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Chapter 787 - Master, Please Act! (1)

This scene caused all the cultivators' expressions to change greatly. The moment the white-haired man appeared, he caused more than 10 cultivators to die. He also directly devoured their flesh and origin souls.

This shocking scene caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air.

Upon seeing this strange man charging toward the celestial gate, no one dared to step forward to stop him. Just at this moment, one person among the several cultivators near the celestial gate flew out. He was middle-aged and was wearing a golden robe. His eyes were like lightning and he was at the Illusory Yin stage. He slapped his bag of holding and 13 flying swords flew out.

With a point of his finger, the swords shot toward the strange, white-haired man.

"Fellow Cultivators, please act and stop this person from reaching the gate, or else none of us will be able to leave!"

Behind the middle-aged man, several cultivators clenched their teeth. They all took out their treasures and charged out.

The strange, white-haired man let out a creepy laughter and in a flash his body seemed to merge with the world, disappearing without a trace. When he re-appeared, he was next to the celestial gate, which was the giant bolt of red thunder that descended from the sky.

The moment he appeared, his right hand formed a seal and hit the red thunder. There was a loud rumble that echoed across the heavens and earth.

"Thunder Celestial Gate, close!" The hoarse voice was like a chilly wind that entered the ears of the cultivators around him.

That giant bolt of red thunder began shrinking rapidly.

Just at this moment, the surrounding cultivators began to react. They all took out various treasures and charged toward the strange man. Among them were less than 10 Illusory Yin cultivators. They were the primary force of this attack, and they were charging straight toward the strange man.

"The Thunder Celestial Realm will close and all of you will be my food!" The strange, white-haired man's eyes revealed a cold gaze. Without even looking at the attacks coming toward him, he disappeared and then reappeared behind a late stage Ascendant cultivator. His speed was beyond imagination

The Ascendant cultivator was an old man. His expression changed greatly and his eyes were filled with fear. However, before he had time to turn around, the strange, white-haired man's hand directly penetrated the old man's chest. He seized the old man's origin soul and directly crushed it.

The old man was able to hear his chest shatter and his origin soul collapse. His vision blacked out and his life was lost. His entire body, along with his origin soul, was devoured by the strange, white-haired man.

"The origin energy is too weak!" The strange, white-haired man's body flickered once more and disappeared.

The next time he appeared, he was in front of the golden-robed man that acted first.

The golden-robed man's face turned pale and he retreated without any hesitation. However, it was too late. The white-haired man let out a creepy laugh, then his body turned into a bloody shadow that went into the golden-robed man's body. Explosions echoed inside the golden-robed man's body before he bursted into a mist of blood.

The white-haired man took form inside the mist of blood and devoured the golden-robed man's origin soul.

His eyes lit up and he smiled. "Not bad, this is a qi cultivator!" After licking his lips, he disappeared once more.

There were more than 100 cultivators around, but there were even more cultivators closing in. They obviously wanted to leave through here. As the number of cultivators increased, the white-haired man was like a fish in water. He was simply too fast and vicious, and he could kill a person in an instant. 

As a result, it was impossible for the surrounding cultivators to work together. Fear gradually grew, and as the celestial gate rapidly shrank to the point of disappearing completely, the fear grew even stronger.

It was unknown who started it, but all the surrounding cultivators gave up sieging the white-haired man. Instead, they dispersed and charged toward the disappearing celestial gate from all directions.

The white-haired man let out a grim smile as he devoured a few more cultivators. Then his hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Celestial spell, clones!" In an instant, the white-haired man split into two and then again from two to four. This continued, and in an instant there were 32 of him.

The 32 clones charged out and immediately merged with the world. When they re-appeared, they were within 10,000 feet of the celestial gate. At the same moment, miserable screams filled the air.

All of the cultivators that were within 10,000 feet had their bodies destroyed by the clones and their origin souls devoured.

Their resistance had no real effect on the clones. They often died before they could even act.

However, even more cultivators rushed in toward the celestial gate. After all, the celestial gate was the only path to survival.

"Interesting. I want to see how many among you junior qi cultivators can actually escape!" The white-haired man laughed as his body disappeared and reappeared behind an Illusory Yin cultivator.

