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Chapter 779 - Ji Realm Reappears!

Wang Lin stopped. He silently stared at the eye that appeared inside the vortex.

"Let your friend release that celestial restriction and I'll teach you a celestial spell!"

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and slowly asked, "Who are you?"

The voice didn't answer Wang Lin's question. Instead, it slowly said, "Do you want to learn or not?"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he grabbed Li Yuan and quickly retreated. It wasn't that Wang Lin wasn't moved by the offer of the voice in his mind, but he was a cautious person. Things like this were never as simple as they appeared.

Moreover, even if he really learned the celestial spell, given Wang Lin's personality, he wouldn't make the same mistake after the ordeal with the Celestial Slaughter Art.

"Only celestial spells I find myself can be learned. I'll never learn those that others give me!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with determination. Origin energy filled his body as he quickly left with Li Yuan while watching the eye.

Not long after Wang Lin left, the vortex began to rotate once more. The eye at the center gloomily gazed at where Wang Lin retreated and slowly shrank back.

"I don't like cautious people…" A ray of red lightning shot out from the eye.

In the end, the eye disappeared back into the vortex and everything returned to normal. Only the red lightning still remained. It chased after Wang Lin inside the tunnel.

Wang Lin moved extremely fast as he returned to the dark hole with Li Yuan in hand. He pointed at Li Yuan's chest several times before Li Yuan opened his eyes. At first, Li Yuan's eyes were filled with confusion, but soon it was replaced with clarity.

"Many thanks, Brother Xu. I was attracted by the strange force inside the vortex." Li Yuan pondered for a bit and realized why he had acted so abnormally.

"This place is too strange; it is best we leave now!" Wang Lin looked at the passage behind him and frowned.

Li Yuan nodded and didn't inquire more. His left hand formed a seal and placed a restriction on the exit.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's expression changed and both of his hands formed a seal. Thunder surged out from his origin soul and condensed in his hand. Wang Lin pushed his hand forward and he used the thunder to completely block the tunnel.

At this moment, there was a flash of red lightning and all of the thunder disintegrated. The red lightning charged directly at Wang Lin, causing his expression to change greatly. There was a very familiar feeling coming from inside the red lightning. This feeling came from his soul and caused his pupils to contract. 

"This is… Ji Realm!"

He retreated without thinking, and as he retreated, he merged with the surroundings. The red lightning charged directly into Wang Lin's body.

At the same time, the formation at the entrance opened. Wang Lin grabbed Li Yuan and directly flew out. There wasn't even time to close the entrance as they disappeared into the void.

Wang Lin and Li Yuan appeared more than 30,000 kilometers away on the same fragment. Wang Lin's body trembled and his face turned pale. He then opened his mouth to spit out a grain of sand. The sand immediately grew and a giant stamp appeared above them, giving off waves of pressure.

Wang Lin immediately sat down in the lotus position and raised his right hand. The beast bone appeared. It started circling around Wang Lin and gave off a demonic glow.

"Brother Li, protect me!" After Wang Lin finished speaking, he immediately closed his eyes. His hands formed a seal each and he placed them on his knees. Origin energy surged like crazy into his divine sense.

Li Yuan's expression was serious as he slapped his bag of holding and immediately took out the nine celestial swords. After scattering them, he looked at Wang Lin. Although he didn't know what had happened to Wang Lin, he had never seen Wang Lin so serious after reuniting with him.

Li Yuan pondered, "What kind of spell is that red light?!"

The red lightning raged inside Wang Lin's origin soul, and it was filled with killing intent. However, before it could explode, it was immediately surrounded by layer after layer of Wang Lin's dense origin energy.

This prevented the red lightning from being able to display its full power. However, this was the Ji Realm, and it was simply too powerful. Although it was surrounded by origin energy, the origin energy was rapidly disintegrating from the inside. It was obvious that the origin energy would soon become ineffective.

It was because Wang Lin was extremely familiar with the Ji Realm that he didn't panic and continued to layer more origin energy over it. Because of his prior experience with the Ji Realm, his origin soul was not completely defenseless against the Ji Realm.

After all, he used to be an owner of the Ji Realm!

As a result, this red lighting didn't immediately erase his origin soul and gave him a chance to resist. If it was someone else, even if their cultivation level was higher than Wang Lin's, they would without a doubt die!

