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Chapter 774 - Withered Dao Pair

Li Yuan had already reached the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. The reason he hadn't reached the Illusory Yin stage yet was because his body lacked origin energy.

Wang Lin had just nourished him with three origin souls. In particular, one was the origin soul of an Illusory Yin cultivator, which was filled with origin energy. Thanks to this, the chance of Li Yuan making a breakthrough had increased greatly.

After placing some restrictions around Li Yuan, Wang Lin sat beside him and began to ponder.

"The Blood Ancestor is indeed someone from the Yao family. It turns out the Yao family is very powerful, especially the Yao family's Blood God…" Wang Lin's eyes became cold.

"I haven't been lacking powerful enemies ever since I started cultivating, so adding a Blood God isn't much!" Wang Lin knew that even if he knew about the Blood God beforehand he simply couldn't just leave Li Yuan to die...

Moreover, since he had already offended the Blood Ancestor, he made a decision.

"As long as I master that spell to merge with the world, even if Tuo Sen comes, I will be able to escape! However, some of the memories inside that old man are interesting; they might be useful to me!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a decisive gaze. He sat down and began refining the origin energy inside his body.

"When I absorb all the origin energy in my body, I will be extremely close to the real second step, the early stage of Nirvana Scryer!" Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before waving his hand. The three bags and several flying swords flew to him.

These three bags of holding belonged to those three. Wang Lin's eyes first fell on the swords that he and Li Yuan had found inside the storage space.

After scanning them with his divine sense, Wang Lin's thoughts stirred. These nine swords immediately flew into the air and stabbed into the ground. Eight of them formed a circle, while the last one was in the middle.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the nine beast bones immediately flew out. The largest beast bone landed at the center of the circle, while remaining eight surrounded the eight swords forming the circle.

They were arranged exactly how Wang Lin had found them.

He carefully looked at the nine beast bones. Wang Lin had checked them before, and there seemed to be some sort of branding that prevented his divine sense from imprinting and controlling them.

Back then, he suspected that this beast bone treasure might required some special way of activation. After he placed the beast bones back with the swords, he immediately noticed the difference.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out and went into the eight small beast bones. The moment his divine sense touched them, the eight bones immediately shook and a suction force came from them. Wang Lin's divine sense immediately felt this suction.

His eyes lit up and his origin energy went into his divine sense. Following the suction, his divine sense split into eight parts and went into the eight bones.

That suction seemed to have no end and continued to suck at his divine sense as if it wanted to devour his entire origin soul. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin pulled back his divine sense from the beast bones.

Then his hands formed seals and he layed countless seals in the surroundings. Then his origin energy spread out and surrounded everything within 10,000 feet of him. A white mist filled with his origin energy appeared.

If an outsider passed by and saw this mist, they wouldn't do anything reckless, because this mist was filled with pressure from origin energy. Even Illusory Yin and Corporeal Yang cultivators would be extremely cautious.

This meant that there was a second step cultivator inside this mist that didn't want to be disturbed. If someone attempted to enter, they would be attacked by the origin energy inside the mist.

After forming the origin energy mist, Wang Lin pondered for a bit before he opened his mouth and allowed the fragment stamp into the mist. Only then did he feel relaxed and sat down. His ancient thunder dragon origin soul charged out and rushed toward the eight beast bones.

The moment his origin soul closed in, suction force came out from the eight beast bones. Wang Lin's origin soul split into eight parts again and entered each beast bone.

After absorbing all of Wang Lin's origin soul, the eight beast bones released a demonic glow. The demonic light became more and more bright until eight rays of blue light shot out from the beast bones toward the sword in the middle.

This blue light also contained his origin soul. His origin soul underwent a change he didn't understand and was sent into the flying sword.

The sword trembled and released a burst of sword hymns. Wang Lin's origin soul fused back into one and immediately felt powerful sword energy charging toward his origin soul.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and the origin energy inside his body spread out like a storm, dissipating all the sword energy. However, the next moment, more sword energy appeared as if it would never end.

