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Chapter 781 - Qualification

Under the gazes of countless cultivators, Wang Lin flew away in the void with Li Yuan following closely after. The two gradually disappeared into the void.

Along the way, Li Yuan wanted to ask many times, but he endured and didn't mention anything about Zhan Konglie. Given Li Yuan's wisdom, he knew that he shouldn't ask about everything. Everyone has their own secrets.

Time quickly passed and in the blink of an eye, months went by. As they got closer to the center, they saw more and more people. Finally, on this day, they arrived at the center of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

After arriving here, they couldn't see anymore cultivators. This place was completely dark and they couldn't see anyone.

Standing in the void, Wang Lin carefully looked around. In the Yao family member's memories, the sealed fragment containing the Collection Pavilion was right here!

Wang Lin asked, "Brother Li, do you see anything abnormal about this place?"

Li Yuan began to move his hand the moment Wang Lin stopped. He looked at the place, and after a moment, his eyes because serious. He nodded and said, "There are ripples of a restriction here. Although it is faint, I can feel it with my restriction heart. This is similar to a celestial restriction, but somewhat different."

As he spoke, he pressed down his left hand. A restriction immediately flew out and split into 18 into the void. At this moment, an illusory outline appeared in a flash and then disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. At the moment that outline appeared, he vaguely saw a half-transparent fragment suddenly appear in the void.

There was a towering pavilion on the fragment. However, because it had disappeared right away, it was impossible to get a better view.

Li Yuan said, "Brother Xu, I need some time!" Whenever he was breaking restrictions, there would be an aura of self-confidence around him.

After he finished speaking, he sat down in the void. His left hand continued to form seals, releasing restrictions that combined together. Sometimes he would press his finger between his eyebrows and black lines would fly out. The black lines would wrap around the extremely complex restrictions and fly into the void.

In those instances, the shadow of that fragment would suddenly reappear and then disappear the next instant. This happened too fast to rush in during the gap.

Wang Lin wasn't anxious. Instead, he focused on the fragment whenever it appeared.

As Li Yuan placed down more restrictions, the fragment gradually appeared more and more frequently. Wang Lin slowly got a better picture of this fragment.

The huge pavilion at the center of the fragment was like four long thorns. They resembled two pairs of bull horns going into the sky.

There were four people sitting at the top of the four horns. They were completely motionless and didn't even pay any attention when Wang Lin looked over.

Wang Lin's pupil shranks and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Li Yuan said, "Brother Xu, if you want to completely break this restriction, it will take several months. If we simply want to send you in, then with your speed combined with my restrictions, there is an 80% chance of success!"

Wang Lin took a step forward and arrived at the edge of the fragment. He slowly said, "Then send me in! Brother Li, hide yourself well, because it is dangerous here. Don't get implicated by me, and when I obtain the celestial spell, we will leave!"

Li Yuan didn't waste any time. His hand pointed between his eyebrows and several black lines flew out. They intersected to form a brand, then he created countless restrictions that entered the brand and it gave off waves of black light.

Li Yuan's eyes lit up as he pointed forward and shouted, "Restriction heart, burst!"

When the restriction brand landed in the void, the fragment immediately appeared. This time it flickered constantly; it disappeared, reappeared, then disappeared again.

This rapid cycle made everything very colorful.

As for that brand, it still gave off a black light. As the fragment continued to change, it began to spread and formed a circular passage.

However, this passage wasn't stable and seemed like it could collapse at any moment.

"Enter!" At the moment Li Yuan shouted, Wang Lin rushed out like a bolt of lightning and charged into the circular passage.

Just as he entered the passage, it collapsed. Then the fragment disappeared into the void along with Wang Lin.

"I hope Brother Xu has a good harvest!" Li Yuan pondered for a moment before his left hand formed a seal and a restriction appeared. His body gradually became hidden and not the slightest bit of his aura leaked out.

The surrounding void returned to being peaceful.

Wang Lin's body appeared on the fragment like lightning. The moment he appeared, his divine sense spread out. Behind him was not the void but a screen of restrictions. It was precisely these restrictions that separated this place from the rest of the Celestial Realm and made it a forbidden ground for the four great families.

The moment his divine sense spread out, he locked onto the pavilion at the center. At this moment, one of the four people on the pavilion opened his eyes. He coldly looked into the distance and then disappeared.

Wang Lin moved extremely fast and charged directly at the pavilion. There was a ripple of origin energy before him and then a person walked out. He was middle-aged and wore a black robe. His face was cold, and as soon as he appeared, his hand formed a seal and he pressed down.

"I have been watching you for a long time. Trespassing on forbidden grounds, die!"

His right hand flickered and a powerful impact rushed over. Wang Lin immediately retreated and waved his right hand. The collision of the their origin energy caused a loud rumble that spread across the fragment.

The black-robed man's eyes were cold. He had long since noticed that Wang Lin's cultivation level was the same as his, Corporeal Yang. At this moment, he stepped forward while his right hand formed a seal and he muttered something. A powerful force suddenly descended from the sky.

Shortly after, a ray of celestial thunder suddenly appeared in the sky and descended toward Wang Lin.

"This is the Thunder Celestial Realm, and the Collection Pavilion belongs to the celestial Realm. Why can your four great families come but I can't!?" Wang Lin let out a cold snort and charged out. The celestial thunder was descending from the sky, but Wang Lin didn't dodge at all. His origin soul came out and devoured the celestial thunder.

Thunder immediately covered his body, making him look very shocking.

The black-robed man was startled and his expression became gloomy. He obviously didn't think Wang Lin could directly devour celestial thunder. Just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he opened his mouth and spat out a grain of sand. This grain of sand immediately grew into the fragment stamp. It gave off a powerful pressure as it pressed down on the black-robed man.

