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Chapter 804 - The Chosen Immortal Clan

A large amount of people flew out from the group of buildings. There were men and women among them dressed in plain clothes. However, none of them dared to get close and viewed from afar.

Among the buildings below, there were childrens with wide eyes staring at Wang Lin.

When Wang Lin saw these people, he was startled. It was obvious there was an entire tribe of the Forsaken Immortal Clan here. They had been here for an unknown amount of time and had reproduced to last until now.

Those people that flew out continued to retreat as Wang Lin closed in. They were afraid to get close and their eyes were filled with fear.

The old man leading Wang Lin immediately became gloomy. He spoke in a strange language to the people that flew out.

These people that flew out silently pondered and then spread apart. The old man quickly turned toward Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Upper Celestial, this way, this is where my family lives.”

As the old man spoke, he descended from the sky, landed on the tallest building, and respectfully stood to the side.

When Wang Lin landed, his eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out. Although he determined there was no danger, he still didn’t enter and slowly said, “Here is fine; there is no need to go inside.”

The old man was startled and revealed a bitter expression. He nodded and didn’t try to insist Wang Lin come in.

The members of the Forsaken Immortal Clan gathered in the sky and looked at Wang Lin with a tense gaze.

“Upper Celestial…” The old man didn’t finish speaking before he was interrupted by Wang Lin. Wang Lin was calm as he looked at the old man and asked, “Why are these people’s eyes filled with fear when they look at me?”

The bitterness became even stronger on the old man’s face. After a moment of silence, he let out a sigh and said, “It has been a long time since someone from Celestial Realm has come. It was as if the Celestial King had abandoned us. I’m the oldest one here, but to be honest, you’re the first celestial I’ve seen.

“If it wasn’t for the record left behind in my Chosen Immortal Clan, then even I wouldn’t have recognized a celestial, let alone the rest of the tribe.”

Wang Lin didn’t speak and only calmly looked at the old man.

The old man hesitated and whispered, “My clan followed the order of Celestial King Carefree to guard the Mysterious Yin Furnace. However, since 30,000 years ago, the Mysterious Yin Furnace has opened once every 100 years. Every time it opened, it would release a large amount of black fog. The black fog would turn into demonic beasts, and the powerful ones could take human shape.

“Countless members of my clan died to these human-shaped fog beasts.

“That is why almost every single stranger that appeared were these fog beasts. As for the people of my clan, because of our tattoos, the fog beasts couldn’t change into us.

“However, as a result, no one other than me can tell if you are a celestial or a fog beast. Even now some of them don’t believe my words…”

The old man said the reason with a long sigh.

Wang Lin nodded slightly. The old man had some credibility. Combining with everything that had happened and the expression of the people, there was some logic to what the old man said.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then calmly asked, “Where is the Mysterious Yin Furnace?”

The old man respectfully said, “It is in the forbidden area in my clan. Does Upper Celestial want to go now?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and nodded. He wanted to see exactly what this Mysterious Yin Furnace was!

The old man was about to speak, but a shout suddenly came out from the crowd in the sky.

“Ancestor can’t take this person to the Mysterious Yin Furnace!” This voice was like thunder as it echoed across the sky. A man almost 10 feet tall walked through the void.

His upper body was covered in tattoos that spread out and almost covered his whole body. Even his neck and face were almost completely covered by the tattoos.

There was a 13-leaf plant moving between his eyebrows. This gave him a demonic aura.

“13 leaves!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. From his memory, the most powerful Forsaken Immortal Clan member on planet Suzaku had 11 leaves.

“Equal to an Corporeal Yang cultivator…” Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he coldy looked the man.

This burly man arrived with a few steps. His appearance caused the surrounding Forsaken Immortal Clan members to cheer, and their eyes were filled with respect.

The old man beside Wang Lin suddenly shouted, “Ta Shan, show some respect to the celestial!”

The burly man’s eyes became cold as he stared at the old man and sneered. “Ancestor, you are old; have you gone crazy from thinking about celestials? It is likely that there are no celestials in the world and that all the records left by the ancestors are fabricated. If there are any celestials, why hasn’t my clan seen a celestial in countless years!?”

The old man’s expression became gloomy and he shouted, “Shut up! The Chosen Immortal Clan are the messengers of the celestials. If celestials don’t exist, then how can our clan exist!? Besides, the celestial jade from the Celestial King is there; do you dare to not believe in it!?”

“Believe? The so called Celestial King is merely the residual divine sense from someone’s power. How can it make me believe? Instead of believing a divine sense left behind countless years ago, I rather believe in my own strength.” The burly man gripped his right hand. His eyes were filled with confidence.

“Heresy!” The old man’s body was trembling as he clenched his teeth. “You…”

“So what if it is heresy?! Celestial, celestials, my clan has been inside the Nether Beast for countless years, guarding the Mysterious Yin Furnace as instructed by the celestial jade, but what did we get in return? It was the fog beasts from inside the Mysterious Yin Furnace and the death of my clan members! Where were the celestials when the fog beasts were killing my clan? Ancestor, don’t mention the celestials anymore. Even if this person is really a celestial, then today, I, Ta Shen, will kill a celestial!”

As the burly man spoke, his eyes suddenly landed on Wang Lin with a cold gaze. He took a step forward, suddenly appeared before Wang Lin, and threw a punch.

After he threw this punch, there was a series of explosions and a series of tattoos appeared. The tattoos lined up around the burly man as if they were forming a mysterious formation.

“Celestial, bring out your celestial power and let me see why you’re qualified to be called a celestial!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were very cold. He had a very good understanding of the Forsaken Immortal Clan. He was obviously not a Shaman, he was one that focused on empowering their body.

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