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Chapter 786 - No One Can Leave!

Wang Lin grabbed Li Yuan and immediately dragged him backwards. His eyes were like lightning as he stared at the red light in the void.

The severed arm inside the red light was covered in blood and the five fingers were skinny. However, when people saw it, they would feel a chill inside their heart. In particular, those sharp fingernails looked like they could rip the void open.

At the moment Wang Lin looked at the severed arm, the arm seemed to noticed Wang Lin and turned toward him. It was still a distance away when it swiped in the void. There was a loud rumble and five spatial cracks shot out toward Wang Lin.

It was as if five cracks had suddenly appeared on a piece of white paper. If they touched Wang Lin, his body and origin soul would be ripped apart.

Wang Lin's eyes suddenly shrank and he immediately retreated. His right hand formed a seal and a bolt of purple thunder shot out from his origin soul toward the severed arm.

The severed arm didn't even dodge and directly grabbed the purple thunder. The arm squeezed, causing the purple thunder to immediately collapse into origin energy which it then absorbed.

This scene caused Wang Lin to frown. He let out a cold snort as he opened his mouth and spat out a grain of sand that turned into the fragment stamp. The fragment stamp immediately smashed toward the severed arm.

The fragment stamp descended with a bang, but at the moment it descended, there was a sudden red flash from the arm. The arm was able to dodge the stamp.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he continued to retreat. At this moment, the arm closed in and reached out. Five cracks appeared instantly before Wang Lin, wanting to tear his body into pieces.

The bloodlust from the severed arm began to spread, and it seemed to contain a powerful poison. Wang Lin immediately felt his flesh being invaded by this aura and felt a burning sensation.

He retreated once more, and he was very shocked. This severed arm that had suddenly appeared was too strange. This was the most dangerous battle Wang Lin had fought since reaching the Corporeal Yang stage.

Those five spatial cracks released a cold wind that caused Wang Lin's origin soul to freeze when it blew on his body. Seeing the five spatial cracks rapidly approaching, Wang Lin opened his third eye without any hesitation.

A flash of red light opened up like a fan and immediately enveloped the five spatial cracks. In Wang Lin's eyes, the spatial cracks seemed to return to their original forms and rapidly dissipated. In the end, only five drops of dark red blood remained.

After an instant, Wang Lin pointed forward and shouted, "Stop!"

At the same time, the Beast Bone Tattoo on the back of his right hand appeared as if surrounding Wang Lin's right hand. A flash of ghostly light came from the Beast Bone Tattoo and then the evil aura came out.

This evil aura was monstrous, and the ghostly light flashed once more. Grey immediately appeared in the five drops of dark red blood as if they had mixed with grey mist. They looked very beautiful.

In an instant, three of the drops of blood turned into stone and the other two drops quickly retreated back into the arm. The severed arm immediately turned around, stopped chasing Wang Lin, and quickly left.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he looked at the three drops of blood that had turned into stone. He grabbed them and immediately put them into his bag of holding. Then he took out the celestial sword and quickly chased after the severed arm with a cold gaze.

This severed arm was simply too strange. At the moment he saw it, he couldn't help but think of the eyeball from inside the five-colored vortex. In Wang Lin's eyes, they seemed to be from the same source!

"That arm is very strong; it is equivalent to the power of a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator and is infinitely close to a Nirvana Scryer cultivator!" Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he chased after the arm and mercilessly chopped down with the celestial sword!

The Heavenly Chop caused a ray of sword energy to shoot out. When it fell, it was as if it was cutting open the laws of the world, causing the void to shake violently. A long spatial crack suddenly appeared and headed straight for the severed arm.

The severed arm suddenly stopped mid flight, began to form a seal, and pressed it toward the spatial crack. This immediately caused a loud bang, and everything within 1,000 feet of the severed arm seemed to begin to collapse.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. With a point of his finger, the fragment stamp flew out once more. This time it was too fast and immediately smashed down on the severed arm.

The severed arm immediately trembled. It glowed red as if it was injured and began to escape even faster.

Just at this moment, a team of seven or eight cultivators from a cultivation family was passing by, and their faces were filled with shock. Their cultivation levels weren't high; they were all around the mid and late stages of Ascendant. They were quickly flying toward here as if there was a powerful enemy chasing them.

That severed arm immediately turned around toward that cultivation family. It was so fast that it got near the cultivation family in the blink of an eye and began tearing them apart. The severed arm crushed the cultivators' origin souls and absorbed their origin energy.