"Something is wrong. This is a restriction matrix!" Wang Lin's eyes began to deduce the restriction and he simply sat down. He created an origin energy shield to block the sword energy and completely ignored it.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He had seen through this restriction. With a thought, countless restrictions appeared around him and spread out in all directions.

At this moment, the sword surrounded by the eight beast bones flew out. It flew above the beast bones surrounded by the eight swords. The sword pointed down and sword energy immediately shot out.

This sword energy divided into eight rays of sword energy which went into each of the eight flying swords. Wang Lin's origin soul was once more divided into eight and entered the eight celestial swords.

The experience from before appeared once more, but this time there was even more sword energy. Wang Lin's origin soul was divided into eight, and every single piece experienced the same thing.

Three days later, all eight swords shot out sword energy toward the largest beast bone in the center. Wang Lin's origin soul came out with the sword energy and entered the beast bone with four spikes.

His origin soul fused into one inside the beast bone and at the same time left his imprint inside the beast bone. A kind of enlightenment appeared inside Wang Lin's soul. He had incomparable understanding of this beast bone, as if it was part of his body.

After a long time, Wang Lin's origin soul flew out from the beast bone and back into his body.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed a look of shock and excitement.

"It is indeed worthy of being a celestial treasure. Without this specific method, there is no way to leave your imprint on it! Once you successfully leave your imprint, you immediately gain the knowledge to use it…" WAng Lin stood up, waved his hand, and the large beast bone immediately flew toward him.

"This object is called the Withered Dao Pair. It is extremely powerful and can be considered a true magical treasure! Unfortunately, it was damaged in the hands of its previous master in a battle against an ancient god. Adding on the fact that the previous master died, even now it still hasn't been fully repaired. However, its power is still amazing, and it can be considered one of my most powerful treasures!" Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the beast bone seemed to gain live. It rushed toward Wang Lin and disappeared in his hand.

A moment later, a beast bone tattoo appeared on the back of Wang Lin's right hand. It was very lifelike!

He didn't withdraw the origin mist and looked at Li Yuan. Most of Li Yuan's injuries had healed and his origin soul was absorbing the origin energy to make the final breakthrough. Wang Lin wasn't sure if Li Yuan would succeed or not.

While waiting for Li Yuan to awaken, Wang Lin opened the bags of the three people he killed. The woman's bag had some stuff inside, but nothing that caught Wang Lin's attention. After taking out the celestial jades, Wang Lin put it aside.

As for Young Master Yao's bag of holding, there was some stuff inside as well. After looking through it, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and landed on one item.

It was a paper talisman!

Compared to this, the other things meant nothing. This was the second talisman like his he hand found since coming to the Allheaven Star System.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the other talisman appeared in his hand. The two talismans were similar in size, but the symbols drawn on them were different.

"What exactly is this…" Wang Lin's divine sense spread out and scanned the two talismans. His eyes narrowed as he noticed faint origin energy fluctuations coming from them.

He wouldn't have been able to notice it with his previous cultivation level.

"Interesting. Could this item be a treasure as well!?" Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before putting the talismans away. He had a feeling they weren't ordinary.

When he picked up the last bag of holding, his eyes lit up and he muttered, "The old man's mind was messy, but his objective in the Thunder Celestial Realm was very clear. He was going to take the young master of the Yao family to the Collection Pavilion to get a celestial spell!"

Wang Lin learned from the old man's memories that there was a fragment that was sealed by the combined forces of the four families of the Allheaven Star System with inheritances from the Celestial Realm.

On this sealed fragment there was a Collection Pavilion. The pavilion stored celestial spells, and they were still well-preserved.

However, this Collection Pavilion was created by the previous Thunder Celestial Realm Celestial Emperor and his subordinates. The pavilion had its own rules, and whether one could get a celestial spell depended on luck.

The four great families with Celestial Realm inheritances couldn't break these rules. They could only seal the fragment and then open it each time to let their family members try their luck.

For a very long time, this Collection Pavilion has been a place exclusive to the four great families, and no outsiders were allowed.

