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Chapter 785 - Resurrection

"Since I've made enemies of the four great enemies, I must be more vicious!" As Wang Lin moved, he began covering the fragment with various devious restrictions. He used all of his abilities, using the fragment as the foundation to place restriction after restriction.

This process lasted nearly 10 years, and eventually Wang Lin reached the edge of the fragment and left from where he entered.

The restriction here prevented others from entering but not from leaving!

Half a month later, Wang Lin and Li Yuan quickly moved through the void.

Li Yuan's left hand was very sore and the origin energy in his body was very thin. He looked at Wang Lin and wryly smiled. "Brother Xu, I placed more than ten thousand restrictions near the edge of the fragment. When combined, the restrictions are very powerful. If the four great families don't send their powerhouses, they will be difficult to break."

Half a month ago, when Wang Lin came out, Li Yuan immediately appeared. Under Wang Lin's request, Li Yuan completely sealed the fragment. However, he didn't use his family's restriction but various other restrictions.

"Brother Li, I have finished my matters at the Celestial Realm. It is best we quickly leave!" Wang Lin touched his bag and took out a thunder furnace. He had killed a lot of people, so it was easy for him to take one out.

Li Yuan, who was not expecting to leave right now, asked, "Brother isn't going to check out the fragment with the celestial spiritual energy fluctuations?"

Wang Lin shook his head. He looked into the void and said, "I'm not going!" He remembered the five-colored vortex in the passage and a bad feeling arose in his heart.

Moreover, he had obtained the Collection Pavilion, and the excitement still hadn't disappeared. After taking a such a treasure, the only thing in his mind was to leave as soon as possible.

After all, this pavilion was extremely important to the four great families, whether it was their reputation or the actual value of the pavilion. Once they find out it's gone, they will immediately begin a massive hunt for Wang L in.

"The fragment has already been sealed, so the chances of people finding out what happened there are low!"

He didn't tell Li Yuan he obtained the Collection Pavilion. After all, this matter was simply too important. Given Wang Lin's caution, unless he was fully confident, he wouldn't tell anyone.

Li Yuan pondered a bit and then nodded. "That's fine. One must be at a certain location to leave the Thunder Celestial Realm. Only at the celestial gate can we use the thunder furnace to return."

Wang Lin nodded. He had heard this before from Shengong Hu.

The two of them made up their minds and moved through the void. The celestial gate was to the far west, and it was very far from where Wang Lin currently was.

While the two of them flew through the void, a shocking change occured in the Thunder Celestial Realm!

Large amounts of cultivators had gathered on the four fragments where the huge celestial spiritual energy fluctuations occurred. Almost all of the cultivators in the Thunder Celestial Realm had found out about the celestial spiritual energy fluctuations one way or another, and as soon as they found out, they quickly made their way to one of the fragments.

Due to the fluctuations of the celestial spiritual energy, four ancient restrictions appeared on the four fragments. Some were between mountains and some were inside large ruins.

The celestial spiritual energy was coming from inside the restrictions. As more people gathered, there were naturally restrictions masters among them. After the more powerful cultivators reached an agreement, the various restriction masters began breaking the restrictions.

The four fragments with celestial spiritual energy fluctuations appeared one each at the east, south, west, and north sides of the Celestial Realm. At this moment on the western fragment, Shengong Hu calmly looked at the plain before him. There was a 10,000-feet-wide ancient restriction that gave off rich celestial spiritual energy on the plains.

A large amount of cultivators had gathered outside the restrictions. These cultivators were mostly in groups of three to five. There were some restrictions masters attempting to break the restriction.

Shengong Hu frowned. He clearly remembered that he had come here a few months ago and there was no restriction. Why had such a large restriction appeared in such a short period of time?

As he pondered, a sense of crisis appeared in his heart, but he didn't know why.

At this moment, a ray of light came from the distance followed by more than 10 rays of sword energy that shot toward this location like lightning. When they rays of sword energy landed, the person at the front of these cultivators was Zhan Konglie

He immediately saw Shengong Hu by himself. He arrived before Shengong Hu in one step before clasping his hands and smiling. "Brother Shengong came so early!"

Shengong Hu frowned slightly and calmly said, "It is you who arrived late!"

Zhan Konglie faintly smiled as he stood next to Shengong Hu. His gaze fell on the restriction in the distance as he asked, "Does Brother Shengong know who I met on the way?"

"I don't know!" Shengong Hu's expression was neutral and he didn't have any interest in Zhan Konglie's words. He only looked at the plain and pondered.

Zhan Konglie already knew of Shengong Hu's temper. He said, "It was Senior!"

Shengong Hu's eyes lit up as he turned toward Zhan Konglie and asked, "Really?"

