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Chapter 780 - Zhan Konglie

"Ji Realm! What kind of person is sealed inside that five-colored vortex? How could that person have the Ji Realm!?" While flying through the void, Wang Lin was unable to calm down.

Although he looked calm, there were huge waves setting off in his heart.

"The peak of the Ji Realm is the Nascent Soul stage. The person I met was someone from the planet Five Elements. That person had the Ji realm and said it was a gift from a dead friend. In addition to him, this is the second time I encountered the Ji Realm!" Wang Lin began to ponder as he passed by many fragments through the void toward the center of the celestial realm.

"Could it be… Is there really a way to make the Ji Realm evolve…" Wang Lin's heart skipped a beat and his mouth even dried up. That few hundreds years of having the Ji Realm allowed him to have a profound understand of that incredible power.

"Ji, Dao, Shi…" Wang Lin began to ponder. He knew too little, so he wasn't able to analyze it all. He let out a sigh and no longer thought about this and focused his mind on the Collection Pavilion.

Flying through the void should've been a very boring affair. After all, the void was very large and most of the cultivators spent most of their time on the fragments. They only passed through it when going from one fragment to another. However, over the half month Wang Lin and Li Yuan were moving through the void, they saw many rays of light near and far.

At first Wang Lin didn't pay too much attention, but after one month of moving forward, they gradually saw even more cultivators.

Most of these cultivators were at the Ascendant stage, and occasionally there would be an Illusory Yin cultivator.

They were either by themselves, in groups of two or three, or together with their family members as they quickly passed by. This phenomenon attracted Wang Lin and Li Yuan's attention.

The cultivators all had various expressions, but the slight excitement in their eyes was strikingly similar.

These cultivators moving around also saw Wang Lin and Li Yuan. When some of them recognized that Wang Lin's cultivation level was beyond Ascendant, theirs eyes showed vigilance and they all went around them, not wanting to cause trouble.

"Brother Xu, something is wrong. Could some big event have happened!?" Li Yuan began to ponder. He had seen too many cultivators along the way.

This was a very unusual event in the void!

Moreover, as the two continued to head toward the center, they saw even more cultivators. It was as if all the cultivators in the Thunder Celestial Realm were gathering on one fragment.

"They're not heading to the same location!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "It is four directions!"

"What exactly happened…"  Li Yuan frowned as he looked at the cultivators flying by.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He didn't say anymore but took Li Yuan and flew even faster.

Just at this moment, more than 10 rays of sword energy flew by in the distant void. Rich origin energy came from these rays of sword energy, causing all of the surrounding cultivators to not dare block their path.

The 10 rays of sword energy gave off a dominating pressure as they swept across the area. Even the families with a high number of cultivators immediately backed away when they saw those 10 rays of sword energy.

There's no need to mention the solo cultivators. The moment they saw the rays of sword energy, they immediately stopped and didn't dare to get in their way.

In an instant, almost all of the cultivators before Wang Lin looked at the 10 rays of sword energy and then rapidly made way.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he silently looked at the more than 10 rays of sword energy.

These rays of sword energy didn't stop and directly flew off into the void. However, just as they were about to disappear, one of them suddenly turned and flew toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, all of the sword energy rays stopped, turning into various male and female cultivators. All of them had cultivation levels beyond Ascendant. Most of them were at the Illusory Yin stage and only a few were at the Corporeal Yang stage.

After revealing their figures, they all looked at the ray of sword energy flying toward Wang Lin, and their eyes were filled with doubt.

Not only them, but the surrounding cultivators all looked at the ray of sword energy and followed its movements.

Li Yuan's expression changed slightly as he raised his left hand and prepared a restriction.

Only Wang Lin's expression was still extremely calm as he slightly nodded toward the ray of sword energy flying over.

The ray of sword energy stopped 200 feet from Wang Lin. The light dissipated and revealed a person about 30 years old. His face was white without any facial hair and was slightly handsome. However, his pair of phoenix eyes made everything uncoordinated, because they gave off a feminine feeling.

He was wearing a golden purple robe and stood upright. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin and his attitude was extremely respectful as he said, "Junior Zhan Konglie greets Senior!" 

The moment he spoke, everyone who heard it was startled and all of their gazes fell on Wang Lin.

At this moment, although there weren't many cultivators here, it wasn't any better than tens of thousands of people watching. The gathering of all those gazes didn't cause Wang Lin's expression to change at all; he was still as calm as water.

