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Chapter 802 - Strange Domain

The moment the beam of light disappeared, the fragment it was on was immediately swallowed by the surrounding rifts, leaving nothing behind. The entire Thunder Celestial Realm was being ravaged by the cold winds from the spatial rifts.

This cold wind was very dense, and they continued to increase. Soon, they all linked together as they swept the area.

The fragments in the Celestial Realm continued to collapse. At this moment, there were less than 20 fragments. Pieces of black ice appeared inside this cold win and continued to spread. Soon, the 20 fragments were covered in the black ice.

From a distance, this black ice gave off an eerie aura. Just looking at it would make you feel a chill in your heart.

Black ice also formed along the edges of the thunder chains connecting these 20 fragments. Soon, the black ice extended and covered all of the thunder chains!

The cultivators that didn’t leave in time were all frozen. They remained in the positions they were in before being frozen. Some were flying, struggling, or waiting for death with their eyes closed.

The bodies of some of them had collapsed but hadn’t dissipated. The flesh and blood that was spraying out were frozen. It was a shocking scene.

On one of the fragments was a frozen middle-aged man with a sword frozen in the air before him. He wasn’t the only one; the treasures of everyone attempting to escape were frozen.

There were even people who were hit by the cold wind as they were using a spell. There was still faint light from their spells in the ice around them.

These flickers of light became the only light sources inside the Thunder Celestial Realm. They were scattered like the stars. Although beautiful, if one took a closer look, it was very different.

After the icy wind, the collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm stopped. Only the black ice was left to tell people of what had happened here.

The shadow of a sword flashed through the Thunder Celestial Realm. The surrounding ice had no effect on it as it flew through the Celestial Realm.

There was a person standing on the of the tip of the sword. This person was as ethereal as the sword. The person calmly looked ahead with a smile before disappearing along with the sword.

More than 100 ripples appeared in various locations among the four regions of the Allheaven Star System. Although they all appeared at different locations, they all appeared at the same time.

There was a cultivator inside each ripple. Everyone that appeared was every excited. The feeling of surviving death made them enter a trance once they saw the stars.

After finding their direction, each cultivator quickly returned to their family. Soon, the news of what happened in the Thunder Celestial Realm spread.

There was a particular name that spread like lightning among the dozens of families of the surviving cultivators.

Who was it that battle against the strange white-haired man at the celestial gate?

Who was it that saved many cultivators from death during the time of crisis?

Who was it that gave others the will to live during the collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm and use a fragment to save countless people? Who was it that brought these people into the transfer array of the Thunder Celestial Temple? He had smashed the barrier and with one roar scared away messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple to bring everyone to the transfer array before it collapsed!

Xu Mu!

There were big and small families among the dozens of families of the surviving cultivators. However, when banded together, they formed a force that couldn’t be underestimated.

Under this power, the Thunder Celestial Temple didn’t talk about the matter of the transfer array; it was as if it never happened. In fact, these dozens of families had publicized this and made Xu Mu famous!

After all, there were family members that had broken into the forbidden area of the Thunder Celestial Temple, and this could cause disaster for the entire family. This couldn’t be hidden and the Thunder Celestial Temple must have already known.

Instead of waiting for the Thunder Celestial Temple to kill them, they decided to band together and fight with reason! This way, there was a chance of survival. Otherwise, it would be like handing over the family members that escaped the Thunder Celestial Realm.

However, the people that could go into the Thunder Celestial Realm were all direct descendants and the future pillars of the families, so how could they be left to die?!

The elders of these families were all cunning people, so they naturally knew of this. In doing this, they were able to successfully offset the matter of breaking into the Thunder Celestial Temple’s forbidden area.

However, at the same time, they had completely spread the name “Xu Mu.”

In particular, the people who were rescued by Xu Mu continued to exaggerated matters. In the end, no one could guess Xu Mu’s cultivation level!

The elders of the families questioned the people that were there. Once they heard of the various spells used in the battle against the strange white-haired man, they were terrified.

The name “Xu Mu” became a storm in the Allheaven Star System. However, no one else had seen him again. It was as if he had suddenly disappeared and become a total mystery.

Allheaven Star System, western domain.

This was a vast domain with a large nebula that emitted dazzling light. The formation of the stars were strange and often intoxicating to look at.

Among the four domains, the western domain had the most fierce beasts. Compared to the other three domains, there weren’t as many cultivators here.

It could even be said that nearly 70% of the western domain were places cultivators couldn’t even enter. That was because even the space in those areas was extremely dangerous and contained fierce beasts that cultivators weren’t even aware of.

That place was named the Strange Domain.

Only some powerful cultivators that needed some material for alchemy or treasures would enter. However, they didn’t go too far in, as there was a terrifying existence deep within.

At this moment at the depths of the Strange Domain, there was a strange area. The entire area was almost pitch black.

