filled with fear and retreated without hesitation. Just as he retreated, the fog beast rushed out. It was far too fast. It caught up in an instant and entered the person through his orifices.

This Chosen Immortal Clan member let out a miserable scream that echoed across the world. At this instant, his body exploded into a cloud of blood and flesh. The fog beast took form once more and licked its lips with its long tongue before rushing toward the next person.

After that, one fog beast after another opened their eyes and changed from their previously dormant state. They were extremely bloodthirsty and moved like lightning.

“Celestial Slaughter Array!” The ancestor in the sky revealed an anxious expression and dodged the fog beast coming at him.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and the fog beast that opened its eyes rushed out toward him. That ferocious roar seemed as if it could penetrate one’s mind.

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