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Chapter 776 - 10,000 Feet Forbidden Area, Trespassers Will Die!

There was a person standing on the sword energy. He was wearing a large, yellow robe that blew in the wind and looked quite elegant. At this level of cultivation, someone's outer appearance no longer reflected their age. He looked about 30 years old and had an ordinary face. However, his narrow eyes revealed a flash of coldness.

Rich origin energy came from inside his body. It was obvious he had reached the peak of the Illusory Yin stage. As he closed in, the people before him immediately scattered and didn't dare to obstruct him.

He was coming closer and closer to the 10,000 feet area. It wasn't that he didn't see the ring of dust or didn't know the meaning, but his speed didn't slow down at all as he charged into the 10,000 feet area.

The origin energy from him charging in caused the dust to be blown backwards.

These scene caused all the surrounding cultivators to pay attention. As far as they knew, Wang Lin was a powerful cultivator and that yellow-robed young man was also a powerful cultivator. These two would definitely fight because of the dark hole on the celestial formation.

This kind of battle was not common. There were even cultivators holding on to the idea of the two of them seriously injuring each other so they could gain the benefits.

Li Yuan's expression changed slightly. While he was anxious, Wang Lin's calm voice entered his ears. "Brother Li, go down first!"

Li Yuan didn't speak and directly went into the dark hole. The moment he entered, the yellow-robed young man closed in.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he raised his right hand and waved at the void. A bolt of purple thunder instantly appeared. The moment the purple thunder appeared, a purple mist appeared around it. The bolt of purple thunder shot toward the young man in yellow robes along with the purple mist.

The young man's pupils immediately shrank. It wasn't that he didn't see Wang Lin, but because his status in his family was special and his family members were close behind him, he didn't pay much attention to Wang Lin.

He let out a laugh as his hand formed a claw and five strands of black gas appeared and shot toward the thunder. The five strand of black gas immediately surrounded the thunder.

"Devour!" As the yellow-robed young man shouted, the five black gas strands immediately turned into five black dragons and devoured the thunder. In the blink of an eye, the thunder was devoured and returned to the young man's side.

As the five black dragons circled the young man, they immediately began to grow. In the blink of an eye, they turned into 500-feet-long dragons. As a result, the young man's aura suddenly increased.

The yellow-robed young man slowly said, "Fellow cultivator's attack is pretty good. Please wait a moment for I, Tang Yanyun, wish to explore the hole the celestial left behind. How about it?" It was already extremely difficult for the young man to say something like this. If it wasn't for the fact that Wang Lin's cultivation level was higher than his and could be compared to his brother's, who was at the Corporeal Yang stage, he wouldn't have said this.

The moment he said that, the expressions of the cultivators nearby changed. One of them exclaimed, "Tang family!! Could it be the Southern Domain's Tang family!?"

At this moment, all of the cultivators seemed to realize something.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the person and calmly said, "You're not qualified!"

Tang Yanyun was startled. He had thought about how the other party would refuse and how his expression would change after hearing he was from the Tang family. However, he could have never imagined that this person would be so arrogant.

His expression turned gloomy and he laughed. "If that's the case, then I won't disturb you." With that, he began to retreat and thought, "This person's cultivation level is higher than mine. I'll back off now and wait for my brother to come. It won't be too late to act then."

Although his Tang family wasn't one that had an inheritance from the Celestial Realm, it was still not small. Many of them had come to the Thunder Celestial Realm this time, and rather than separating, they stuck together. He was only here to scout the situation.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he took a step forward. With one step, the surrounding 10,000 feet area was filled with rich origin energy. His speed wasn't fast, but he calmly walked toward Tang Yanyun step by step.

Tang Yanyun's expression became grim and he immediately backed up. At this moment, Wang Lin opened his mouth and calmly said, "My thunder is not something you're qualified to devour!"

At the moment he spoke, the black dragons next to Tang Yanyun immediately let out painful roars. Thunder filled their bodies and explosions came from inside them.

In an instant, one of the black dragons exploded. Following that were four more explosions as the remaining four black dragons also exploded.

Under the impact of the powerful force, Tang Yanyun's expression changed greatly. Both of his hands formed a seal and a black dragon mark appeared between his eyebrows. A strand of black gas came out from his body and surrounded him, only by doing this was he able to protect himself from the impact.

As he sucked in a breath of cold air and cold sweat came from his forehead, anger swelled up in his heart. He felt like he hadn't shown any hostility, and it was unlikely for the other party to have detected his thoughts.

However, before he had time to ask, Wang Lin's eyes became cold. Wang Lin raised his right hand and the Beast Bone Tattoo on the back of his hand began to move. It moved along Wang Lin's finger and shot out.

