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Chapter 783 - The Celestial Emperor's spell

The figure disappeared and the mist turned into steps before Wang Lin. The steps led upwards with no end in sight.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and revealed a decisive gaze. As he walked up the steps one by one, the steps behind him slowly disappeared.

At this moment, the three old men outside the pavilion were talking to each other. A bright light suddenly came from the Collection Pavilion and became more and more dazzling.

The old man from the Chen family's eyes fell on the light and he calmly said, "Fellow Cultivator Xu's chance is about to start. I just don't know what kind of celestial spell he can obtain on the 4th floor!"

That cultivator named Lu who had lost her body nodded and said, "Cultivation has some relation with luck. Although it is not great, at certain times, it has desirable effects. I'm guessing that he will be able to obtain a pretty good celestial spell inside."

The final cultivator named Song didn't speak. He stared at the pavilion as his eyes lit up and he said, in a low voice, "Something is wrong!"

The other two were startled as they looked at the Collection Pavilion, and their expressions immediately changed.

On the top of the Collection Pavilion after the first ray of light, four more rays of light shot out into the sky, creating ripples that spread out. From the ground, this scene looked extremely grand.

"Five rays of light. That person has actually entered the fifth floor!" The cultivator named Lu that had lost her body looked at the five rays of light and revealed a look of disbelief.

"It looks like we have underestimated Fellow Cultivator Xu. He is absolutely at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage and may be even half a step into the Nirvana Scryer stage. He barely reached the standard for entering the fifth floor!" The cultivator named Xu's eyes lit up.

The cultivator named Chen slowly said, "If he was at the Nirvana Scryer stage, it would be impossible to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm, unless…"

Before he finished speaking, more light appeared from the Collection Pavilion. This time it was two rays of light, and they lined up with the other five rays of light.

Seven extremely magnificent rays of light shot into the sky. This sight caused the three of them to become completely dumbfounded.

The old man named Song stared at the sky as he muttered to himself with aghast in his eyes, "Impossible, seven rays of light means the seventh floor. Impossible…"

As the cultivator named Lu stared at the seven rays of light, her mind was completely blank.

As for the cultivator named Chen, his reaction was even stronger. His eyes were filled with extreme shock as he muttered to himself, "What cultivation level is needed to enter the seventh floor… That Xu Mu can't have that kind of cultivation. Could it be… Does he really have that kind of luck to enter the seventh floor without needing to pass the test to enter it...

Just as the three of them were feeling dumbfounded, two more rays of light shot. Now there were nine rays of light going into the sky. To the three of them, this was like thunder rumbling in their ears.

The three of them couldn't say a word as they stared blankly at the sky.

If it was five rays of light, they could understand it because Xu Mu might have hidden his cultivation level. Although it would be a surprise, they could reluctantly accept it. However, after seven rays of light appeared, while they were shocked, they refused to believe that Xu Mu was hiding his cultivation level.

The ninth ray of light could only be explained by great luck as there was no other alternative.

The impact the nine rays of light brought to them was too great. It has to be said that when the ancestors of their respective families came when the Celestial Realm opened, they only managed to enter the eighth floor.

No one could enter the ninth floor.

After Wang Lin had walked for a while, he finally reached the end of the steps. The step below him shined brightly and a pavilion appeared before him.

This pavilion wasn't big, and it had more than 10 wooden frames on each side. Each frame had a celestial jade that gave off a gentle glow.

On the wall directly before him hung a painting. There was a tree in the painting, and half of the tree had yellow leaves. There was a boy under the tree that seemed to be cultivating.

On the upper left corner of the painting there was a line written in ink.

"Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal, Lands Collapse Mountains Crumble, Dark Moon, Clear Skies."

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment while staring at the painting. He wasn't able to find anything interesting about the painting, but he found that line very interesting.