The Yao family hadn't only sent one team to the Thunder Celestial Realm, but 10 groups!

"Collection Pavilion…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

Just at this moment, Li Yuan's breathing became rough and he slowly opened his eyes. He looked ahead and sighed, "Thank you, Brother Xu, but it looks like I'm not fated to reach the Illusory Yin stage. My origin soul couldn't withstand that much origin energy."

Li Yuan lowered his head and looked at his broken arm. After he said that, he became silent.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and all the origin mist withdrew. He carefully looked at Li Yuan and smiled. "Brother Li, you shouldn't underestimate yourself. The origin energy inside your body is nourishing your origin soul. Once you absorb all that origin energy, you will reach the Illusory Yin stage. That day may come fast or slow, but it will certainly happen!"

Li Yuan's eyes glowed and he nodded. He stood up and bowed toward Wang Lin. "Brother Xu, I owe you a lot. I will remember this in my heart and won't forget it.

Li Yuan wasn't one to speak much, but this came from his heart. He only felt gratitude toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin faintly smiled as his right hand grabbed the only bag he hadn't searched. He scanned it with his divine sense and threw it at Li Yuan.

At the same time, the nine swords flew into the air and landed next to Li Yuan.

"Returning them to their owner. Also, keep that bag of holding. I believe the things inside will be useful to you."

Li Yuan nodded and put away the swords. He picked up the bag and scanned it with his divine sense before he took something out. It was the ancient mirror.

"This is a restriction-breaking ancient mirror. There aren't many of these left, and they can break a majority of restrictions!" As he spoke, he threw it toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted it with a smile and put it inside his bag of holding.

Li Yuan hesitated and asked, "I can't see through Brother Xu's cultivation anymore. It is obvious you improved greatly compared to before. Was the Blood Ancestor destroyed by the storage space?"

"The danger of the Blood Ancestor has been resolved. Although he isn't dead, there isn't much difference." Wang Lin said it calmly, but when Li Yuan heard this, he was startled and meaningfully looked at Wang Lin. With his wisdom, he could tell from Wang Lin's words that Wang Lin's rapid increase in cultivation level had something to do with the Blood Ancestor.

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan and smiled. "Brother Li, I'm going to search the Thunder Celestial Realm and search for all the celestial spells. Are you willing to help me break restrictions?"

With his current power, aside from a few select individuals, not many in the Thunder Celestial Realm were his match. If Li Yuan was around, Wang Lin could easily protect Li Yuan. Not to mention if Li Yuan had enough time to use his restrictions, he wouldn't even need Wang Lin's protection.

Wang Lin had his own plans for inviting Li Yuan. Li Yuan obviously knew a lot more about the Thunder Celestial Realm than him. Also, Wang Lin couldn't compare to Li Yuan in terms of restrictions, so it would be a lot easier to search for celestial spells with Li Yuan.

Li Yuan's eyes revealed joy as he smiled and said, "Since this is Brother Xu's wish, I'll do my best to help you. As long as I have enough time, I'm certain I can break all restrictions here! For example, Brother Xu, there once was a celestial ruin here!"

Li Yuan pointed ahead at a plain. The ground was filled with weeds and dead grass and the wind blowing across the plain created rustling sounds. No matter how one looked at it, it was extremely ordinary.

Li Yuan's single arm formed seals. His body was now filled with origin energy, so some restrictions that he couldn't use before due to the suppression of the slave imprint could be used now.

The sky darkened and the plain before them looked like a painting with its cover taken off. When Li Yuan's restrictions fell, the plain shattered, exposing the ruins of a city.

A broken, stone tablet stood before the ruins, and there were three ancient words on it.

"Celestial Welcoming Palace!"

"Celestial spells can't be used with just the formula. By using my Li family's Annihilation Restriction heart, I can use traces of celestial spells to reverse engineer them. This method injures the user's body, so my Li family doesn't casually use it. However, if Bother Xu needs help, then I'll definitely help!"

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