Zhan Konglie was very famous, so some of the cultivators around naturally recognized him, even those that didn't feel the powerful origin energy coming from him. Then, after hearing his words, they immediately recognized him as Zhan Konglie from the southern domain.

"Who's is this person? His cultivation level seems similar to Zhan Konglie's. How could he be called 'senior' by the famous Zhan Konglie of the southern domain!?"

"I heard Zhan Konglie has already become a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. To be called 'senior' by him, could this person be an elder from the Thunder Celestial Temple?"

Various thoughts appeared in the surrounding cultivators' hearts.

In particular, those more than 10 people who were with Zhan Konglie all looked at Wang Lin with an incredible gazes. They were each the most talented people in their families, and when Zhan Konglie suddenly changed directions, he didn't say anything to them. Now that they heard Zhan Konglie refer to him as 'senior', it made them all curious.

It has to be said that Zhan Konglie had one of the highest cultivation levels among them. They also knew that he was an extremely arrogant person. This wasn't an arrogance shown only on the outside, it came from deep within him.

Even the elders in his family were often not given respect. It was extremely rare for him to be willingly respectful and call someone 'senior.'

Zhang Konglie was extremely respectful, and this came from the bottom of his heart and was completely honest. When he saw Wang Lin, he naturally saw Wang Lin's Corporeal Yang cultivation and felt melancholy.

"He is indeed worthy of being a senior. Back then when he suppressed his cultivation to the Ascendant stage, I could not see him hiding his cultivation level at all. Now he has suppressed his cultivation level to the Corporeal Yang stage and I still can't see him hiding his cultivation at all."  The respect in Zhang Konglie's eyes became even stronger.

After he left back then, he was very melancholy and was extremely envious of Shengong Hu. After he returned home, he was hesitant and wondered if he should have done the same as Shengong Hu and seized that golden opportunity.

With this thought in mind, when he heard that Shengong Hu was punished by his family and abandoned by the Thunder Celestial Temple, he felt extremely complex. If he hadn't experienced the matter before, he would have laughed out loud and gloated over Shengong Hu.

However, after experiencing the matter at the thunder lake, he agreed with Shengong Hu and even felt sadness. In his heart, he even admired Shengong Hu.

Li Yuan stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin and his mind turned blank. He knew of the name Zhang Konglie. Among the younger generation, Zhan Konglie, Shengong Hu, and Tan Yanfeng were considered the three geniuses of the southern domain.

They were all geniuses that had reached the Corporeal Yang stage in a short period of time.

However, r Zhan Konglie had just called Xu Mu 'senior', and this made Li Yuan's mind go blank.

Wang Lin frowned at Zhan Konglie and asked, "Where are you going in such haste?"

When Zhan Konglie saw Wang Lin frown, his heart trembled. He became even more respectful and quickly said, "Four fragments of the Thunder Celestial Temple gave off powerful celestial spiritual energy fluctuations. However, the locations are sealed by restrictions that can't be opened within a short period of time. However, it is obvious that once the restrictions are broken, great treasures will appear. After Junior found out about this, I decided to go over there to check it out."

Wang Lin looked at his surroundings. It was obvious that the surrounding cultivators had all found out about this through various methods. That was why this had happened.

"Protected by restrictions…" Wang Lin's eyes narrowed, and after a moment of hesitation, he waved his hand. "Since that is the case, I hope you have some harvest!"

Zhan Konglie hesitated and respectfully said, "Junior isn't confident. I don't know if Senior has time…. Also, Junior and Brother Shengong Hu have agreed to meet on the left fragment to join forces to take the treasure!"

Wang Lin frowned harder and said, "I have other important matters! If I have time, I'll go and see."

Zhan Konglie immediately nodded and and revealed a look of excitement. Aside from Wang Lin, only a limited few from his family and the Thunder Celestial Temple could made him show such an expression.

Zhang Konglie thought, "Since Senior said this, then I'm confident in obtaining the treasure this time!" He respectfully said his farewells before he returned to the group of cultivators and flew ahead.

His fellow cultivators all looked at him with doubt and followed him. It wasn't until they were far away that one of the women in white couldn't help but softly ask, "Big Brother Zhan, who was that person?"

Zhan Konglie faintly smiled. His eyes were still filled with respect as he said, "That was a powerful senior. To be able to meet him was my good luck!"

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