It was fortunate that there was a large amount of origin energy inside Wang Lin's body that he hadn't absorbed, so he wasn't lacking in origin energy. With great perseverance, he constantly wrapped more origin energy around the red lightning until it matched the speed at which the origin energy was disintegrating.

While Wang Lin was confronting the Ji Realm, at the dark hole tens of thousands of kilometers away, one of the cultivators carefully approached the dark hole with hesitation.

This was one of the cultivators that was watching Wang Lin. He didn't leave but wandered around the area. He hoped that maybe, after Xu Mu left, he could find a treasure Xu Mu didn't fancy but could be of use to him.

He saw Wang Lin and Li Yuan charge out from far away. After hesitating for a long time, he slowly closed in. He stared at the hole and then clenched his teeth before carefully entering the dark hole.

Severals hours later, he came to the end of the tunnel. When he saw the vortex, he was startled. The next moment, his eyes were filled with a mysterious light and he slowly approached the vortex.

Just at this moment, the eye appeared once more at the center of the vortex.

"Come closer, come…. Come…" The eerie voice echoed inside the mind of the cultivator. As he closed in, he completely lost himself.

After a long time, a muffled sound came from inside the tunnel. The cultivator exploded his origin soul next to the vortex.

None of his flesh and blood scattered, it was all absorbed by the vortex. All traces of him disappeared without a trace.

The vortex showed signs of collapse after absorbing the flesh and blood and suffering the explosion. Cracks appeared on the seal in the vortex, and after a long time, more and more cracks appeared before it completely collapsed.

A red light shot out from the vortex and immediately covered the entire tunnel. The tunnel immediately shrank to a rune countless times smaller and was inhaled into the vortex.

Then the vortex slowly disappeared.

"Of the nine great seals, five of them have been broken over the years. With my strength now, I can finally activate the remaining four to lure people in to break them…"

There was a hint of joy in that eerie voice as it slowly dissipated.

At the same time, among the countless fragments across the Thunder Celestial Realm, powerful celestial spiritual energy fluctuations came from four fragments. These fluctuations gradually caused cultivators to gather toward those spots.

However, there were seals blocking the entrances. Unless there was a restriction grandmaster like Li Yuan, it would take some time to open them.

When Wang Lin opened his eyes, his body was soaked with sweat. His expression was pale as he sucked in a breath of air and pressed his right hand on the ground. At this moment, he needed but a thought to force that red lightning outside his body.

But his eyes lit up and he withdrew his right hand.

"If I simply expelled the Ji Realm, it would be such a pity. It's better to keep it with me because perhaps it can save my life at a key moment!" Wang Lin pondered a bit and looked at his origin soul. The trace of Ji Realm would cause him to lose a lot of origin energy to keep it under control.

But compared to the origin energy, the value of this Ji Realm was too great. Wang Lin's heart skipped a beat as he silently pondered for a bit and made a decision.

He stood up and withdrew his treasure. Just at this moment, he felt a tremble from the ground. This tremble came from the tunnel tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Li Yuan saw that Wang Lin had recovered, but before he could ask any questions, he also felt the tremble. The two of them didn't speak and immediately flew away.

"Brother Xu, inside that tunnel…" While flying, Li Yuan looked back.

Wang Lin said, "Don't mention that anymore. It is better to leave this place as soon as possible!" He moved even faster until he and Li Yuan arrived at the edge of the fragment and charged into the void.

In the void, Wang Lin looked ahead and said, "Brother Li, I'm going to a place called the Collection Pavilion! If there are any restrictions there, I hope Brother Li can help!"

Comparing to looking for celestial palaces to explore, it was better to go to the Collection Pavilion from the Yao family member's memories. There were definitely celestial spells there!

Li Yuan nodded and said, "I'll do my best to help!" He didn't know why, but after what happened in the tunnel, he had a lingering sense of fear, as if something big was about to happen.

This feeling was very vague, but it was like a thorn had stabbed into his heart and wouldn't go away.

Wang Lin calmly said, "Many thanks!" Thinking about where the pavilion was, Wang Lin turned around. Origin energy spread out and wrapped around Li Yuan. Wang Lin took Li Yuan and flew through the void.

Wang Lin thought deep inside his heart, "From the old man's memories, the fragment housing the pavilion is sealed by the four great families. If someone is not from the four great families, they can't enter. I hope Li Yuan can break the seal!"

With Wang Lin's origin energy, the two of them turned into a ray of light and flashed through the void. They didn't go to any other fragments but closed in on the fragment at the center of Celestial Realm.

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