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Chapter 782 - The Qualification of a Rank 9 Celestial Lord

The cultivations families had classifications that outsiders didn't know about. Like in the Alliance Star System, a rank 7 cultivation planet was the peak existence on the surface.

Rank 8 cultivation planets were very rare, so much so that the entire Alliance Star System only had three. As for the most mysterious rank 9 cultivation planet, there was only one in the entire Alliance Star System!

The cultivation families in the Allheaven Star System had similar classifications, but they focused more on history. Only long-lasting cultivation cultivation families could become an eternal existence in the Allheaven Star System.

In the Allheaven Star System, the most common were the cultivation families on the main cultivation planets of the four different domains. There was not much difference in their strength, and three or four cultivation families existed on each planet.

For example, the Tang family and the Zhan family were both at the peak of their planets.

Above these cultivation families were the four great families with inheritances from the Celestial Realm. They were the most powerful force in the Allheaven Star System on the surface.

Tracing back to their roots, the ancestors of these four great families were all celestials in the Thunder Celestial Realm before its collapse, so their statuses were not ordinary.

Likewise, there were two more families above these four great families. They usually kept very low profiles, but they were the true powers in the Allheaven Star System.

They had even older inheritances than the four families. These families existed in ancient times before the collapse of the Celestial Realm and had survived the collapse of the Celestial Realm. These families had inheritances from the ancient cultivation world, and there were six such families in the Allheaven Star System.

The mysterious Ziang family on planet Dong Lin and Li Yuan's family were among the six.

However, after countless years, many of the families with inheritances from the ancient cultivation world had declined. The Li family was one example, and in addition to them, there were three more. Right now only two of these families remained!

Just like how the Alliance System had a rank 9 cultivation planet, the Allheaven Star System also had a family that had survived even longer than that. This was a family that had been around since the primordial times.

The primordial cultivation family was the true powerhouse of the Allheaven Star System, and it was extremely mysterious.

To exist from the primordial times until today, that kind of power was terrifying. That meant that this family had experienced the evolution of cultivation from ancient times, experienced the collapse of the Celestial Realm, and experienced the creation of the Thunder Celestial Temple. They had experienced all the changes in the Allheaven Star System

It was very likely that this family that had been around since the primordial era knew the secret of the ancient Celestial Realm. Just the spells that they held were enough to stand over the Allheaven Star System.

Aside from the rank 8 and 9 cultivation planets in the Alliance Star System, Wang Lin already knew all of this. While he was coming here, Li Yuan had told him everything about the cultivation families.

This was why Wang Lin was so calm when facing the four great families that had inheritances from the Celestial Realm.

The two old men holding up the fragment stamp above the pavilion silently pondered for a moment. One of them wrly smiled and said, "For Fellow Cultivator to have such powerful spells and treasures, you can't be a nobody. Please leave behind your name!"

Wang Lin calmly said, "Xu Mu!"

The old man's eyes narrowed and he said, "Even though Brother Xu hasn't reached the Nirvana Scryer stage, we are unable to stop you. You have the qualifications to enter the Collection Pavilion!"

Just as he finished speaking, the old man beside him looked at Wang Lin and suddenly asked, "Does Fellow Cultivator Xu have any relation with the Xu family on planet Dong Lin?"

Wang Lin's calmly looked at the person who spoke.

That old man hesitated before his eyes lit up and he said, "If Fellow Cultivator isn't someone from the Xu family, then as a representative of the Chen family, I invite fellow cultivator to become an non-family elder!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he revealed a faint smile.

"That isn't impossible, but my my current goal is to enter the collection pavilion, so I hope you three fellow cultivators allow me to!" Wang Lin glanced at the origin soul that had lost its flesh.

That cultivator who had lost his body let out a sigh and felt complicated. When he heard Wang Lin's words, he knew that Wang Lin was very knowledgeable about the Collection Pavilion.

Only after the Collection Pavilion was opened could one enter, and it required at least two people from the four great families to open.

What happened next was simple; the three of them worked together to open the Collection Pavilion. The four corners slowly trembled and the four horns slowly touched each other.

A ray of gentle light suddenly appeared and an oval door made of light appeared where the four horns touched.

"Fellow Cultivator Xu, my Chen family has entered the Collection Pavilion hundreds of times. Although obtaining a celestial spell depends on luck and what everyone sees is different, it isn't completely random. The longer you last, the more precious the celestial spell you obtain at the end will be."

Wang Lin nodded slightly. From the Yao family member's memories, he knew that the four great families didn't have the power to set up a trap inside the Collection Pavilion.