There weren’t any stars or bodies of light here. It was so dark that it was frightening. It was as if it had been forever since someone had come here. Although this wasn’t the true center of the strange domain, it wasn’t far off.

There was a light that suddenly appeared in the dark. At first it was dim, but it soon became very bright, to the point of suddenly lighting up the surrounding area.

At the moment the surroundings were light up, it was revealed that this area was filled with fog. The fog seemed to be extremely afraid of the light. The fog rapidly retreated and in the blink of an eye formed a wide area free of fog.

The light grew until it was more than 100 feet wide. Ripples appeared and then a figure gradually formed inside the ripples.

This figure slowly took form until it formed a person!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with caution. After he appeared, the ripples began to dissipate and he clearly saw his surroundings. Right after the light disappeared, the fog began to move as if it wanted to swallow this area once more.

As the ripples dissipated, his eyes dimmed, but all the hair on his body stood up as a feeling of danger appeared in his heart.

Without thinking, the thunder in his body activated and his hand immediately formed a seal. Two balls of thunder giving off muffled rumbles gathered in his hands.

These two balls of thunder were extremely bright. The moment they appeared, the flash of light caused the fog to suddenly stop. It was as if it had been attacked, and it retreated back to more than 10,000 feet away.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he stared at the fog before him. Then he looked around and couldn’t help but frown.

“Where is this place…

“This fog is a bit strange; it’s as if there is life in it!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he threw the ball of thunder in his right hand. The ball of thunder immediately flew ahead with a rumble.

The fog before him rapidly split, creating a passage that allowed the ball of thunder to pass. Wang Lin’s body flickered and followed closely after the ball of thunder.

He walked with the ball of thunder and continued to move forward. The fog seemed endless, and even when the ball of thunder dimmed, he still didn’t leave the fog.

Along the way, Wang Lin’s eyebrows were tightened. The fog around him was simply too strange, so he didn’t dare to spread out his divine sense. He had a feeling that if he spread his divine sense, it would cause a huge change in the fog.

Although this feeling was ethereal, it was very strong.

After three days of flying, Wang Lin stopped. There was still endless fog before him. Nothing had changed; it was as if the fog was endless.

After a moment of silence, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he slowly calmed down. His mind relaxed as he took a step forward and ripples appeared under his feet.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still calm as he attempted to merge with the world. He took another step, and this time even more ripples appeared under his feet. This time Wang Lin found the feeling of merging with the world.

This could be the fastest he had merged with the world so far. This was all thanks to Master Flamespark. Wang Lin’s origin soul and body had become much more in tune with the world after the last experience.

On the third step, when Wang Lin’s fight foot landed, he suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a ripple. A moment later, the surrounding fog immediately swallowed the area, leaving behind no light.

An unknown distance away, where it seemed liked the edge of the fog. Although there was still fog, it was a lot thinner than before. Ripples suddenly appeared in the area, causing the fog to immediately disperse, and Wang Lin’s figure appeared inside the ripple.

At the moment he stepped out, his expression changed.

This was indeed the end of the mist, but 300 feet before Wang Lin was a dark red wall of flesh. It was extremely big and seemed to extend forever. When when he looked up, it was still covering the area.

Wang Lin’s expression was extremely gloomy. When he merged with the world, he was thinking about his cultivation planet. However, he immediately felt like he had hit a wall, then he was forced out from being merged with the world and appeared here.

The moment he saw the wall of flesh, Wang Lin understood that the wall he hit was this endless wall of flesh!

It was called a wall of flesh because it was moving; there were bulges that kept moving on the surface.

Wang Lin frowned as his body flickered and flew upward. As his body flew upward, the ball of flesh began to move. Countless cracks opened and spat out black mist.

Wang Lin dodged the black mist and moved along the flesh wall without any cracks. He stared at the black mist as it charged out with great force and merged with the fog.

Wang Lin looked at the endless wall of flesh above him and revealed a decisive gaze. His body moved and immediately charged into a crack next to him. Right after he went inside the crack, it closed.

This was a narrow passage. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he charged forward. He was very fast and almost left behind afterimages as he moved.

The crack rapidly closed behind Wang Lin as if it was chasing after him. Wang Lin didn’t even look back and only stared ahead. In flash, he was getting closer and closer to what was ahead of him.

This tunnel wasn’t as long as Wang Lin had imagined. A moment later, he charged out of the exit of the tunnel.

At the moment he charged out, a cry entered his ears. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

This place wasn’t dark; there were stars scattered in the sky, lighting the place up. Ahead of him was a floating continent. This continent was very large with no end in sight.

In the distance, there was a man dressed in cloth. His appearance was very ordinary, but he had tattoos marks on his face that twisted like vines. He was holding a strange instrument in his hand. It was like the mouth of a kettle but many time largers, almost the height of half a person.

That exclamation came from that person. He looked at Wang Lin with fear and quickly retreated. It was as if Wang Lin was a ferocious beast in his eyes.

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