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Chapter 794 - Celestial Lord Qing Shui

The vortex created by the rotation of the 49 fragments caused the Thunder Celestial Realm to collapse. The suction from the huge vortex echoed across the entire Thunder Celestial Realm.

The large scale collapse continued and became even more intense. The cracks in the sky appeared more and more often. It was as if there was a sword cutting open the sky and extending the cracks. If one were too close, not only would they be shocked by the scene, they would also be devoured by the cracks.

At this moment, Master Flamespark's eyes revealed a strange light. He was floating in the air and his arms were stretched out. The fragment under him began to slowly rotate too.

"This old man's Thunder Celestial Formation will be complete today!" As Master Flamespark laughed, his hand formed a seal and origin energy surged out into the fragment below him. The origin energy spread out as if there was no end to it.

Wang Lin's mind trembled violently. His expression was gloomy as he silently stared at Master Flamespark in the distance.

As for the evil youth, his eyes lit up and he said, "Refining the Celestial Realm as a magical treasure is indeed very interesting! However, if this is all you do, it won't have a treasure soul, so what use is there!?"

In the sky, Master Flamespark laughed and said, "Who said there is no treasure soul!? Treasure soul, appear!" As he spoke, he spat out a ray of grey light.

There was a palm-sized ancient mirror inside the grey light. It immediately grew several times its original size and became an oval mirror the size of a person.

The surface of the mirror twisted and an origin soul flew out. The moment the origin soul appeared, dense origin energy spread out.

"The origin soul of an Illusory Yin cultivator!" Wang Lin's eyes narrowed.

The evil youth looked at the origin soul and slowly said, "Rank 4 Upper Celestial!" He wasn't in a rush to act, as he wanted to see how this so called Master Flamespark was going to refine the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Moreover, with his cultivation, he could tell that the Master Flamespark in the sky wasn't the origin body but an avatar.

The eyes of the origin soul of the Illusory Yin cultivator were filled with confusion. After it appeared, Master Flamespark shouted, "The 49th soul, go!"

After he said that, the origin soul's eyes shined brightly as if he had ignited his origin soul. He clasped his hands at Master Flamespark before disappearing in the blink of an eye. Using some method unknown to Wang Lin, he arrived at the 49th fragment at the edge and his origin soul merged with the fragment.

The 49th fragment suddenly seemed to come alive, and it was filled with spirit.

This didn't end. Before Wang Lin's eyes, ripples appeared on the ancient mirror one after the other. As Master Flamespark shouted, these origin souls of Illusory Yin cultivators disappeared into the various fragments.

Soon, 28 of the 49 rapidly spinning fragments contained a treasure soul.

"Treasure soul, appear once more!" Master Flamespark's eyes were filled with excitement as the surface of the ancient mirror twisted violently once more and another origin soul flew out. The origin energy from this origin soul was obviously stronger than the last 28. Wang Lin gasped as he recognize this as the origin soul of an Corporeal Yang cultivator.

The evil youth's expression was still neutral as he calmly said, "Rank 9 Upper Celestial, not bad!"

Following that Corporeal Yang origin soul, 13 more flew out and disappeared into the fragments. Among the 49 fragments, 42 of them suddenly changed. Not only did they become filled with spirit, but the power of the formation climbed endlessly.

"Once more!" Master Flamespark laughed like crazy. He had prepared for tens of thousands of years for this day!

The ancient mirror trembled once more, and after more than 10 breaths of time, an origin soul flew out. This origin soul was very old and looked dispirited, but the moment he appeared, origin energy more dense than the previous 42 origin souls spread out.

"This is…" Wang Lin's eyes suddenly shrank. The origin energy was very powerful and terrifying. It was a match for the Hua family ancestor.

"This must be the origin soul of a Nirvana Scryer cultivator!"

The evil youth's eyes narrowed as he licked his lips and slowly said, "Rank 3 Sky Celestial!"

After the origin soul appeared, he looked up at the sky. His eyes were in a daze, seeming to be recalling the past. However, with a shout from Master Flamespark, the origin soul shivered and its eyes were filled with fear. It merged with a fragment and disappeared.