Moreover, everything that appeared was exactly the same as the Yao family member's memories. Wang Lin no longer hesitated. He withdrew his magical treasures and appeared before the door. He then took a deep breath and stepped inside.

After Wang Lin went in, the old man who had lost his body sighed and said, "If we had known he was so powerful, we wouldn't have attacked and would've just let him go inside. With his cultivation, the highest he will go is the fourth floor like us."

"The fourth floor is our limit, but his spells and magical treasures are fierce. We have the same cultivation levels, but it was obvious that he was holding back. I fear that if it wasn't for the fact that he knew that he needed us to open the Collection Pavilion, he wouldn't have just killed one person in that battle."

The old man who lost his body wryly smiled. "Indeed, I could tell that he wanted to kill two people. If it wasn't for me escaping quickly enough, then my origin soul would have collapsed as well."

The old man from the Chen family slowly said, "Forget it. What's the point of talking about this now? Since he entered, then he entered. The celestial spell at the fourth floor is his limit, the rest will depend on his luck."

The old man who lost his body asked, "Elder Chen, are you really going to invite that person to become a non-family elder in your Chen family?"

Elder Chen nodded and said, "That person is very formidable. My Chen family needs such a person, so Fellow Cultivators, please don't compete with me! If this person really does become my Chen family's non-family elder, then please pretend you two don't know what happened to Fellow Cultivator Yao! As for Fellow Cultivator Lu's body, my Chen family will compensate! Fellow Cultivator Song, my Chen family will also give you a gift! Of course, this is under the premise that this person agrees to enter my Chen family!"

As the three spoke, Wang Lin arrived at a mysterious space. The surroundings were covered in a grey mist and his divine sense couldn't spread out. A faint murmur was coming from all directions into Wang Lin's ears, but he couldn't clearly hear what was being said.

Just at this moment, the surrounding mist suddenly began to move. It was very fast, and the waves of mist gathered before Wang Lin. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a person.

This person was made of mist. His clothes were unclear, but his face could be clearly seen. His appearance was ordinary, but he had an aura vastly different from a cultivator. After he appeared, he calmly looked at Wang Lin. He then raised his right hand with his palm facing outward and remained motionless.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. He knew from the Yao family member's memories that although the process was not the same for everyone, there was one similarity at the start. That was the test of one's cultivation level.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin stepped forward and arrived before the person. He raised his right hand and pressed it against the other's palm.

In an instant, a mysterious force entered Wang Lin's body. It cycled once through his body before leaving and a low voice suddenly echoed.

"Rank 8 greater celestial! You can enter the fourth floor of the Collection Pavilion to test your luck for a celestial spell!"

As Wang Lin retracted his right hand, his eyes lit up and he muttered, "Rank 8 greater celestial… I wonder how the cultivation among celestials are divided. I haven't reached the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage yet; I wonder what rank celestial I will be when I reach the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage…"

At this moment, the person made of mist slowly dissipated. Wang Lin knew that once it completely dissipated, he would be teleported to the fourth floor and everything after would depend on his luck.

However, no matter how good his luck was, he could only obtain a celestial spell from the fourth floor. While he didn't know how many floors the Collection Pavilion had, it was obvious that the higher the floor, the better quality the celestial spell!

At the highest floor, even the most common celestial spell would be a top tier existence in the lower floors. However, the cultivation level test couldn't be faked. It all depended on one's own strength, and that in itself was a type of luck.

Only those with powerful cultivation could obtain precious celestial spells. If one's cultivation level wasn't high enough, then there was no need to talk about it.

Seeing that the person made of mist was about to completely disappear, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he suddenly had a bold idea. The moment this idea appeared, his heart started pounding and even his mouth became dry.

After hesitating for a bit, he clenched his teeth and a pagoda appeared in his hand. His eyes gave off a mysterious light as his left hand hit the pagoda. The white-robed woman immediately appeared before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin retreated a few steps and his hand formed a seal. He used his origin energy to control the woman to raise her right hand and touch the slowly dissipating palm of the man made of mist.

In an instant, the man made of mist showed signs of collapse. His entire body trembled, and after a long time, a low voice echoed.

"Rank 9 celestial lord! You can go to the ninth floor of the Collection Pavilion to check for celestial spells!"

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with excitement as he tightly tightened his fist and immediately withdrew the woman back into the pagoda then back into his bag. His heart was pounding; it was very rare for him to have such violent mood swings.

"There is a great difference between obtaining a celestial spell through luck and being able to choose a celestial spell!"

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