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Chapter 796 - Senior Apprentice Brother?

Master Flamesparks’s expression was serious as he said, “If Celestial Lord wants to restore your cultivation, you will require a lot of origin energy. Rather than devouring cultivators here in the Allheaven Star System, come with me to the Alliance Star System, where there are a lot of powerful cultivators. I believe it won’t take long for Celestial Lord to be restored back to your peak!”

Qing Shui camly said, “This reason is not enough!”

“After you were sealed, the Celestial Realm encountered a disaster that caused it to collapse. Do you not want to know what happened? Rumor has it that the Cultivation Alliance has a living celestial. If you come with me, you will know everything.”

Qing Shui silently pondered. After a long time, he slowly said, “Still not enough.”

“When I was young, I was an elder in the Cultivation Alliance. In the Cultivation Alliance, there is a scroll. Rumor has it that this scroll fell from the sky after the Celestial Realm collapsed, and it contains a trace of the ancient Celestial Realm. When I left, no one had been able to open the scroll.

“However, rumor has it that the scroll contains the real reason the Celestial Realm collapsed! All of this must have something to do with your sudden change. After all, it was just too much of a coincidence! Less than 100 years after your slaughter, the Celestial Realm collapsed! If you say there is no connection, I don’t believe it!

“Qing Shui, we are not enemies! If you still disagree with these reasons, then say no more and let us battle. I’ll not hold back and use the full power of this magical treasure!” There was a flash of killing intent in Master Flamespark’s eyes. The 49 fragents suddenly stopped spinning, but a terrifying aura came out from within them.

Qiang Shui coldly looked at Master Flamespark and a cold aura slowly spread out. Master Flamespark’s heart sank and he let out a sigh. He had really tried. For tens of thousands of years, he looked through the records of the Celestial Realm to find the causes and effects of many events. Eventually, he set his sights on refining the Celestial Realm and obtaining the Ji Realm to help him.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect the result to be like this.

Qing Shui calmly said, “If you are lying, I’ll detonate the Ji Realm!” His right eye glowed bright red and a ray of red light immediately shot out. The moment the lightning closed in, all the ice around Master Flamespark disappeared. The lightning shot directly toward one of the fragments in front of Master Flamespark.

Shortly after, rays of Ji Realm lightning shot out from Qing Shui’s right eye and landed on each fragment.

The entire Celestial Formation treasure gave off a cold aura and flashes of red lightning. The entire treasure gave off the aura of the Ji Realm.

“Celestial Lord can rest assured, this old man is not lying!” Master Flamespark laughed as his right hand formed a seal and pressed forward. The 49 fragments rotated in the sky, forming a huge, black vortex.

“Celestial Lord, come with me to meet my friends in the Allhaven Star System, then we can open the passage to the Alliance Star System!” As Master Flamespark spoke, he was about to step into the vortex.

Qing Shui didn’t hesitate and also stepped forth.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and shouted in the distance, “Since Senior has finished refining the Celestial Formation, I hope Senior can return my Thunder Beast!”

Master Flamespark paused for a moment before turning toward Wang Lin and smiling. “I still have to use your Thunder Beast for a while. After opening the passage and we enter the Alliance Star System, I’ll return it to you. You are someone fated with this old man. If you can leave the Thunder Celestial Realm with your own strength and reach the Thunder Celestial Temple within one year with my token, then I’ll give you another opportunity. I’ll take you with me to the Alliance Star System!”

As he spoke, he slapped his bag of holding and a three inch golden-purple horn immediately flew out toward Wang Lin.

Master Flamespark turned around and entered the vortex. Qing Shui did the same, but right before he entered, he looked toward Wang Lin with a mysterious light in his eyes. After sending out a divine sense message, he disappeared into the vortex.

In almost an instant, the vortex dissipated and Wang Lin was left alone in the void.

“I can feel a familiar aura from you… You have learned Call the Wind and can be considered my master’s successor. Learn it well as it as one of my master’s six great spells. Don’t let it go to waste in your hands!”

After catching the golden-purple horn, Wang Lin silently pondered after he heard Qing Shui’s message. After a long time, Wang Lin took a look at the golden purple horn before putting it away and flying away.

The Thunder Celestial Realm was now suddenly missing 49 fragments. Although the vortex was gone, the collapse from before didn’t stop. Instead, it became even more intense.

The wind echoed across the Thunder Celestial Realm like ghostly wails. After entering one’s ears, it would cause one to feel a chill in their heart.

As Wang Lin flew, he wasn’t able to merge with the world at all. He could only carefully avoid the spatial cracks as he flew aimlessly in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“The celestial gate is closed, so how do I even leave this place… Also, that Celestial Lord Qing Shui, could he have noticed that I once had the Ji Realm…”

Wang Lin’s figure flickered as he avoided a spatial rift, and then it was as if a bolt of lightning had struck him. His eyes lit up as he remembered something Shengong Hu told him when introducing the Thunder Celestial Realm to him years ago.

“I must find Shengong Hu right now!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and searched for Shengong Hu using the dao soul left with him. After a moment, he charged toward a direction.

Shengong Hu was quickly flying through the the Celestial Realm. Although the celestial gate was destroyed, he knew another method of leaving this place.

That was the only transfer array placed here by the Thunder Celestial Temple. This was the reason why messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple could enter this place without going through the celestial gate.

However, although the transfer array that belonged to the Thunder Celestial Realm could allow people to leave, there were great limitations. First, each transfer couldn’t take a lot of people. Second, only messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple could use it, as others weren’t allowed to enter. Anyone who entered would be killed immediately!

This was a rule that was strictly followed ever since the transfer array was placed by the Thunder Celestial Temple. Even if someone accidently entered, they would often be immediately killed.

The might of the Thunder Celestial Temple couldn’t be disregarded!

Right now there were cracks in his relationship with the Thunder Celestial Temple, so that was why he didn’t come here earlier and chose the celestial gate.

However, the celestial gate had closed and the Celestial Realm was going through a widespread collapse. Not only did this slow Shengong Hu down, it forced him to go toward the Thunder Celestial Temple’s transfer array.

“I wonder where my lord is…” Shengong Hu silently pondered. He still firmly believed that his lord wouldn’t lose.

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