That Illusory Yin cultivator's eyes became cold and he exploded his origin soul without hesitation. His origin soul and body turned into origin energy and collapsed. Even though he couldn't escape death, he still had a choice. The choice to die with dignity!

This was self-destruction.

Under the loud rumble, the white-haired man frowned. He didn't retreat and instead inhaled in all the surrounding origin energy into his mouth.

"This is a qi cultivator with guts!"

It was a massacre, and as the celestial gate was about to disappear, this slaughter reached its peak. Most of the cultivators were rushing in like crazy in order to escape.

After all, the celestial gate was the only hope.

However, with that white-haired man's 32 clones covering the 10,000 feet area, only Illusory Yin cultivators could get within 1,000 feet of the gate. Everyone else would die before even getting within 1,000 feet.

As for the Illusory Yin cultivators that rushed within 1,000 feet, they all suffered the same fate. They all died as soon as the white-haired man's origin body appeared.

Bursts of creepy laughter came from the white-haired man. As he continued to slaughter and devour, his originally skinny body gradually expanded slightly. It was as if something was moving inside his body, and this made him look even more terrifying.

The aura his body gave off became even stronger. Almost every time he devoured a cultivator, his aura became a bit stronger. The red light from his eyes became even stronger.

The scent of blood immediately diffused and the eyes of the surrounding cultivators were filled with despair. The celestial gate was just about to dissipate completely. It didn't seem like it would take long before it disappeared completely.

Once that bolt of red thunder disappeared, the Thunder Celestial Realm would be completely sealed.

Just at this moment, more than 10 rays of sword energy flew in from the distance. These rays of sword energy were filled with origin energy and created a sharp roar as they rushed over. At the front, Zhan Konglie's eyes were cold, and behind him were more than 10 cultivators at the Illusory Yin stage. They were all charging toward the white-haired man.

At the same time, several more rays of light came from another direction. The one in front was Tang Yanfeng. He had a gloomy expression and had people behind him as well. In addition to the people of his family, there were also cultivators from other families that he was good friends with. However, they were all only at the Illusory Yin stage.

These two groups were extremely fast as they charged toward the white-haired man. Before they even arrived, origin energy and magical treasures were sent out first.

The people led by Tang Yanfeng and Zhan Konglie launched their attacks without any hesitation.

The whited-haired man's eyes revealed a red glow and he grinned. He completely ignored the spells and magical treasures heading toward him and charged out. He appeared inside Tang Yanfeng's group and immediately grabbed a person.

That cultivator revealed a decisive gaze before his body immediately exploded, causing a large ripple to spread. The white-haired man let out a cold snort and was about to inhale when a fierce sword energy filled with thunder came from afar. This sword energy rich in thunder came from Shengong Hu!

"Deadly entanglement!" After Tang Yanfeng shouted, the cultivators in his group immediately used all their strength to trap the white-haired man.

At the same time, Zhan Konglie charged out with a copper furnace. He was filled with killing intent as he charged toward the white-haired man.

Tang Yanfeng also gave up his personal grudge with Shengong Hu. He waved his sleeves and a white mist immediately appeared. His eyes lit up and he charged in.

Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie charged in without any hesitation. Three powerful Corporeal Yang cultivators began their attack on the white-haired man at the same time.

The surrounding 10 plus Illusory Yin cultivators didn't retreat. They all began using their magical treasures and started a siege.

Although there were few Corporeal Yang cultivators, Shengong Hu's people weren't the only ones. There were two more Corporeal Yang cultivators that didn't hesitate to rush into the white mist and use their powerful origin energy spells.

With someone taking lead, the surrounding cultivators' spirits were lifted and they were about to join the siege when the 32 clones of the white-haired man began to slaughter the surrounding cultivators.

There were also cultivators among them that wanted to preserve their own lives and take this opportunity to rush at the disappearing celestial gate. There were many people who had similar ideas, but they were all killed by the white-haired man's clone when they got within 10,000 feet of the gate.

Even though this was happening, there were still cultivators trying to rush toward the celestial gate. As more cultivators arrived, this situation reached its peak.

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