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Chapter 775 - Dark Hole

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he looked at the broken tablet. He jumped forward and arrived before the tablet.

Li Yuan followed closely after and carefully looked at tablet before looking at the ruins. He then smiled. "Brother Xu, if I'm not wrong, this Celestial Welcoming Palace was once a trade spot for celestials."

Wang Lin nodded and calmly walked toward the ruins. Along the way, he could see many wreckages of various buildings. This palace was very big; it was almost the size of a mortal city.

The ruins were extremely quiet, with only the occasional wind that would blow through the broken buildings. The sound created by the wind sounded like someone was sobbing.

Small vortexes would form when the wind blew by, gently blowing away the dust.

It could be seen from the wreckage that there were many pavilions along the road, but right now they were heavily damaged. There were even remnants of restriction fluctuations coming from them.

After carefully searching the ruins, Wang Lin found nothing surprising. It was clear that people had already been here during the countless times the Thunder Celestial Realm had been open.

"The largest shop in these trade palaces are always to the east!" Li Yuan's eyes lit up and looked east.

The wreckage on the east side of the palace was even more severe. It was impossible to see the appearance of a shop anymore, as there was only one wall left.

Li Yuan walked very fast and quickly arrived next to the ruined building in the east. He squatted down, picked up some of the rubble, and carefully examine it as if he was calculating.

When Wang Lin calmly arrived, his divine sense spread out and found nothing.

Shortly after, Li Yuan's eyes narrowed. Then he pointed at a spot and said, "Brother Xu, attack this spot with spell!"

Wang Lin didn't waste time. He raised his hand and purple thunder shot out like a wild dragon toward the spot Li Yuan pointed at. The purple thunder landed with a bang and the earth trembled, causing the rubble to move.

A pattern without any fluctuations appeared on the ground. This seemed to be a formation that was carved into the ground.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light.

Li Yuan took a few steps forward and arrived next to the formation. After looking at it, he smiled. "Brother Xu, as far as I know, even the shops of celestials had hidden rooms. It seems this shop was not an exception."

Wang Lin nodded and said, "I believe the formation that manages this hidden room has been active for so long that all of the celestial spiritual energy has disappeared. This is why there were no fluctuations coming from it at all."

Li Yuan squatted down and wiped away a large amount of dust. After calculating a bit, he nodded. "That's correct. From the looks of this dust, it seems like no one has come here for a long time. It is as Brother Xu said, this formation has lost all of its celestial spiritual energy and became a dead formation."

He then explained, "A dead formation is like this: once the celestial spiritual energy is lost, it can't be opened anymore. However, I have a way of restoring it! Brother Xu, I need some time, so please wait a moment." With that, Li Yuan knelt down, bit his left finger, took a deep breath, and pressed his finger against the formation.

Origin energy came from his left hand. Blood also came out from the wound and entered the formation before it slowly spread.

Wang Lin calmly stood on the side and felt melancholy in his heart as he looked at the wreckage. The Thunder Celestial Realm must have been very prosperous; otherwise, it would've been impossible to form a trade shop of this size.

There were many shops inside this palace. Standing here, Wang Lin could imagine that countless years ago, celestials arrived on celestial treasures and celestial beasts and traded for their respective needs here like mortals.

The celestials from back then could have never imagined the Celestial Realm would collapse.

While silently pondering, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He remembered the huge handprint he saw in the Rain Celestial Realm! That handprint spell that could shatter the earth.

"Unfortunately, Li Yuan is unable to go to the Rain Celestial Realm. I wonder if he is able to reverse engineer that celestial spell."

As time slowly passed, Li Yuan's face gradually became paler. The blood from his left finger gradually spread across the formation. The formation was injected with energy and then a subtle ripple appeared.

Li Yuan's eyes lit up, then he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and a black line came out and landed on the formation. His hands quickly moved and were about to continue releasing restrictions.

However, just at the moment the black line touched the formation, a beam of light shot into the sky. The beam appeared almost instantaneously and could be clearly seen from far away.

Li Yuan was startled. Before he sent out the restrictions in his hand, they dissipated.