After several breaths of time, all of the cultivators in this cultivation family were killed and their origin souls were absorbed by the severed arm. The red light from the severed arm became even stronger. Not only had the injuries on the arm healed, it looked even more powerful than before.

When Wang Lin saw this as he closed in, his expression became even more gloomy. He saw in the distance another ray of red light quickly closing in. This time it was a severed leg inside the red light.

Wang Lin immediately turned and left without any hesitation. The severed arm seemed to hesitate, but it decided to not pursuit Wang Lin. It flew together with the severed leg and disappeared into the void.

Even after it left, the strong scent of blood lingered in the area.

The entire Thunder Celestial Realm was extremely chaotic. The eight severed limbs each had the power of a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator. Not only did spells have no effect on them, but one would be killed and have their origin soul crushed for origin energy if they came across it.

Only magical treasures had some effect, but it wasn't much. Adding on the powerful poison in the blood light, it allowed these severed limbs to rampage across the Celestial Realm.

They didn't stop but traveled quickly through the void. It didn't take long before eight rays of red light reached the center of the Celestial Realm. When they combined together, a primal roar suddenly echoed across the Celestial Realm.

The severed limb fused together to form a complete body. This person had a head of white hair, his face was filled with hideous scars, and his body was damaged all over. His right eye was missing, leaving only his left one, which held a cold gaze.

"Celestial Lord Qing Shui, no matter how strong your seal was, it couldn't beat the passage of time. You wouldn't dare to kill me. If you wanted to kill me, why did you place a healing formation outside the sealing formation!? However, I have to thank you because if you had not sealed formation, I fear I wouldn't have survived through the collapse of the Celestial Realm!

"Qing Shui, since I didn't die, you naturally aren't dead either. Unless you can find another sealing vortex left behind by the ancient Celestial Realm, you will not seal me again!" The white-haired person had a ferocious expression as he laughed wildly and charged into the void.

He was simply too fast, and because he knew the Thunder Celestial Realm very well, he immediately appeared above a fragment. This fragment was the one where Wang Lin and Li Yuan opened the seal and went into the passage inside the dark hole.

Flying above the fragment, the man pressed his hand down and the entire fragment immediately collapsed. This was where the 9th seal was located.

As the fragment collapsed, a monstrous flame shot out from within. There was flash of red light and then an eye flew out. The person grabbed the eye and placed it inside his right eye socket.

"The Ji Realm was sealed into the right eye, but too much of it was consumed back in the Celestial Realm War. It will be very difficult to replenish it, but it is not impossible! However, I have just escaped, so my cultivation is only at 10%. I must restore my celestial origin energy as soon as possible." There was a flash of red from the man's eyes and he revealed a grim sneer.

"It seems a lot of junior cultivators have developed over the years. Very good. Although devouring them all won't completely restore my cultivation, I will be able to recover enough. However, before I begin to devour them, I must close the celestial gate to make sure they can't escape!" As he grinned, his body disappeared within the void.

Wang Lin grabbed Li Yuan and headed straight toward the gate on the west side of the Celestial Realm. They were silent the entire way. Wang Lin looked ahead gloomy. He had a premonition that the Thunder Celestial Realm was going to become extremely chaotic!

"We must get out of here as soon as possible!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and they began to move even faster.

Along the way, they saw many cultivators, and their goals were all the same: the celestial gate!

It was obvious that many of them had the same idea as Wang Lin!

Rays of light moved like meteors westwards. None of them had the leisure to talk to each other, and they were all moving as fast as they could.

They gradually grew closer to the celestial gate. Soon, they could see the giant bolt of red thunder that descended from the sky.

At this moment, the various cultivators began to teleport as they wanted to leave even faster.

But just as this moment, a red mist charged over like a powerful wave and a hoarse voice echoed between the heavens and earth.

"No one can leave!"

A person walked out from the red mist. He had white hair and his whole body was like a bag of bones. His eyes were red, and as he stepped forward, his hand reached out, causing an unimaginable powerful force to suddenly fill the area.

Several Ascendant cultivators were filled with terror and their bodies immediately collapsed into a mist of blood and flesh. All of this was inhaled by this person; even their origin souls couldn't escape and were devoured as well.

"Why do the qi cultivators nowadays have so little origin energy? After turning this origin energy into celestial origin energy, there is almost nothing left!" The white-haired man frowned and he charged toward the celestial gate.

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