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Chapter 801 - This Big Debt Will Not Be Forgotten

The large sound wave echoed across the world like furious waves. The echo of this sound seemed to replace all other sounds in the area. At this moment, this was the only sound people could hear.

“Make way!!”

This was a cry for survival, the roar of every cultivator here. This sound was like a sharp sword that could penetrate everything. The roar of more than 100 cultivators would cause even a Nirvana Scryer Cultivator’s heart to tremble.

“Make way!!!” The sound wave had just dissipated when a even louder burst appeared. This wave chased after the previous one, forming an even more astonishing momentum.

This was sounded by Wang Lin. After that, he suddenly took a step forward!

Wang Lin wasn’t the only one to move. All of the cultivators that rushed into the area also stepped forward. Although these steps were in the void, they gave off a very shocking rumble

It was as if they were going to shatter the world with their steps. Wang Lin didn’t stop; he continued step by step. Each step shook the world as he walked toward the six messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

This momentum was too strong; if one wasn’t there, it would be impossible to feel the shock. More than 100 cultivators roared as they charged down the path to survival with bloodshot eyes toward the transfer array.

This scene caused the hearts six messengers of the Thunder Celestial to tremble. Although they were strong, they were still shaken by this momentum.

As the cultivators rushed, their steps and roars echoed across the fragment. The smell of blood filled the air, and under all of this, one of the messenger’s face became pale and he subconsciously took a step back.

Once he retreated, it was like a broken dam that couldn’t be stopped. Once he took a step back, he immediately took another. The other messengers were the same. Under the pressure of this crazed momentum, they began to retreat.

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

The six of them continued to retreat. They needed to retreat, they couldn’t not retreat, they had to retreat! There was an irresistible momentum before them. Although each of them could slaughter a majority of these cultivators, after what happened earlier, their hearts became timid!

They had cultivated for many years, but they had never seen an Ascendant cultivator still try to bite them after their body and origin soul had collapsed.

Although they had seen people who chose to self-destruct after being seriously injured to hurt the enemy, they had never seen so many people choose the same path.

The previous experience had caused an inerasable sense of shock in their hearts!

If this was it, it wouldn’t be so scary, but among those here were the two Corporeal Yang cultivators and Wang Lin!

Their presence combined with the people rushing at them caused a sense of fear to appear in their timid hearts, especially when Wang Lin easily killed one of them!

They couldn’t resist! They could only retreat, retreat again, and continue to retreat!

The six of them retreated faster and faster until they reached the entrance of the transfer array!

“Open the formation so we can leave! Their mad! A bunch of lunatics!!” One of the middle-aged men’s expression was pale as the looked at the red-eyed cultivators charging at them.

There was no need for him to speak at all. Three of them immediately sat down and began forming seals to activate the transfer array to leave.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he took one step and charged into the transfer array. Many cultivators charged in behind him!

While three people activated the transfer array, the remaining three clenched their teeth and charged forward. One of them formed a seal and coughed out a mouthful of essence blood. There was a golden lock inside, and it immediately grew very large.

“Lock the origin and seal the soul!” He had a ferocious expression as the golden chains suddenly shattered into countless golden specks that charged at Wang Lin and the cultivators behind him.

Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and pointed at the sky. A black wind suddenly gathered in his hand and soon filled the world. The black wind formed a black dragon, and it immediately let out an roar.

Cold wind came out from the mouth of the dragon as it roared. The cold wind swept through the countless gold specks before they could affect anything. Then they disappeared one by one before the cultivators.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s hand reached out and the black dragon descended from the sky. It rapidly gathered inside Wang Lin’s palm until it turned into a golden lock.

“This treasure is very good!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he swallowed the golden lock. The thunder inside his origin soul immediately appeared and began refining it.

The face of the cultivator who released the golden lock became pale and he retreated. However, Wang Lin was one step faster. He stepped forth and his right hand, which was filled with power, pressed down on the messenger.

As this person retreated, his hand formed a seal and then slapped his bag of holding. Three small flags appeared around him. Purple gas came out from the flags and formed vortexes.

When Wang Lin’s fingers pressed down on the purple gas, he immediately felt a powerful force from inside. He couldn’t help but stop for a moment, and his eyes narrowed.