"How could this be… This is the first time the celestial formation was opened… It's the first opening…" As Li Yuan stared at the beam of light, his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Wang Lin turned slightly as he glanced at the beam of light. It appeared too abruptly without any warning, so there was no time to stop it. From Li Yuan's expression, it seemed like he was surprised as well.

Wang Lin calmly said, "Brother Li!"

Li Yuan took a deep breath. The beam of light dimmed and was going to disappear soon. Wang Lin's divine sense spread out and he immediately noticed something.

Suppressed celestial spiritual energy seemed to have burst out from the beam of light.

Li Yuan stared at the fading beam and said, "If the celestial formation was opened properly, this wouldn't have happened. However, this is the first time it has been opened, and the spirit of the formation needs to be released before it can be opened!"

"The first time?" Wang Lin's eyes narrowed.

"That is correct. This should be the first time this formation has been opened without the proper method… Once this beam is gone, we can go in and see what's inside!" Li Yuan stared at the formation and licked his lips.

Wang Lin nodded and his expression suddenly changed as he looked into the distance. He saw two rays of sword light coming from the distance, and they gave off powerful celestial spiritual energy fluctuations. They had obviously seen the beam of light and wanted to see what had happened.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and his right hand reached toward the ground. Large amounts of bricks flew up and then exploded into dust. Then Wang Lin scattered the dust in all directions.

In almost an instant, the dust formed a ring with a radius of 10,000 feet. It isolated the area within from the outside.

Wang Lin's eyes landed on the fading light beam and he calmly said, "Those who enter will die!"

Although his voice was soft, when it fell in those two's ears, it was like roaring thunder. Those two were at the mid stage of Ascendant, so their minds were shaken from the voice; even the sword lights under their feet became unstable. The two of them stopped outside the ring and didn't dare to take half a step inside.

The two of them looked at each with pale expressions before quickly putting away their swords. One of them respectfully said, "The two of us are juniors from the Zhao family of the western domain. We will obey senior's command and won't take a step inside."

The beam began to dissipate faster and faster. Li Yuan's eyes lit up as he stepped forward and came closer to the formation, waiting for the beam to completely dissipate. Even the two cultivators outside widened their eyes and looked carefully. They had never seen such a scene, but after pondering a bit, they guessed that at treasure had appeared here!

Although they didn't dare to go steal it, they couldn't let go of this opportunity to broaden their horizons.

It was because the discharge from spirit of the formation was too great that all the cultivators on this fragment saw it. The moment every cultivator saw this light, the first thought they had was that a treasure had appeared!

Almost all of the cultivators gathered toward this beam of light with that in mind. Those two from the Zhao family were already close, so they were the first to arrive.

Shortly after, several rays of light came from all directions. They all had varying cultivation levels, but none of them were at the Illusory Yin stage. Most of them were at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant.

When these people arrived, they immediately saw the ring made of dust. They stopped and didn't dare to move in closer. However, their gazes immediately fell on the dissipating beam of light and their eyes revealed greed.

However, when they saw Wang Lin, their expressions immediately changed. They could feel origin energy from Wang Lin's body, causing them all to retreat. None of them dared to come within 10,000 feet.

Wang Lin didn't pay those people any attention; even Li Yuan didn't pay too much attention. A moment later, the beam of light disappeared.

At the moment the beam of light disappeared, a dark hole appeared on the surface of the formation. Waves of celestial spiritual energy came out from inside. Even the people 10,000 feet away could clearly feel it.

Rays of greedy gazes instantly gathered on the dark hole. A subtle aura immediately appeared from all the cultivators 10,000 feet away.

If Wang Lin wasn't there, they would have immediately rushed in. The temptation from that dark hole was very great for cultivators!

All of this was because of the unknown! No one knew what was inside, but because of this, that subtle feeling became even stronger.

Just at this instant, a ray of sword energy carrying origin energy came from the horizon. It headed straight toward the light as if that ring didn't exist!

The eyes of the cultivators 10,000 feet away all revealed a mysterious light. The origin energy from that sword energy meant that another cultivator at the second step had arrived!

As the the origin energy spread, a yellow figure quickly closed in while standing on a ray of sword energy.

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