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Chapter 795 - Agreement

While confused, a blood red light appeared and erupted from his eyes. It immediately covered his body, then he squeezed the celestial jade and swallowed it. He stared at Master Flamespark with a ferocious face.

When Master Flamespark realized that something was off, his right hand quickly moved and the 49 fragments immediately appeared before him. At this moment, Qing Shui let out an extremely loud roar that was filled with the might of the heavens.

It echoed like a bolt of thunder. Large amounts of cracks appeared before Qing Shui. The cracks were torn apart and surged straight toward Master Flamespark.

At the same time, endless cold wind came out from the torn space. The wind created a storm that was like the wrath of heavens, and it rushed toward Master Flamespark.

Master Flamespark's expression became gloomy. He let out cold snort and then the 49 fragments immediately rotated to form a vortex. A powerful suction force came from the vortex, and whether it was the cracks or the cold wind, all of it was sucked into the vortex.

Master Flamespark shouted, "Qing Shui, this old man showed you the celestial jade to help you remember! I had no ill intent!"

Wang Lin was very far away, but he almost immediately retreated. His hand quickly formed seals to place down restrictions, and he barely escaped. His face was extremely pale as he started at the distance.

"I'm going to kill you!" Qing Shui charged out with a fierce expression. He was too fast, and as he charged out, his hand reached out, breaking the void. He appeared behind Master Flamespark. His eyes were bloodshot and he mercilessly clawed at Master Flamespark.

The 49 fragments in front of Master Flamespark suddenly appeared behind him and collided with Qing Shui's right hand.

There was a loud bang. Even with how powerful Qing Shui was, he was forced back 1,000 feet. His eyes became even more red and he entered a strange state. He then let out another roar and rushed out again.

Master Flamespark frowned, he didn't think that the evil youth would enter such a state after seeing the celestial jade, so he was unprepared. When he saw the state the other was in, his heart sank.

"Could it be that the state he's in right now is like he was after he underwent the change and was filled with demonic thoughts?" Master Flamespark was secretly angry. When Qing Shui rushed in again, both of Master Flamespark's hands formed a seal. The 49 fragments suddenly scattered and released a golden glow.

The gold lights intersected and formed a formation.

"Celestial Formation, law transfer!"  As Master Flamespark shouted, the golden formation flew off the 49 fragment and shot into the air. It immediately surrounded the incoming Qing Shui.

As Qing Shu roared, his body was imprisoned in place. At this moment, Master Flamespark's eyes lit up and he shouted, "Celestial Killing Thorn!"

In an instant, the golden formation began to rotate and golden thorns appeared and stabbed into Qing Shui. These golden thorns contained a destructive aura. Wang Lin was extremely far, but he could still feel it.

As countless golden spikes pierced his body, the ferociousness on Qing Shui's face intensified.

"I originally forgot the past, but you made me remember!" There was a trace of sadness in Qing Shui's red eyes. This sadness was so strong that not even tens of thousands of years could dilute it at all.

"Call the Wind!" Qing Shui raised his right hand and pointed at the sky.

As Wang Lin's eyes suddenly widened, he saw a black wind gather around Qing Shui. It suddenly formed a tornado that expanded outwards.

The golden formation suddenly collapsed and the black wind formed eight black dragons that swept across the sky. Their huge bodies merged with the void, exposing only their heads. The dragons opened their mouths and blew cold wind toward Master Flamespark.

When the cold wind blasted forth, it was as if the wold no longer existed and everything was in ruins.

Master Flamespark's expression became more gloomy and he quickly retreated. His right hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Celestial Formation, assemble origin!" Large amounts of origin energy came from the  49 fragments to form 49 rays of light that shot out toward the incoming cold wind.

Countless explosions echoed in the world. Wang Lin continued to retreat, but blood was coming out of his orifices. Every explosion shook his mind, but his eyes were extremely bright as he stared intently at the battle.

"Call the Wind! This is the power of Call the Wind!"

After 49 explosions Master Flamespark retreated a few steps. His expression was slightly pale. Operating this formation was a big burden on him. Originally, battling someone like Qing Shui shouldn't be this hard, but the difficult part was that Qing Shui's spells were simply too powerful!

"This is definitely not an ordinary celestial spell!" When Master Flamespark controlled Wang Lin's body, he didn't see Wang Lin use it. This was his first time seeing it, and he was shocked greatly.

"Rumor has it that when the Celestial Realm collapsed, Celestial Emperor Bai Fan had a bizarre death. As Bai Fan's disciple, don't you want to find the reason and avenge him?" Master Flamespark frowned. Unless it was the last resort, he didn't want to battle Celestial Lord Qing Shui. This would be a great discrepancy from his original plan.

Qing Shui's eyes filled with killing intent and he charged forward. At the same time, both of his hands formed a seal and touched his chest. His seal immediately changed as he pointed at the sky and shouted, "Summon the Rain!"

In an instant, drops of crystal-like raindrops appeared within 5,000 kilometers of the area. These raindrops were red like blood.

After covering the 10,000 feet with red light, Qing Shui's hand formed a seal, then he pointed forward and shouted, "Summon the Rain, ice seal!"

Bursts of cracking sounds could be heard as all the water droplets became ice crystals. The ice rapidly expanded, and in almost an instant, they connected to each other. They spread like crazy and charged toward Master Flamespark the center.

"Celestial Lord's shocking change caused him to lose his sanity and slaughter countless celestials. Does Celestial Lord hold no doubt in your heart about what happened!?"

As Master Flamespark shouted, the 49 fragments rotated around him and created a giant vortex. The fragments enlarged several fold in an instant and were still growing.

"From what I found, at the same time you went insane, there were other people who suffered the same fate in the other three Celestial Realms as well! Perhaps the answer can be found in the Cultivation Alliance under the Rain Celestial Realm. Even if the answer can't be found, I promise that I'll do my best to help you go to the Wind and Lightning Celestial Realm to find the reason!"

The 49 fragments around Master Flamespark rotated like crazy, forming a large vortex. The vortex spread and began resisting the ice coming from all directions.

Master Flamespark became angry and shouted, "I'm not afraid of you, I just don't want to fight you. The reason you were able to break the seal was due to me helping you in secret. Otherwise, how could you have succeeded!? Qing Shui don't force me to fight!"

Qing Shui suppressed the killing intent in his eyes as he looked at Master Flamespark and said, "Give me a reason to gift you the Ji Realm!"

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