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Chapter 757 - Beast Bones

Li Yuan's eyes revealed admiration, and he was shocked by Wang Lin's bold idea. After all, the difference in cultivation levels was simply too big. If it was someone else, even Li Yuan himself, the first thing they would think of was to escape.

Even if it meant escaping to the edge of the world or hiding in remote places for hundreds or even thousands of years. As long as they could escape that powerful cultivator, it would be worth it.

He wouldn't even think about how to resist, because the difference was as big as heaven and earth.

In Li Yuan's view, Wang Lin's view was close to madness but at the same time ingenious. If planned correctly, it might really succeed.

Thinking about this, Li Yuan's heart pounded. The stimulation caused by the temptation of killing a cultivator at least at the Nirvana Cleanser stage made his blood flow increase and his heart pound.

"Brother Xu, we... we're all but trying to kill a god!"

As Li Yuan said, this was almost equal to trying to kill a god. Although the Blood Ancestor might not match a celestial general, he would've still been considered a powerhouse in the Celestial Realm before it was destroyed.

None of the lower level cultivators would dare to fight against him!

Wang Lin licked his lip and said, "I still require Brother Li's help on this matter. After the event is over, I'll definitely reward Brother Li."

Li Yuan pondered a bit. The excitement from before had made his throat dry. Now he looked at Wang Lin and said, "Brother Li doesn't need to thank me. What you saved was not just me but generations of the Li family. Isn't it just killing a god? How could I not help with such an exciting thing!?"

Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he slowly said, "That Blood Ancestor is not that easy to kill, so this will require careful planning. Before we act, Brother Li can leave first."

Li Yuan pondered and said, "This matter is easy, but Brother Xu, before this, we should search this storage space so we don't leave any treasures behind. I'll also set up several restrictions at key point to cause the collapse!"

The two of the smiled at each other. They no longer wasted time talking and moved forward.

The sky wasn't the only place where spatial cracks would appear; some would even appear on the ground. However, with how cautious the two of them were, they safely moved forward toward the valley ahead.

The valley had mountains with many trees growing on them. As they walked by, Wang Lin stopped, looked at the mountain, and pondered. He placed his right hand against the mountain and quickly spread out and retrieved his divine sense.

When Li Yuan flew up into the sky earlier, he saw two mountains and three valleys. Right now Wang Lin was looking at the mountain, and he felt an aura similar to the celestial mountain inside his bag.

With an idea in mind, Wang Lin withdrew his right hand. Not long after, the first valley appeared before the two of them.

The entrance of the valley was very large, about several dozen feet wide. At a glance there was nothing inside, but there was a thin layer or mist that gave off an illusory feeling.

At the entrance of the valley, Wang Lin and Li Yuan stopped to carefully observe the valley.

"There is a simple restriction here. It won't be hard to crack it!" Li Yuan's hand formed a seal and several restrictions appeared. These restriction emitted light as they went into the mist within the valley.

A rustling sound echoed and the mist quickly dissipated without a trace. Li Yuan smiled and was about to step forward.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he grabbed Li Yuan and said, "Brother Li, wait!"

Li Yuan was startled and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression didn't change as the celestial guard behind him charged out without any hesitation. However, the moment the celestial guard entered, the mist suddenly reappeared. The mist formed arrows and shot them toward the celestial guard.

There was a series of loud explosions. Even with the celestial guard's powerful body, it was pushed back by the arrow. It wasn't until the celestial guard was pushed outside the valley that the mist settled down again.

Li Yuan felt ashamed. He was not a reckless person, but he was just too self-confident in his restriction. He let out a wry smile and said, "The owner of this storage space was too insidious. This restriction was obviously set up to kill someone who is confident in their restrictions like me."

Wang Lin's eyes  lit up and with a thought the celestial guard charged out once more. This time its body was glowing gold, and the moment it stepped into the valley, it threw a punch. The powerful punch created a huge vortex that immediately stirred up all the mist arrows flying at it.

Wang Lin immediately stepped into the valley without hesitation and Li Yuan immediately followed. After entering the valley, Li Yuan immediately created several restrictions that landed within the valley.

Then Li Yuan began to deduce as he looked around the valley. Often he would deduce a location and lay down a restriction there.

Wang Lin didn't look at Li Yaun. After he entered the valley, he waved his right hand. The thunder inside his origin soul rushed out and formed a ball of thunder in his hand. The ball of thunder charged out toward the vortex created by the celestial guard.

