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Chapter 803 - Upper Celestial

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The man didn’t have any spiritual energy, so there no need to even talk about celestial spiritual energy. However, he was still able to fly, so he was obviously not normal.

More importantly, the tattoo on the man’s face was very familiar to Wang Lin. Upon seeing the man retreat, Wang Lin pondered for a bit before chasing after the man.

When Wang Lin charged out, the crack behind him closed completely.

The fear in the man’s eyes became even more intense. The tattoo on his face began to move and extended to between his eyebrows. Soon, a seven-leaf plant appeared between his eyebrows.

When the leaves on the planet spread, a mysterious force immediately spread over the man’s body. His speed suddenly increased and disappeared in a flash.

When Wang Lin saw this, his eyes widened and shined brightly.

“The Forsaken Immortal Clan!”

He started moving even faster, then his right hand formed a seal and the origin energy inside his body moved. His hand hit the void, causing the origin energy to diffuse into the void. The huge fluctuations of origin energy caused the void before him to twist and the man teleporting away immediately appeared.

His eyes were filled with confusion, but soon his eyes pupils shrank and were filled with fear. Wang Lin walked toward him and stared into his eyes.

The man’s body trembled and he let out a scream before he retreated once more. Wang Lin frowned and his right hand reached out. The man’s body immediately stiffened as if there was an invisible hand holding him and dragged him back to Wang Lin.

While holding the person, Wang Lin was about to question him when his expression suddenly changed and he turned around. He saw more than 100 rays of light of varying colors that gave off a terrifying aura rushing toward him.

In almost an instant, the rays of light closed in and stopped 1,000 feet from Wang Lin. The lights dissipated, revealing figures dressed in coarse clothes like the man.

There were no women among them, and most of them were middle-aged. They all stared at Wang Lin with fear hidden in their eyes.

There were tattoo marks on their faces and limbs. The most noticeable ones were the plants flashing between their eyebrows. However, the leaves were contracted, so he couldn’t count how many each person had.

An old man walked out from the crowd. He had a head of white hair and his face was filled with wrinkles. His eyes were filled with awe and a hint of excitement as he looked at Wang Lin and scanned his right hand.

“What has Upper Celestial come here for?” His gaze was filled with respect as he stared at the Beast Bone Tattoo on Wang Lin’s right hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes were neutral, but his heart was shaken. With his almost a millennium of cultivation, he could put up a calm expression even when he was shocked. Right now he wasn’t revealing the slightest hint of his shock.

Upper Celestial meant nothing from the mouths of mortals, but from the mouths of these Forsaken Immortal Clan members, it was very different!

More importantly, Upper Celestial wasn’t just a title. Before he went to the Collection Pavilion, he wouldn’t have thought about it, but now he couldn’t help but think about it.

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he slowly asked, “You can see through my cultivation?”

The old man nodded as he stared at Wang Lin’s right hand. The excitement in his eyes became more intense as he said, “Rank 8 Upper Celestial. This lowly one can recognize your cultivation.”

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the old man. The other person referred to themselves as lowly one and kept looking at his right hand. Wang Lin felt like this was strange, and adding on the excitement in the other party’s eyes, a bold idea emerged in Wang Lin’s head.

“Could it be… Could these people not know that the Celestial Realm has collapsed… If so, they must had lived here since countless years ago!”

After pondering, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly asked, “How long has it been since a celestial came?”

The old man’s expression darkened as he respectfully said, “It has been a long time since the last celestial jade was sent by Celestial King Carefree. As for the specific amount of time, this lowly one is unable to calculate.”

“Carefree…” Wang Lin suddenly understood why the old man kept staring at his right hand. He raised his right hand, exposing the Beast Bone Tattoo, as he stared at the old man and asked, “Do you know this?”

The old man’s eyes were filled with excitement as he respectfully said, “That is Celestial King Carefree’s treasure, the Wither Dao Pair. I naturally recognize it. For you to have it, you must be someone close to Celestial King Carefree. Did you come for the Mysterious Yin Furnace?”

Wang Lin looked at the old man and didn’t speak. His gaze moved to the continent behind the old man.

The old man respectfully said, “This old man is being rude. Celestial, please come. The Celestial Sprite Fruits ripened a long time ago. I’ll order someone to bring some for you to taste.”

Under the guidance of the old man, Wang Lin quietly followed. As for the rest of the Forsaken Immortal Clan, they trailed behind as if they were afraid to get too close.

The person who was caught by Wang Lin regained his freedom after Wang Lin released the spell. He gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with fear.

Under the guidance of the old man, Wang Lin got closer and closer to the continent. A moment later, he was above the continent, and what he saw was a green plain.

He wasn’t able to see the end with a gaze, but the fragrance of the grass brought by the wind felt very comfortable. The old man didn’t stop and respectfully led the way.

There was a group of very ancient buildings at the center of the plain. Although they weren’t ruins, they gave off a very ancient aura.

This aura was very faint, but after gaining some understanding of the soul extraction spell, Wang Lin became sensitive to this kind of aura. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stopped flying and looked down.

The grass here was no different from outside. However, Wang Lin’s knowledge of restrictions had increased a lot after his experiences in the Thunder Celestial Realm and being taught by Li Yuan. In particular, his understanding of celestial restrictions had increased a lot.

At this moment, he was immediately able to see a large restriction around the buildings.

The old man noticed Wang Lin’s gaze. He respectfully said, “Upper Celestial, this array was placed by the Celestial King personally to protect my clan from the attacks of the fog beasts.”

Wang Lin didn’t know what the fog beast was and only silently nodded. However, in his heart he was very interested in his place.

“Master Carefree, the Chosen Immortal Clan, and the Mysterious Yin Furnace… What exactly is this place…”

While Wang Lin was contemplating, noise came from the distance.

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