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Chapter 793 - Master Flamespark

After pondering for a bit, he glanced at Wang Lin's figure in the distance and raised his right hand. He pointed at Wang Lin and a ball of red light immediately appeared. Countless thin lines appeared and quickly condensed inside the ball of light. Then the ball of light released a bright red glow and shot directly toward Wang Lin.

All the hair on Wang Lin's body stood up and he inwardly cursed. If not for the mysterious old man, he would have already escaped. Now the blood body was gone he could no longer escape.

Feeling the sense of crisis, Wang Lin clenched of his teeth. He knew escaping was not possible, so he turned around and spat out the fragment stamp to block before him. When the ball of red light touched the fragment stamp, the entire fragment stamp began trembling violently.

However, it didn't collapse!

But a powerful force came from inside it and landed on Wang Lin's body. His face immediately became pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood as he retreated from this powerful force.

The crisis didn't end. The powerful force passed through the fragment and waves after waves of the force landed on Wang Lin's body. He coughed out blood three consecutive times, but his face revealed a fierce expression.

"It is not that easy to kill me!" Wang Lin held the fragment stamp with one hand as he slapped his bag of holding with the other and a screen appeared.

The screen immediately trembled the moment it appeared and the Mountain and River Painting suddenly filled the world. It was as if the entire world became a mountain and river painting.

A powerful force came from the Mountain and River Painting. As Wang Lin's body stood above the Mountain and River Painting, he felt force that was coming at him dissipate. Then the powerful force from the Mountain and River Painting went into the fragment stamp and cancelled out the force inside.

"Mountain and River Painting!" The evil youth's eyes narrowed, but a moment later, he sneered, "It a rubbish copy!" He raised his right hand and mercilessly swiped it. There was a crisp tearing sound and then the heavens and earth immediately became twisted. Wang Lin's body was forced out from the Mountain and River Painting. His face turned extremely pale, and he immediately retreated when he re-appeared.

"Back then, I borrowed the Mountain and River Painting to study for 1,000 years. Even if you had the real painting, with your merely upper celestial cultivation, I could still break it!"

As the evil youth sneered, he took a step forward and was about to give chase. However, he immediately stopped and his eyes coldly looked at the earth below him.

He saw the fragment they were on begin to shake violently. It wasn't just one part of the fragment, but the entire fragment. The shaking was intense, and in almost an instant, countless mountains collapsed. It was as if there was a giant hand grinding away all the protrusions on the fragment.

In an instant, the fragment lifted into the air. It was so fast that it closed in on the evil youth in an instant. His eyes narrowed and then he immediately flew upwards.

As for Wang Lin, he withdrew his treasures and quickly retreated. His eyes were calm and he didn't look at the fragment. Instead, as he retreated, he attempted to merge with the world.

Roars of countless Thunder Beasts suddenly came from the distance. As the fragment rose into the air, the chains connecting the edge of the fragment began shaking violently. There was a Thunder Beast above each chain, and they continued to roar as the rose into the air.

This fragment rose due to the effort of the countless Thunder Beasts.

At this moment, the fragment Wang Lin and the evil youth were on wasn't the only fragment shaking. In total, 49 fragments, nearly 40% of the Thunder Celestial Realm, began to shake and rose into the air.

The fragments formed a very large formation, and the fragment Wang Lin and the evil youth were on was the center. It was an incomparably huge formation in the shape of a plum blossom.

All 49 fragments were connected by chains, and every chain was pulled by a Thunder Beast that was roaring, pulling, and rising into the air.

As a result, it was as if the sound of the fragments being pulled remained in the celestial realm. Not only were the 49 fragments shaking from the pull of the countless Thunder Beasts, but they were rotating!

The remaining 48 fragments were slowly rotating around the fragment in the center. At first they were slow, but they gradually became faster and faster.

The chains connecting the fragments at the edge of the formation to the other fragments had long collapsed and could no longer stop the rotation.

Its speed gradually matched the speed of a cultivator flying. As it rotated, a vortex appeared. This vortex was simply too big!

All of the mountains on the 49 fragments collapsed. The violent vibrations caused the entire Thunder Celestial Realm to change!

In particular, the vortex caused by the rotation of the 49 fragments created a huge hole that contained an unimaginable suction force.

Under this suction and vibration, the entire Thunder Celestial Realm trembled and began to truly collapse!

This wasn't the collapse of one fragment or the collapse of an area of space. This was the second time such a large scale collapse had occured since the first time the Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed into countless fragments.

Terrifying cracks appeared in the sky and cold wind came out from the cracks. Countless cracks continued to expand as if it was the end of the world!

The cultivators in the Thunder Celestial Realm were filled with unspeakable terror.

Even the evil youth was completely stunned. He didn't expect the person who led him here to have such an big move planned.

"Using the fragments of the Thunder Celestial Realm to make a formation… From the looks of it, I fear it is not something as simple as a formation… Could this person want to refine the Thunder Celestial Realm into a magical treasure!?!" The evil youth sucked in a breath of cold air. Even with his mental strength, he couldn't help but think "Madman!" in his mind.

Wang Lin was dumbfounded. All he could hear was the cracking of space collapsing and the loud rumbles echoing across the entire Thunder Celestial Realm. It was as if countless fragments were colliding with each other, so he immediately slowed down. His surroundings were filled with cracks that swallowed all of the destructive force. This caused his mind to shake and his scalp to tingle.


An arrogant laughter echoed through the Celestial Realm. At the same time, the mysterious old man appeared and excitedly said, "I have entered the Celestial Realm hundreds of time and planned this for tens of thousands of years. In this world, who else has the courage this old man has? To refine the Celestial Realm and scheme against the illustrious Celestial Lord Qing Shui. Haha, who else dares!?!

"This old man will use half of the Thunder Celestial Realm as a treasure. Who else will be my match in the Allheaven Star System!? Using this, I can open the spatial barrier, and from then on, my Allheaven Star System will no longer need the Allheaven stone to freely enter the Alliance Star System. Master Zhong Shen, when I was forced to leave, I said that one day I would take the millions of cultivators in the Allheaven Star System and crush the Cultivation Alliance!"

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