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Chapter 773 - 13 days

Li Yuan's voice was filled with piercing hatred. If this hatred could become corporeal, it would immediately erupt to vent the anger he had suffered in the recent days.

Wang Lin nodded and his gaze went over the Illusory Yin old man and landed on the dumbfounded woman. She was holding Li Yuan's celestial swords.

He didn't even waste time talking to them and took a step. This step moved him over several hundred feet and he appeared before the woman.

The woman had just recovered from the shock. She personally saw the Yao youth's body collapse from just one finger from this person. The cracking sounds from the Yao youth's body still echoed in her ears.

With one finger, he had caused his origin soul to collapse. The Yao youth's origin soul was captured and had its consciousness wiped away until it was only a blob of origin energy.

This scene completely destroyed her mind, making her cower in terror. When she saw Wang Lin moving toward her, she immediately panicked. Filled with terror, she let out a hysterical scream.

In her eyes, Wang Lin was no longer a person, but a demon, a terrifying, soul-devouring demon!

She almost subconsciously retreated, there wasn't even the slightest thought of resisting. The only thing in her brain was escape, escape, escape!!

Every since she was little, she had never been this terrified. Not only did it destroy her mind, it also left a deep rift in her dao heart. Even if she was lucky enough to escape, her cultivation level would drop greatly with almost no chance of increasing again.

Wang Lin's expression was cold and his gaze was chilling as he closed in. In his eyes, the woman's speed was too slow!

At this moment, the Illusory Yin old man's eyes lit up. He didn't try to save her, he quickly retreated.

As one finger pressed down between her eyebrows, her pupils shrank and her fear reached its peak. Origin energy rushed into her body. She wasn't thrown back and instead trembled and was frozen in place.

Popping sounds came from inside her body. She was very familiar with this sound, it was exactly the same as the ones that came from the youth's body earlier.

Her origin soul formed a ball of light and flew out from between her eyebrows. Wang Lin grabbed it with his right hand and threw it at Li Yuan. The origin energy nourished his origin soul and caused his injures to recover slightly.

The woman's body collapsed and disappeared completely. Until the moment she died, she still didn't understand why the person that they were chasing didn't inform them that he had a friend like this in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

As her body dissipated, all of the flying swords and bags of holding fell down on the ground.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the figure of the rapidly escaping old man before revealing a sneer. He took a step forward and suddenly disappeared as he fused with the world.

The Illusory Yin old man's mind was completely shaken by the sudden appearance of Wang Lin. He didn't have any chance at victory, so he quickly fled. However, at this moment, a ripple appeared before him. Powerful origin energy came out from inside and caused him to stop.

Wang Lin's figured walked out from inside.

"You're next!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold. The moment he appeared, he raised his right hand and a bolt of purple thunder appeared. The surrounded area was surrounded by purple mist after the purple thunderbolt appeared. Lightning moved through the mist and quickly gathered on the bolt of purple thunder. The bolt of thunder was as thick as an arm and quickly shot toward the old man.

The old man's expression changed greatly as he quickly retreated. His hand quickly formed seals and immediately released a red flame. This flame was extremely hot and quickly spread around him, forming a flame shield.

The bolt of thunder descended and landed on the flame shield. There were crackling sounds as the flame shield immediately collapsed and the bolt of thunder landed on the old man's body.

He coughed out a large mouth of blood and his face turned pale. As he quickly retreated, he was almost out of his wit. His scalp tingled as he felt panic set in and the aghast in his heart was reaching its limit.

The old man retreated and quickly said, "Senior, let me speak!"

Wang Lin's expression was cold as he moved forward and coldly said, "How long did you chase after my friend? Speak!"

The old man retreated and quickly said, "Thirteen days…  Senior, this matter was all because of the Young Master from the Yao family. I tried to persuade him, but our statuses are different, so I was unable to stop him."

The old man was extremely terrified of this person. A Corporeal Yang cultivator was not someone he could resist, even though he was only one step away from the Corporeal Yang stage himself.