"Because you're not qualified!" While the black-robed man sneered, he raised his hand and formed a seal. However, his expression changed immediately as his spell had no effect on the descending fragment stamp.

The fragment stamp suddenly smashed down with astonishing momentum. The pressure it gave actually made it so the black-robed man couldn't dodge. At this instant, the fragment smashed down.

The black-robed man's eyes revealed shock as he bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a large amount of blood. His body gave off a blood-colored glow, and just as the fragment stamp smashed down, he charged out of the pressure. He reappeared 1,000 feet away.

Just as he reappeared, his face became pale. He revealed a vicious gaze before turning around and leaving without a word.

Wang Lin raised his right hand to grab the stamp and gave chase.

The two of them charged toward the pavilion at the center one after the other.

The black-robed man flew next to the pavilion and quickly shouted, "Still not going to act!?"

The other three people on the pavilion opened their eyes. In a flash, they appeared next to the black-robed man and coldly looked at the incoming Wang Lin.

The remaining three people were at the Corporeal Yang stage. Right now four Corporeal Yang cultivators were standing there, and their powerful auras were locked on to Wang Lin.

A thick killing intent spread out.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he slowly said, "The Collection Pavilion doesn't belong to your four families. Let me pass and we don't have to fight. If not, even if I lose, half of you will die!"

One of them coldly said, "Unless you're at the Nirvana Scryer stage, outsiders are not qualified to enter the pavilion!" They had naturally seen Wang Lin's cultivation level, and that scene just now shocked them greatly. However, with the four of them together, they weren't worried about Wang Lin. 

At this moment, the black-robed man's aura stabilized. He let out a cold snort before he stepped out and slapped his bag of holding. A red flying sword immediately flew out, and with a point of his finger, it flew toward Wang Lin.

The remaining three also rushed out. One of them formed a seal that created a gust of wind, and suddenly a tornado appeared. The remaining two looked at each other and then they each formed a seal. 

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he immediately retreated. Then he raised his right hand and the fragment stamp mercilessly smashed down. Two of the cultivators used a spell and formed a yin and yang pattern. The pattern rotated, gave off a mysterious energy, and charged toward Wang Lin.

The two that made the yin and yang pattern immediately flew into the air. With a point of their fingers, the yin and yang pattern confronted the fragment. The two of them also activated more spells, preventing the fragment from descending.

As for the other two people, they moved toward Wang Lin like lighting, with spells and magical treasures in hand. They were filled with killing intent.

As Wang Lin retreated, every step caused a large amount of ripples as if his body was merging with the world. After retreating many steps, he suddenly stopped and took a step forward.

With this step, Wang Lin's body disappeared without a trace, and when he reappeared, he was behind the black-robed man. The black-robed man was shocked. He suddenly turned around and the red sword flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he pointed forward and shouted, "Stop!"

In an instant, that black-robed man and the flying sword all froze. Wang Lin ignored the flying sword and stepped forth without any hesitation. He arrived before the black-robed man, pointed between the black-robed man's eyebrows, and origin energy surged out.

The black-robed man's body immediately collapsed and his origin soul flew out. He panicked and was about to flee when the Karma Whip suddenly appeared. The whip lashed at the origin soul, causing the black-robed man to let out a miserable groan, and a large amount of origin energy was released.

Just at this moment, the other person rushed over with the huge tornado. It was obvious he wanted to obstruct Wang Lin's actions.

Wang Lin didn't even look at the person as the beast tattoo on the back of his right hand moved and materialized. It charged ferociously at the cultivator with the tornado.

At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion-soul soul flag came out. It turned into a large, black mist and attempted to swallow the black-robed man. The black-robed man was about to resist, but then he saw the Blood Ancestor's ferocious origin soul flickering inside the flag. The familiar face shocked him and caused him to lose focus. The consequence was him being surrounded by the black fog.

All of this was done neat and clean. After collecting the black-robed man's origin soul, Wang Lin waved his sleeves and the black mist surrounded the area. He stared at the remaining three and grimly said, "I want to enter the Collection Pavilion!"

The minds of the two that were resisting against the fragment stamp trembled. Before they had time to speak, they heard another cry. They saw the cultivator who used the tornado quickly retreat. The beast bone gave off a ghostly light as it released an unimaginably monstrous and evil aura that filled the world.

At this moment, this evil aura was very powerful and had already reached its peak. Even though Wang Lin was its owner, he still felt shocked by it. That evil aura was simply too strong.

If Wang Lin was like this, there was no need to talk about the other three people. The moment the evil aura appeared, it disappeared without a trace. However, the tornado spell used by that cultivator turned into a stone statue.

When the beast bone's gaze land on him, the cultivator's expression turned pale and he immediately retreated. However, just at this moment, that rich, evil aura appeared once more.

The cultivator's eyes filled with panic and his right hand immediately turned grey. The grey spread like crazy, and at the moment of crisis, he didn't hesitate to lift his left hand and directly cut off his right hand. Disregarding the blood spraying everywhere, he retreated to more than 10,000 feet away and immediate sat down in the lotus position.

Even though he had cut of his own arm, the grey didn't disappear and instead spread from his left hand. His eyes were filled with despair and he clenched his teeth. At the moment the grey had almost completely covered his whole body, his origin soul flew out, abandoning his body.

At the moment his origin soul flew out, his entire body turned a stone statue without a hint of vitality. In the air, the only thing that remained was his weakened origin soul.

The surroundings were completely quiet...

"I'm going to ask you four: am I qualified?" Wang Lin's gaze fell on the two cultivators that were resisting the stamp, and his voice was ice-cold.

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