The messenger used this moment to retreat again. Wang Lin revealed a sneer as he raised his right hand and the Beast Bone Tattoo immediately flew out. The evil aura flashed by and a grey light appeared at the foot of the messenger.

This messenger’s face was deathly pale as the purple gas around him was trying to resist against the grey light. At this moment, Wang Lin closed in and used the Stop spell.

The messenger’s body immediately stopped. Although it was only a for moment, the grey light immediately diffused across his body. As Wang Lin rushed out, he kicked the messenger with his right foot.

A cracking sound was immediately heard, then the messenger’s body turned into pieces of stone and fell to the ground. However, the small flags around the messenger took his origin soul and fled.

“Please don’t kill me, I’ll use a powerful treasure…” Before this person finished speaking, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he rushed out. He pointed out with his right hand and the Karma Whip flew out, causing the origin soul inside the purple mist to let out a  miserable groan. Wang Lin grabbed the origin soul and the three flags. He then spat out a mouthful of origin energy to form countless restrictions to seal the flags along with the origin soul before he put them away inside his bag.

At this moment, the other 2 messengers that had charged out were surrounded by the other cultivators. Under the joint assault of the two Corporeal Yang Cultivators who had the backing of some Illusory Yin and many Ascendant cultivators, the two messengers were forced to retreat.

Just at this moment, there was a flash of silver light and blood sprayed out from the chest of one of the messengers. His eyes dimmed and his origin soul flew out to escape.

Before Wang Lin acted, more than a dozen Ascendant cultivators attacked with bloodshot eyes along with the ray of silver light that was chasing the soul. A moment later, that messenger was killed!

At this moment, the three messengers had finished activating the formation. Then, without any hesitation, the three of them linked their arms and muttered a complex chant. Then the transfer array immediately began to collapse along the edges!

Using the price of collapsing the transfer array, they sped up the activation of the transfer array. In almost an instant, ripples appeared and charged into the sky. Inside the ripples, the three messengers had malicious gazes as their figures became distorted and slowly disappeared.

As the ripples spread, the transfer array began to shake violently. The light from the surroundings began to gather at the center. As the light gathered, the edges rapidly collapsed.

The last messenger battling with the cultivators escaped and immediately charged back into the beam of light.

However, just at the moment they were about to dissipate, Wang Lin stepped forth. His two fingers formed a sword and the Heavenly Chop directly landed on the beam of light.

The beam of light suddenly collapsed and immediately disappeared. The four messengers inside the array revealed looks of fear. It looked as if they were being torn apart as their figures collapsed and disappeared.

As the beam of light disappeared, the ripples from the transfer array became even more intense. Dazzling lights gathered once more and another beam of light appeared.

The surrounding cultivators all rushed in as if they would never be able to leave if they were a moment late.

Shengong Hu was the only person who hadn’t attacked the entire time. He owed the Thunder Celestial Temple even though he was being isolated after handing out his dao soul.

No matter what, he could not act, and in order to avoid trouble, he had used a spell to change his appearance when he was within five kilometers of the fragment. At this moment, he charged into the beam of light.

As more cultivators rushed into the light, the light became even more intense. As Xi Zifeng rushed into the beam of light, she looked back at Wang Lin. She bit her lower lip as if she wanted to say something.

The collapse at the edges of the transfer array spread rapidly and in the blink of an eye had almost reached where the light was. At the cost of the collapse of the transfer array, this transfer was about to exceed the limit.

Wang Lin entered the beam of light with one step. In his heart he thought, “It’s about time to leave… The transfer array collapsing is a good thing. Even if it didn’t collapse, I would have destroyed this so that the target location would be scattered. That way, it would’ve been possible to avoid the possibility of being transferred into the Thunder Celestial Temple!”

When the beam of light charged into the sky, a powerful force appeared. When the light was about to dissipate, the Corporeal Yang cultivator that turned into the ray of silver light shouted, “Senior, please tell us your name! This big debt will never be forgotten!” 

“Xu Mu…” Wang Lin dissipated along with the beam of light. Xi Zifeng’s eyes lit up and she thought her heart, “Xu Mu…”

At the moment the beam of light disappeared, almost all of the cultivators inside softly whispered, “This big debt will never be forgotten!”

All of them remembered the name Xu Mu! It was something they would never forget in their lives...

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