A powerful pressure suddenly erupted from the seventh fragment and the entire power of the formation increased once more.

This didn't end. A pair of large hands came out as if they wanted to tear the mirror apart. Then an origin soul walked out from the mirror.

This was the origin soul of a middle-aged man. His face was filled with an evil aura, and as he appeared, he immediately let out a roar. The evil aura was monstrous, and it turned into a red storm.

Wang Lin's body involuntarily retreated and his eyes were filled with shock. He could no longer calculate the strength of this origin soul. He just had a feeling that this person was weaker than the Blood Ancestor.

"Rank 9 sky celestial!" The evil youth's eyes were filled with greed, but he didn't rush up to steal it.

Master Flamespark looked at the middle-aged man. There was a trace of regret in his eyes as he slowly said, "This was the 4th person fated with this old man. Unfortunately… sixth soul, go!"

The middle-aged man filled with killing intent jerked his head and stared at Master Flamespark. After silently pondering for a moment, he rushed out and merged with the fragment.

A powerful, evil aura erupted from the 6th fragment and spread across the entire formation. When the evil aura enveloped the formation, the formation's power increased greatly.

Before the aftershock of the evil aura dissipated, a crackling sound came from the mirror. A crack suddenly appeared on the mirror, and as the ripple distorted, another origin soul walked out.

This origin soul was an old man, and the moment he appeared, the sky suddenly changed. It was as if the cracks that had appeared because of the collapse had stopped.

There was no origin energy coming from him, but the appearance of this old man made Wang Lin back up. The pressure this old man gave off was shocking.

"Rank 2 Celestial King!" The evil youth's eyes lit up.

This old man's origin soul wasn't confused; he was completely sober. Finally, his gaze fell on Master Flamespark and he nodded slightly. Then an ancient voice echoed, "Remember your promise!"

After that, the old man's origin soul entered a fragment and disappeared. Then a powerful aura broke out from the 5th fragment.

More cracking sounds came out and the cracks on the ancient mirror became even longer as another origin soul stepped out. This origin soul was completely red and a deep sense of hatred burst out from this origin soul.

"Blood Ancestor!" Wang Lin's expression changed greatly and he immediately backed away. However, a moment later, he noticed an issue. Although this origin soul belonged to the Blood Ancestor, his eyes were bleak, without any spirit.

Soon after, the Blood Ancestor's origin soul silently entered the fragment and disappeared. However, at the moment before he disappeared, he raised his head and looked at Wang Lin.

The 4th soul entered its position!

"Rank 6 Celestial King!" The evil youth's eyes lit up. Then he revealed a grim smile and slowly said, "Interesting! I just don't know if there are any Celestial Lords…"

The Master Flamespark in the air said with pride, "There are!"

The cracks on the ancient mirror became even larger, but this time it wasn't only one; many cracks appeared. It looked like this ancient mirror was about to break.

There was a flash of light and two origin souls stepped out at the same time. An unimaginable amount of origin energy that almost became solid filled the world.

These two origin souls weren't complete. They were a bit dim and there was a seal flashing between their eyebrows.

The moment the two origin souls appeared, the evil youth's expression changed. He stared at the two origin souls and slowly said, "Rank 1 Celestial Lords!"

Wang Lin's expression was pale and his eyes were serious. He could feel an aura as powerful as the All-Seer's from these two origin souls.

Master Flamespark's eyes contained a hint of caution as both his hands formed a seal and he shouted, "Third and second souls, get into position!"

The two origin souls coldly looked at Master Flamespark before slowly merging with their respective fragments and disappearing.

At the moment they disappeared, the ancient mirror trembled and crackling sounds came from it before it suddenly collapsed into countless fragments. As the mirror collapsed, the origin soul of a middle-aged man stepped out.

This middle-aged man looked very ordinary; there weren't even any origin energy fluctuations from his body. However, the moment he appeared, a killing intent that could tear the world apart burst out from his body.