"13 days…" Wang Lin's eyes filled with killing intent, and in the blink of an eye, he overtook the old man. His two fingers formed a sword and pointed at the old man's left arm!

The old man's expression changed. Just as he was about to dodge, Wang Lin said one word.


This word was like the voice of the devil as it landed in the old man's ears. He immediately felt an unimaginable amount of origin energy surround him. At this instant, he couldn't move his body an inch. Even his origin soul felt like it was in water and became clow.

"This is the first day!" Wang Lin's finger landed on the old man's left arm, and with a burst of origin energy, the old man's left arm exploded with a bang. The powerful origin energy exploded once more, causing the arm to shatter completely.

The old man revealed a struggling expression. He wanted to struggle, but he couldn't even move his body an inch.

"The second day!" Wang Lin's finger landed once more, this time on the old man's left leg. The origin energy rushed in and more than half of the old man's left leg was blown off.

The old man's veins bulged and he revealed a ferocious gaze. However, behind that ferocious gaze, he was filled with fear. His terror of Wang Lin had filled his mind.

"This is the third day!" Wang Lin lifted his foot and directly stepped on the old man's right leg. The leg immediately collapsed with a bang. Of the old man's four limbs, three of them had already collapsed.

The old man let out a miserable groan. The severe pain almost drowned him. The simulation of the pain allowed his origin soul to move a bit. Origin energy immediately cycled through his body and he showed signs of recovering.

As Wang Lin withdrew his foot, his finger pointed at the old man's right arm. Origin energy rushed in and the only surviving limb immediately disintegrated!

"This is the fourth day!"

This didn't end. The Stop spell was dissipating and the old man was about to regain his movement. Just as origin energy filled his body and he was about to retreat, Wang Lin's cold voice came once more.


The old man let out a sad cry. The other party's voice was the sound that would end his life faster and make him fall into the abyss. If he knew it would have turned out like this, he wouldn't have touched a hair on Li Yuan's head.

At his moment, his mind was in a trance, and he vaguely recalled the words that this person said the moment he appeared.

"Who gave you the qualification to hurt my friend!?"

These words echoed in his mind like rumbling thunder.

After the old man's body was stopped for the second time, Wang Lin stood in front the old man. Wang Lin's finger quickly moved and pointed at the old man's body, causing blood to come out from the corner of the old man's mouth.

"The fifth day!"

"The sixth day!"

"The seventh day!"... At the end, the old man's chest was a bloody mess. All of his bones were broken and blood mist gushed out of his chest. His body had lost all vitality.

"This is the last day!" Wang Lin's hand turned into a palm and pressed down on the old man's forehead with a ruthless expression.

A crisp crackling resounded as the old man's body completely collapsed and dissipated into a blood mist. His origin soul charged out. As he trembled in the air, he shouted, "The Yao family won't let you off!"

Wang Lin's eyes were cold and he had a thought. He slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared. With a shake, the flag opened up, revealing the Blood Ancestor's unwilling image.

Wang Lin calmly asked, "Do you recognize him?"

The old man's origin soul was startled. After taking a careful look, his eyes immediately bulged and revealed horror. Although he didn't recognize who it was, this person was 70% similar to the Yao family ancestor.

Without waiting for the old man to speak, Wang Lin already knew the answer from the old man's expression. He stepped forth as his origin energy surrounded the area and immediately locked the old man's origin soul.

His hand reached out. The old man's origin soul couldn't escape at all and was immediately pulled back. Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he used the soul search spell on the old man. The powerful origin energy made it impossible for the old man to struggle. A moment later, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light as he wiped the old man's consciousness from the origin soul, turning it into a ball of origin energy.

Wang Lin's body landed next to Li Yuan. He held the ball of origin energy and pressed it between Li Yuan's eyebrows.

"Brother Li, I'll give you an opportunity! Whether you can reach the Illusory Yin stage or not will depend on you!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he pressed his hand against Li Yuan's chest.

"Gather!" With a roar, the small, white insects were immediately pulled out of Li Yuan's body. These insects were hideous and gave off a fishy smell.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. With one pinch, all of these small insects collapsed one by one.

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