"Call the Wind, Summon the Rain should be two spells. Magic Arsenal should also be a spell. As for the second half, the first part, 'Lands Collapse Mountains,' Crumble should be the same, but what is the meaning of Dark Moon, Clear Skies…"

Wang Lin couldn't see through the meaning behind it, so he withdrew his gaze and began to observe the room. This room was very simple; it didn't even have a table. However, on the ground was a stone mat that had sunken in. It was apparent that someone had cultivated on this mat a lot to cause this.

Wang Lin took a few steps forward and carefully looked at the mat. It looked very ordinary without anything special about it, but when he tried to touch it, to his surprise, his hand went through the mat.

Wang Lin frowned slightly and then looked at the wooden frames around him. After a moment, his expression became gloomy.

The joy from before disappeared completely.

Even though there were celestial jades inside these wooden frames, like the mat, they were all illusory and simply didn't exist.

As he observed, he let out a wry smile. He found that he could only see the things here but not touch them. It was as if everything was only an illusion.

"If had known this, I would've gone to the fourth floor. At least it wouldn't be like this." Wang Lin frowned as his gaze swept the room before his eyes fell on the painting right before him.

After pondering a while, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he sat down in the ground. He stared at the painting and became silent.

"The ninth layer, which is where a celestial lord would come, can't be that simple. Perhaps this scene is only illusory in my eyes and a celestial lord can easily see everything. If that is the case, then this painting here is a bit strange."

Wang Lin carefully looked at the painting.

Time slowly passed and Wang Lin gradually calmed down. He was unwilling to obtain nothing on the ninth floor. After analysing the situation, he believed this painting was the key.

He simply let go of all thoughts and became absorbed in the painting to see some clues within it.

He gradually became calm and his mind became immersed in the painting. As time passed, Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes.

Even when he closed his eyes, that painting still appeared in his mind. It was as if he had entered the painting. After a long time, he opened his eyes and muttered, "Something is wrong… There is a faint barrier preventing me from truly entering the painting.

After pondering a while his eyes suddenly narrowed and his gaze fell on the boy under the tree.

He clearly remember the boy was just cultivating without making any seals with his hands. However at this moment the boy's hand made a seal.

This discovery caused Wang Lin's mind to tremble and he began to carefully observe the painting.

Time passed once more. In the blink of an eye, seven days went by. The key thing Wang Lin found was that every two to three hours, the boy's hand would change. However, this change was very subtle, and unless he was paying attention, it was difficult to notice.

During these seven days of time, Wang Lin memorized all the seals the boy made. On the eighth day, he sat down and began forming the seals. Right when the seals appeared, the entire pavilion began to shake. Wang Lin immediately stopped and carefully looked around before he continued to make the seals.

Just like before, when the seals appeared, the entire pavilion shook as if it was shrinking.

This discovery shocked Wang Lin greatly. His hand moved even faster, but after a few shakes, the pavilion stopped shaking. Baffled, Wang Lin looked at the painting and his hand moved even faster. He felt like his body was dissipating and his mind was drifting into the painting.

When he made the last seal, he felt a boom in his head and his body fell on the ground. His origin soul felt a virbration and he became dizzy. 

When his vision became clear, his mind trembled as he stared at his surroundings.

The surroundings were filled with void, and behind him stood a large tree. Half of the tree was yellow, and when a breeze blew by, the swaying of the leaves created rustling sounds.

Wang Lin lowered his head and found that he was wearing a daoist robe. He had entered the painting and had become that boy.

This scene was simply too strange. Wang Lin stood up and looked at the sky. In the upper right corner of the sky were black ink marks. These ink marks were the words he saw from the outside.

"Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal, Lands Collapse, Mountains Crumble, Dark Moon, Clear Skies."

As Wang Lin looked at that line, it immediately turned into drops of link and fell down like rain on the surrounding ground. The void around him suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a lot of noise.

Various illusory figures appeared in the void. He couldn't see their faces clearly, but as soon as they appeared, they all sat down. Eventually, Wang Lin was surrounded by people.

