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Chapter 784 - Collection Pavilion

Silver needles appeared before the cultivator named Chen. Each needle gave off a blue glow as his hand formed a seal and a huge, illusory figure appeared around him. The figure was filled with celestial spiritual energy. It pointed toward Wang Lin and the needles shot out toward Wang Lin's back.

The cultivator named Song had a yin and yang pattern in his hand, and as he threw it out, there was lightning moving through it. It was filled with powerful origin energy as it shot toward Wang Lin.

He followed behind the pattern, and his right hand formed a strange seal and a long, dark thread of silk appeared. The moment this strand of silk came out, it gave off a powerful pressure and a large amount of green mist.

Finally, it was the female cultivator that had lost her body. She opened her mouth and spat out a small, crystal fan. She grabbed it, threw it, and then spat out origin energy. The origin energy immediately turned into six dragons that surrounded Wang Lin to prevent him from escaping.

The eyes of these three were bloodshot. They all held the idea that they must kill Wang Lin to obtain the celestial spell from the ninth floor. They were very fast, and their spells and magical treasures were rapidly approaching Wang Lin. In an instant, they had already closed in.

Wang Lin was still in a trance. His mind was still thinking about the magical scene he had witnessed with the wind. As the three of them closed in, Wang Lin subconsciously pointed his finger at them and muttered, "Calling the Wind."

The moment he said it, a black wind came out of Wang Lin's hand. This wind immediately grew and surrounded the area. As the cold wind blew, the sky darkened as if it was retreating.

The entire fragment began to tremble and a powerful aura filled the world. All of this was because of the black wind! Because of this celestial spell! It was as if the earth had memories of this spell, as if the sky had been beaten by this spell before.

The moment the black wind appeared, the spell of the celestial emperor that had been gone for countless years had reappeared!

The moment the wind appeared, it charged toward the three people behind Wang Lin without any hesitation.

The moment the silver needles from the cultivator named Chen touched the black wind, they exploded without any resistance. The figure that was pointing toward Wang Lin disintegrated as if it was a flame blown away by the wind.

"This is the celestial spell from the ninth spell!" The cultivator named Chen's eyes revealed fear and his scalp was numb. In his mind, the black wind was going to wipe out his life. He couldn't raise any will to resist it; it was as if he was facing heaven's might.

He quickly turned around to escape without any hesitation and teleported. However, even with teleportation, it wasn't enough. As the wind blew, his body trembled and he reappeared from teleporting. His eyes dimmed and his body collapsed.

His origin was like a fire that was extinguished by the black wind...

All of this happened in an instant. Aside from the cultivator named Chen, the cultivator named Song suffered a similar fate. The yin and yang pattern immediately collapsed along with his body. Terrified, he quickly abandoned his body and quickly escaped.

As for the cultivator named Lu, the fan in her hand immediately collapsed the moment it touched the black wind. She was already in her origin soul form. Also terrified, she quickly retreated.

At this moment, the black wind suddenly disappeared as if it had never appeared. Wang Lin's eyes were no longer in a trance and revealed clarity.

"So this is the celestial spell 'Call the Wind!'" He took a deep breath and his face became pale as he took a step forward. The one-billion-soul soul flag came out from his bag and the black mist spread, chasing after the cultivator named Lu.

As for himself, his eyes became cold and he spat out a grain of sand. It turned into a stamp that chased after the cultivator named Song. It instantly caught up and mercilessly smashed down.

The cultivator named Song let out a scream and his origin soul released a lot of origin energy. His eyes were filled with fear as he tried to continue to escape, but the Karma Whip appeared and dragged him to Wang Lin.

"Fellow Cultivator Xu, please have mercy. I know I was wrong, I was wrong!" Not paying any attention to the cultivator named Song, Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he pinched his finger. The cultivator named Song's origin soul immediately collapsed and turned into origin energy that was devoured by Wang Lin.

The powerful origin energy cycled through Wang Lin's body and his face was no longer pale. He took a deep breath and immediately caught up to the cultivator named Lu, who was trapped by the soul flag.

His hand reached out and the Karma Whip lashed out many times inside the black mist. Finally, he shook the soul flag and it captured the origin soul. Wang Lin's eyes became cold as he pulled out the origin soul of the cultivator named Lu out of the soul flag.

"If you kill me, the Lu family will never let you go!!!" The cultivator named Lu screamed but suddenly stopped as Wang Lin pinched the origin soul and devoured it.

His face was a bit ruddy but was still pale. Without hesitation, he reached into the soul flag and took out the origin soul of the first person he killed here.

After crushing it into origin energy, he devoured it.

After devouring the three origin souls, Wang Lin immediately sat down to cultivate.

After a long time, his face gradually returned to normal, but there were still traces of paleness. Wang Lin opened his eyes and let out a mouthful of foul air.

The air he spat out was actually black and was extremely shocking.

"What a strong celestial spell! I only gained a bit of understanding, and when I used it I actually couldn't control it. The consumption of origin energy was so strong that it almost sucked all the origin energy around the Ji Realm. If I hadn't recovered it quick enough, the consequences would've been unimaginable!

"However, no matter how I look at it, it doesn't look like a celestial spell; it can even be called a devil spell! In addition, this spell uses too much origin energy… In order to use it, I need to have the origin souls of several yin and yang cultivators prepared."

Wang Lin stood up and took the bags of holding of the people he had killed. He looked at the Collection Pavilion and muttered, "Unfortunately, this pavilion can't be taken away… Otherwise, the four great families would have already taken it by force out of the Celestial Realm. But I'm not willing to just leave it here. If I can take it away…"

As he pondered, Wang Lin's eyes suddenly lit up and he thought of the words he heard inside the painting.

"Master Carefree will draw a painting for the first opening of the Collection Pavilion… " Wang Lin's eyes became brighter as he remember the hand seals of the boy under the tree.

"When I used the seals before, I felt the pavilion tremble…" Wang Lin's heart skipped a beat. He immediately moved and arrived next to the Collection Pavilion.

He took a deep breath and his hands formed the seals he learned from the boy. In an instant, the Collection Pavilion began to glow. Before Wang Lin's eyes, the pavilion became smaller and smaller until it turned into a size that could fit inside one's palm and flew into Wang Lin's hand.

Holding the Collection Pavilion in his hand, even with Wang Lin's mental strength, he let out a laugh. This laughter was filled with joy!

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