Zhan Konglie smiled. "100% true. Senior said that he would come here if he finds the time!"

Shengong Hu's eyes had a flash of joy. Zhan Konglie looked much more pleasing to his eyes now. He smiled and said, "According to my lord's strange personality, he should have some interest in this place."

Zhan Konglie stared at the plain before him and nodded. "I presume Brother Shengong also noticed. The appearance of the formation here is too strange…"

Before he finished speaking, the formation before him flashed violently. Waves of formation fluctuations spread and many cultivators exclaimed. After that, many cultivators skilled in restrictions flew out, sending out restrictions to speed up the process of breaking it.

There were many powerful cultivators around the formations. They were mostly from different families and were all scattered. They had a very tacit understanding about breaking the formation, and they didn't fight amongst themselves.

Among the four fragments that had the formations, as people continued to try to break them, the northern fragment was the first to break the formation.

A curved passage appeared before the eyes of the cultivators on the northern fragment. The tunnel was very long, and after the first cultivator charged in, all the remaining cultivators also entered. Several hours later, the miserable screams of the first cultivator to enter echoed inside the tunnel.

At the same time, a ray of red light appeared inside the tunnel. In a flash, the entire tunnel collapsed and dissipated.

This strange scene immediately shocked most of the cultivators inside, and they began to escape. However, under the red light, they all died miserable deaths one by one. Only a small number of cultivators survived through this huge occurrence.

At this time, the formation on the eastern fragment was opened and a large amount of cultivators rushed in. The same thing occurred here. When the first cultivator saw the five-colored vortex, he self-destructed and the entire tunnel was filled with red light.

This wasn't over yet; the tragedy occurred once more on the southern fragment.

In an instant, the entire Thunder Celestial Realm was bloodbath. At this moment, the formation on the western fragment, where Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie were, began to fluctuate violently. As it fluctuated more and more, even more cultivators began launching restrictions to break it.

A moment later, the fluctuations exploded into countless shockwaves and the formation broke.

A dark hole appeared on the ground and dense celestial spiritual energy formed a beam of light that shot into the sky.

Some cultivators were unable to resist the temptation and charged in regardless of the celestial spiritual energy burning their bodies. After a few people took the lead, the other cultivators immediately rushed in as well.

Shengong Hu didn't move and Zhan Konglie didn't move either. They both looked at each and saw the doubt in each other's eyes.

"This formation was broken too easily!"

Aside from the two of them, several other cultivators didn't move. Most of these people had broken through the peak of the late stage of Ascendant and were at the Illusory Ying stage.

After a long time, as more and more cultivators entered the tunnel, there was a muffled explosion. Miserable screams constantly came from inside the tunnel before the entire tunnel collapsed. All of the cultivators inside disintegrated together with the tunnel.

Shengong Hu and company's expressions changed greatly. They immediately flew into the air, and their eyes were filled with shock.

All four formations on the four fragments were broken and their tunnels had collapsed. At this moment, an unimaginable amount of celestial spiritual energy suddenly exploded within the Thunder Celestial Realm and began to spread. 

At the same time, nine fragments in the Thunder Celestial Realm shook violently and nine different formations appeared above them.

These formations were engraved deeply in the earth and emitted a powerful red light. This sudden and drastic change caused the cultivators in the Thunder Celestial Realm to be filled with confusion and fear.

One of the nine fragments collapsed. It wasn't that there was power beyond Nirvana Scryer being used, but a power beyond Nirvana Scryer had erupted from within.

The fragment disintegrated layer by layer as the terrifying aura shot from the center of the fragment. Some of the escaping cultivators immediately discovered that the terrifying aura was coming from a severed arm!

This severed arm was obviously sealed here countless years ago. Now that the nine seals had been opened, the arm had regained its freedom. It flew directly toward the center of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

At the moment the severed arm appeared, seven of the eight remaining fragments collapsed. In the end, two severed arms, two severed legs, a skull with a left eye, and a torso divided into three parts all flew toward the center of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The skull carried a smile as it flew through the void. Every time it saw cultivator, it would immediately devour the cultivator, causing their body to collapsed. After devouring an origin soul, the left eye would glow even brighter.

The speed of these body parts was very fast, far faster than cultivators. It was almost as if they were teleporting and were leaving afterimages in the void.

Wang Lin and Li Yuan were charging toward the west as they flew through the void. An extremely gloomy aura immediately spread out. This aura was very strong and was spreading out like an invisible mist.

Li Yuan's expression changed slightly. Just as he was about to spread out his divine sense to check, a ray of red light suddenly appeared in the distance. This red light was very strong and powerful.

Li Yuan took a deep breath. He could clearly see a severed arm inside that red light!

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