Bursts of quiet conversations came from all directions, but while Wang Lin could hear them, he could never clearly hear what was being said.

A moment later, all of the noise disappeared as a figure walked out. This person's figure was also vague, but when he appeared, a pressure surrounded the area.

He floated in the air and sat down. He seemed to be smiling as a clear voice came out.

"Today, Master Carefree will paint the opening of the Collection Pavilion. Celestial Lord Run Bi invited me to watch, so I simply invited you, my fellow celestial friends, to listen to me preach Dao while the painting is being done. This is the Dao I know!"

As that person spoke, he raised his right hand and a roaring wind appeared. This wind became black and covered the sky. As it swept across the sky, it turned into nine black dragons. The roars of the dragons and their powerful auras caused the sky to change color. As the black wind swept the area, the nine black dragons spat out chilling winds. That unimaginable power made people feel like their life was like a candle. If they were hit by this wind, they would immediately die!

It was as if any living thing in the world would die upon being hit by that wind. The power contained within that wind was beyond Wang Lin's imagination.

"This is Call the Wind! To put it simply, Call the Wind is like this: it can extinguish the fire of all living things!"

Wang Lin's mind shook greatly as an unimaginable pain appeared as if it wanted to tear him apart. His origin soul immediately collapsed and the fragments scattered.

Just at this moment,  a gentle force came from the void and warped around Wang Lin's origin soul. A clear voice laughed. "The celestial emperor's spell is extraordinary. This spell named Call the Wind, this lord will write it down on Master Carefree's painting. This painting will be stored in the ninth floor of the Collection Pavilion. As for whether someone can comprehend this spell, it will depend on their luck!"

When this voice appeared, Wang Lin's origin soul seemed to turn into ink and was used to write three words.

"Call the Wind!"

At the same time, a powerful force came from those three words. Wang Lin's origin soul reformed and flew out. His vision became blurry as he flew out of the painting and landed back in his body, which had fallen on the ground.

Wang Lin's body trembled as he opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with horror, and those word still echoed in his ears.

"This is luck…" Wang Lin took a deep breath and then stared at the painting. Everything that had happened felt extremely real.

"Celestial emperor… celestial lord… and Master Carefree, who painted the painting…" As Wang Lin stared at the painting, he finally realized that the painting before him was drawn by the same person who made the paintings he saw in the storage space!

After silently pondering for a long time, Wang Lin stood up. He didn't even look at the celestial jade on the side before leaving. Compared to everything he had obtained, everything else on the ninth floor became bleak.

When he walked out from the ninth floor, stairs appeared below Wang Lin's feet. His eyes were still in a trance, as if he still hadn't recovered from the scene in the painting.

Wang Lin muttered as he walked down the stairs, "Celestial spell, Call the Wind!" When he reached the bottom, he took a step and disappeared without a trace.

After all the time that had passed, the three people outside the pavilion had recovered from the shock. It was just that they still couldn't believe it in their hearts.

Jealousy gradually entered their minds. In the end, it became so powerful that it almost replaced their logic.

After all, they couldn't even guess what kind of spell was in the ninth floor, but the more they couldn't guess, the stronger the desire to obtain it became.

At this moment, the door of the Collection Pavilion lit up and Wang Lin walked out. He was still in a daze as he walked past the three of them and into the distance.

The three immediately noticed that something was wrong with Wang lin's current state. They looked each other in the eyes and saw the ruthlessness and decisiveness in each other's eyes.

"Sorry, Fellow Cultivator Xu, but compared to referring you to the family, I want the celestial spell from the ninth floor more, especially because of your current state. If you were sober, I might've hesitated, but given the trance-like state you're in, this is a chance given to me by the heavens!" The old man named Chen's eyes revealed killing intent.

The three of them stopped hesitating and rushed out. They took out their most powerful treasures and launched their most powerful spells toward Wang Lin!

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