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Chapter 777 - My Name is Xu Mu

Li Yuan's eyes lit up and he retreated a few step back into the dark hole. His left hand formed a seal and then pointed between his eyebrows. Black lines immediately flew out, turned into restrictions, and landed around him.

His cultivation level wasn't high enough to directly help, but give him enough time to place restrictions and he could ensure no one outside could get in within a short period of time.

As a result, he was able to open a path of retreat for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's gaze wasn't the same as the one he looked at Shengong Hu with when he saw a hint of the third step. However, his gaze was filled with confidence because of his cultivation level, sealing the Blood Ancestor, and killing two Illusory Yin cultivators. This was a gaze that seemed to contain everything.

The middle-aged man sneered. When Wang Lin looked over, not only did he not stop, he took another step. This step crossed dozens of feet and he headed directly for Wang Lin.

"What a joke, there is actually someone in the Thunder Celestial Realm who dares to threaten people with a 10,000 feet forbidden area!" However, just as he spoke, he suddenly stopped because he saw Wang Lin's gaze.

This gaze was filled with a cold calmness. It was as if this gaze was looking at a dead person.

However, it was very different for the middle-aged man. His body suddenly stopped. It was as if everything around him had suddenly disappeared and this gaze was the only thing left.

There was no killing intent inside that gaze, only calmness. However, that calmness caused the middle-aged man's mind to tremble. All of the origin energy inside his body activated like crazy as if that was the only way to counter the sense of crisis coming from that gaze.

Cold sweat came from his forehead. The moment that gaze landed on him, he immediately felt like he was completely seen through. It was as if he was naked.

This kind of feeling was extremely strong. In the end, he felt as if his skin had disappeared and his internal organs and origin soul were exposed before this gaze.

In addition, as this feeling got stronger and stronger, he felt as if his origin soul was undergoing a radical change. It was as if his soul was being wiped from his origin soul and it was now just a mass of origin energy.

He never had this kind of feeling ever since he became a cultivator. It was as if his body and origin soul were disappearing layer by layer. In the end, he even had the illusion that he couldn't even feel his own existence.

A mouthful of blood came up his chest, his face was filled with a sickly red, and he immediately coughed out a large mouthful of blood. This caused his eyes to regain clarity, but there was fear within those eyes.

Only a short period of time had passed from when Wang Lin looked over and when the middle-aged man cough out blood. It happened so fast that no one saw what had really happened.

At the moment the middle-aged man coughed out blood, Wang Lin moved. He calmly took a silently step, but the middle aged man's expression immediately changed and he began retreating without any hesitation.

He didn't know why, but he felt like Wang Lin's step had landed on his origin soul. This kind of feeling shook his mind greatly. He dared to step forward before because they had four people and Tang Yanfeng was there, so he wasn't afraid. However, right now he felt like he was facing a powerful Corporeal Yang cultivator by himself.

It was as if he would without a doubt die if he didn't retreat.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. After he took one step, he lifted his feet and took 10 more steps toward the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man's expression paled. He felt like every one of those steps were like thunder, and his mind was about to collapse.

His retreat was almost not within his control; he was subconsciously retreating non-stop.

He could even feel his heartbeat become faster and more intense each time Wang Lin's foot landed. He felt like his heart was already filled with cracks.

After 10 steps, Wang Lin paused, raised his foot, and landed as he coldly looked at the middle-aged man. When that step landed, the middle-aged man coughed out a large mouthful of blood and he quickly retreated as if he had gone crazy.

He didn't even realize that he had already retreated past the 10,000 feet forbidden area set by Wang Lin. When Wang Lin's last step landed, his heartbeat had reached its limit.

Thump thump, thump thump, bang...

His heart collapsed. The origin energy inside his body went out of control inside his body and directly tore apart his origin soul.

The surroundings were completely silent. Tang Yanfeng's eyes became extremely cautious. Ever since he had started cultivating, extremely few people at his level made him cautious.

Not only was he cautious, but he was very shocked. Even though it would be easy for him to kill the middle-aged man, to do so with just a glace and 10 steps was difficult. This spell made him suck in a breath of cold air.

With his insight, he had naturally seen that the middle-aged man's death had to do with origin energy. The other party's control of origin energy was ingenious. He had used the surrounding origin energy to squeeze in, create pressure, and eventually crush the heart of the middle-aged man.

The woman beside him also had a gloomy expression. The 10,000 feet forbidden area was right before her, but she didn't dare to step forward.

It was as if this 10,000 feet forbidden area was a real land of death!

Wang Lin's gaze withdrew from the middle-aged man and switched to the youth that had come into the forbidden area right after the middle-aged man.

The youth's expression became pale. He was even weaker than the middle-aged man. He had just entered the Illusory Yin stage and his cultivation hadn't stabilized yet. When he saw Wang Lin's gaze, he retreated out of the 10,000 feet area without any hesitation and said, "Senior, please don't blame me. Junior knows he did wrong. From now on, Junior won't even take half a step into the area. If I violate the promise, then punish me like the man before!!"

As he spoke, he raised left hand and his origin energy activated. His pinky immediately exploded into a mist of blood.

Wang Lin looked at the youth and withdrew his gaze.

The youth let out a breath of relief and his heart pounded like crazy. Compared to his pinky, his life was more important. The excitement he had from entering the Illusory Yin stage had all disappeared. In his heart, he reminded himself that he had to be cautious in the future!

Wang Lin didn't look at the rest of the people outside the 10,000 feet area. He turned around and walked toward the dark hole Li Yuan was in.

Just at this moment, Tang Yanfeng suddenly said, "Fellow Cultivator, please leave your name!"

"Xu Mu!" Wang Lin's voice came from inside the dark hole. Then light came from the formation and completely sealed the entrance."

"Xu Mu… I'll remember this name!" Tang Yanfeng wanted to attack, but in the end he endured because he still didn't feel confident in winning...

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