This killing intent  merged with the world and seemed to become part of the world. Wang Lin immediately coughed out large amount of blood and then activated all the origin energy inside his body. He quickly retreated, but the killing intent was still there. His eyes were filled with aghast and his face was pale.

"The Rain Celestial Realm's rank 6 Celestial Lord, the Slaughter Celestial Lord!" The evil youth's expression changed as he stared at the middle-aged man. His eyes became cold.

The middle-aged man was extremely calm. After he appeared, he looked at Master Flamespark.

Master Flamespark pointed at the fragment below him and shouted, "First soul, into position!"

The middle-aged man silently pondered for a while before he moved into the fragment and disappeared. A monstrous killing intent burst forth from the first fragment at the center. This killing intent immediately enveloped all the fragments in the formation.

Master Flamespark was filled with excited as he shouted, "Celestial Formation, gather!" The original 49 origin souls he prepared didn't include the Blood Ancestor. However, after he obtained the Blood Ancestor's origin soul, he changed his mind and made a replacement.

As Master Flamespark spoke, the Thunder Celestial Realm changed greatly. The 49 fragments that now possessed a treasure soul immediately shrank until each one was about the size of a palm and circled around Master Flamespark.

A divine sense came out of each fragment, and they all floated into Master Flamespark's body. When all 49 divine senses went into his body, he become solid.

In order to refine the Thunder Celestial Realm, Master Flamespark divided his origin soul into 49 parts and infused them into the fragments. Only by doing this could he fully manipulate the fragments. Now that his origin soul had come back together, his origin body appeared.

He currently had 49 fragments circling him. A powerful aura was emitting from the 49 fragments, and it made Master Flamespark look like he we filled with endless majesty.

"Very interesting!" The evil youth looked at Master Flamespark and slowly said, "This celestial formation treasure is very strong, but it still lacks a bit of fierceness. I presume this is why you lured me here!"

Master Flamespark stared at the evil youth and said, "Celestial Lord Qing Shui, I want your Ji Realm!"

The evil youth frowned and plainly said, "I'm not Qing Shui!"

"This old man has been to the Celestial Realm hundreds of time and has accessed all of its secrets I could find. In the Thunder Celestial Realm, there was a person known as Qing Shui. This person's cultivation was extremely powerful and he also had the legendary Ji Realm! He was also the heir to the country of Clear Water.

"After ascending to the Celestial Realm, he came to the Thunder Celestial Realm and became a Celestial Lord. However, during the early days of the collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm, he suddenly underwent a great change for unknown reasons. He was different from the past and became a demon that slaughtered all!

"A large group of celestials attacked him, but due to his Ji Realm, a mass slaughter occured. Finally, the celestial emperor, Bai Fan, acted and gained victory. However, the emperor couldn't bear to kill him.

"During this dilemma, he seemed to suddenly regain his senses and everything that had happened was like a dream. When he became sober, he realized that he had slaughtered countless celestials. Among the people he killed were his friends, disciples, descendants, and, most importantly, his dao partner that had accompanied him for tens of thousands of years!

"All of this caused him massive amounts of grief and indignation. Personally slaughtering his relatives and his dao partner caused him to suddenly recover his sanity. At the moment he was about to lose his sanity, he struggled to raise his sword to destroy his origin soul and body. In order to prevent the Ji Realm from resurrecting him, he used his magical treasure, the Sealing Vortex, and sealed his origin soul and body in nine parts.

"Celestial Emperor Bai Fan felt sorrow and placed down a healing formation over the seals! He hoped he would regain his sanity one day!

"The reason Celestial Emperor Bai Fan did this was because this Qing Shui was his only disciple and was also the person that was most likely to become the next celestial emperor of the Thunder Celestial Realm!" After Master Flamespark finished speaking, he immediately slapped his bag of holding and a celestial jade appeared. This celestial jade was very old and had apparently existed for a very long time.

"This is the celestial jade Celestial Emperor Bai Fan left about his disciple, Celestial Lord Qing Shui. You'll understand when you see!" A celestial jade was thrown at the evil youth.

The youth caught the celestial jade. After silently pondering for a while, his eyes were filled with confusion.

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