With a bang, the ball of thunder entered the vortex and thunder immediately filled the vortex. The vortex seemed to have frozen in place and began absorbing all the mist around it.

"Brother Xu, I have marked the restriction eyes in the south and east corner. Once those collapse, the restriction in the valley will break!" Li Yuan's arms spread out and restrictions appeared in each hand as he charged toward the cliff to the southeast.

With a thought, Wang Lin commanded the celestial guard to charge south toward where Li Yuan said the restriction eye was. Just before Li Yuan's restriction landed, the celestial guard's punch landed on the cliff.

At the same time, thunder condensed in Wang Lin's right hand and shot out toward the restriction marked by Li Yuan to the east. The thunder accurately landed on the restriction eye before Li Yuan's restriction.

Two loud explosions echoed and the restrictions placed by Li Yuan suddenly erupted at once. A huge whirlwind appeared within the valley and swept away all the mist. A moment later, the whirlwind disappeared and the valley returned to normal, revealing a scene that couldn't be seen before.

A black short sword was stabbed into the ground, and around it were eight ferocious beast skulls. A faint mist was coming from the eight skulls and formed a circle around the short sword.

Li Yuan looked at the short sword and slowly said, "Presumably this is the treasure stored in the first valley. Brother Xu, do you want the short sword or the surrounding eight beast skulls?" 

Wang Lin took a glance and could tell that this short sword was not normal. However, Li Yuan was of great help to him and he didn't want to take something he liked. He laughed and said, "This short sword is probably not normal, and breaking this restriction was largely thanks to Brother Li. I merely helped a bit, so I'll take these eight skulls!" With that, Wang Lin waved his sleeves and the eight skulls immediately flew into his hands. He scanned them with his divine sense and was immediately startled.

But on the surface, Wang Lin was calm as he put them away.

Li Yuan smiled as he grabbed the short sword. He looked at Wang Lin and laughed. "Many thanks, Brother Xu!"

Not far after traveling through the first valley, they saw the entrance to the second valley. The entrance was much smaller than the first valley's entrance.

The closer they got to the second valley, the more frequent the cracks appeared, making them have to be extra careful while traveling. However, when they were five kilometers from the second valley, there was no road left.

There were simply too many cracks in these last five kilometers. They quickly appeared all over the road, blocking off all paths and making it impossible to get through.

Li Yuan frowned. If they were restrictions, he would've been able to break them, but these weren't restrictions at all. After pondering a bit, Li Yuan said, "Brother Xu, this might be a bit troublesome… We can't teleport at all inside the storage space…"

Wang Lin looked at the valley entrance in the distance and slowly said, "Brother Li, wait here for a moment. I have a way to enter this place."

Wang Lin took a deep breath and sat down in the lotus position. His two fingers quickly pointed at several locations on his body. Every time he pointed at a spot, his face would turn slightly redder.

At the end, when Wang Lin pointed the 9th time, his face was fiery red. Wang Lin slowly stood up and inhaled. The fiery red on his face immediately disappeared.

Just at this instant, he slapped his bag of holding and the Mountain and River Screen appeared. The painting immediately stretched more than 10,000 feet and all the cracks disappeared as if they were patched.

At the moment the Mountain and River Painting appeared, the celestial guard grabbed Wang Lin and mercilessly threw him forward.

This throw used almost all of the celestial guard's strength, so Wang Lin's speed reached a terrifying level. In an instant, he charged out more than 2.5 kilometers.

However, there were simply too many cracks. The moment the Mountain and River Painting appeared, countless tears appeared on the painting. These openings were like large mouths that wanted to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was able to get this far due to borrowing the power of the celestial guard. Before that force was gone, Wang Lin released a blood glow and the spell he had saved in his body burst forth, causing him to shoot out at an unimaginable speed once more.

His body flashed blood red and his speed increased. It then flashed again and he became even faster. In the blink of an eye, his body flashed blood red nine times and his speed was as fast as teleportation.

This escape spell that used the blood light was the fastest escape spell he had learned from the old man from the Demon Spirit Land. However, this spell couldn't be used unless his cultivation was at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, or else his body would explode.

In an instant, Wang Lin's figure appeared at the entrance of the second valley. His face was pale and he almost fell over. He waved his right hand and the Mountain and River Screen returned to his hand.

Looking back, he could see Li Yuan's figure five kilometers away.

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