In an instant, a giant Beast Bone Tattoo appeared before Wang Lin and its four horns gave off a cold aura. The moment it appeared, it shot toward Tang Yanyun.

Tang Yanyun retreated with a gloomy expression and the black dragon flashed once more between his eyebrows and black mist appeared. This time, even more origin energy came out and then the entire black mark flew out from between his eyebrows. It turned into a black dragon before it opened its mouth and mercilessly attempted to devour the beast's bone.

This black dragon was about 1,000 feet large and gave off a natural pressure the moment it appeared. It was covered in numerous dragon scales that had runes painted on them.

It was as if was trying to devour the world, and endless origin energy fluctuations came from the black dragon.

"Origin dragon, devour!" After Yang Yanyun shouted, he retreated without stopping.

However, just as the black dragon attempted to devour, two ghostly flames appeared in the two eye sockets of the beast bone. The moment they appeared, it was as if the beast bone was alive and an evil aura suddenly appeared. This evil aura was too strong, but it only appeared for an instant before disappearing without a trace.

All of this happened too quickly. The moment the evil aura dissipated, the black dragon's eyes suddenly opened wide as if it was filled with terror. Its huge body froze and a grey color began to spread from its tail. In almost an instant, its entire body was grey.

This grey was the color of stone!

This black dragon formed by a spell became a stone statue in an instant. Even the origin energy around it was turned into stone!

The black dragon fell from the sky and smashed into the ground with a bang.

This scene seemed to cause everything to stop. All of the surrounded people couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air and were dumbfounded!

"This… What kind of treasure is this…" Tang Yanyun stared at the fragments of the stone statue with eyes filled with terror.

The hearts of the cultivators 10,000 feet away pounded like crazy as they couldn't believe what they had just witnessed. Fear swept through their hearts like a storm. The 10,000 feet area was like a primal beast that made them not dare to even take half a step inside.

All these first step cultivators couldn't help but take a step back. It was as if the distance of 10,000 feet wasn't far enough, and they were afraid they would be affected.

Those cultivators with thoughts of benefiting when the two seriously injured themselves were covered in cold sweat and gave up on the idea.

In particular, the Zhao family brothers secretly felt glad they didn't enter, because if they had, they would have died. These 10,000 feet were no longer mere distance but a forbidden zone of death!

At this moment, these cultivators clearly remembered Wang Lin's appearance. Wang Lin was now deeply rooted in their minds.

Wang Lin took a step forward and raised his right hand. He immediately withdrew the beast bone and it turned back into a tattoo on the back of his right hand. His speed didn't reduce as he took one step and appeared before Tang Yanyun. His two fingers were filled with origin energy and he was about to press them down.

Tang Yanyun's body trembled and his eyes were filled with aghast. He attempted to escape without any hesitation, but Wang Lin let out a cold snort. The dense origin energy immediately squeezed and made all types of instant movement impossible.

This spell was something Wang Lin had invented. By using the pressure of origin energy, he could make all instant movement spells useless.

His fingers landed directly between Tang Yanyun's eyebrows. At this moment, several rays of light came from the distance and a roar came from inside one of the rays of light.

"Kill him and you will be buried with him!"

Wang Lin slightly frowned as his finger landed and origin energy rushed into Tang Yanyun's body, causing it to immediately collapse. It was turned into a mist of blood, and even his origin soul collapsed.

"Any trespasser within 10,000 feet will die!" Wang Lin turned around and walked into the dark hole.

The 10,000 feet area was his forbidden area. As long as he was here, no one could enter! The Wang Lin of now was qualified to say such words!

At this moment, Li Yuan's exclamation came from inside the dark hole before his figure quickly shot out from inside. After he appeared, he looked at the shattered black dragon statue before he looked at Wang Lin and sent a divine sense message. "Brother Xu, I have collected all the treasures inside. I also found a secret passage, but I don't know where it goes!"

The rays of light in the sky landed, revealing four figures. There were males and females among them. One of the was very handsome, but his lips were a bit thin and his eyes were gloomy.

If Shengong Hu was here, he would immediately recognize him as Tang Yanfeng, the one who mocked Shengong Hu at the gate to the Celestial Realm!

"10,000 feet forbidden area? Who do you think you are?" One of the middle-aged men next to Tang Yanfeng sneered and stepped into the 10,000 feet forbidden area! One of the youths behind him, who had an arrogant expression, also stepped into the 10,000 feet area.

Wang Lin's gaze was calm as he turned around and looked at the middle-aged man.

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