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Chapter 758 - Relics of Celestials

Chapter 758 - Relics of Celestials

Wang Lin looked at the entrance of the second valley, and from where he was standing it looked empty. He took a few steps forward and carefully looked around. Then his right hand formed a seal and a restriction flew out.

This restrictions split into 14 parts in the air and shot into the valley. Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he watched the restrictions enter and silently disappear as if they were eaten. There wasn’t any ripple at all.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. After hesitating for a bit, his eyes were filled with resolve. His right hand began forming restrictions once more. However, this time he spent more time and formed dozens of restriction. When they shot out, each of them split into 14.

Those restrictions formed the shape of plum blossoms and flew toward the entrance. Wang Lin immediately followed them, and at the moment the restrictions entered the valley, his third eye opened. With the flash of red light, Wang Lin was able to see an invisible light screen at the entrance. 

The moment the plum blossoms touched the light screen, a devil shadow appeared and immediately swallowed them. With the help of the third eye, Wang Lin could clearly see the light screen and the devil shadow, which was formed by almost transparent specks of light.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immediately backed up. With a thought, the plum blossoms also retreated with him. The devil shadow seemed to hesitate before chasing after the restrictions.

At this moment, the light screen at the entrance became thin and the devil shadow extended. Wang Lin felt a sting from between his eyebrows. This was the sign that the third eye had reached its limit.

He charged forward without any hesitation. He moved very fast and passed by the devil shadow in an instant, arriving directly before the thinning light screen. At the moment he touched the light screen, Wang Lin raised his finger and moved Ling Tianhou’s sword energy to his finger. He didn’t release it but kept it inside his finger and pressed down on the light screen.

The light screen trembled and then spread out, forming a gap. Wang Lin directly charged in without any hesitation.

All of this happened in a short period of time. The invisible devil shadow jerked back and let out a silent roar. Then all of the specks of light gathered on its body and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb as a cold wind that seemed to come from the depths of hell blew towards him. His third eye couldn’t be maintained for long and had already automatically closed. Now that he entered the valley, the scene was completely different from what he saw from the outside.

The earth of the valley was brown and countless skeletons covered the earth. They were everywhere, at least tens of thousands.

There were some strange bugs drilling inside some of the skeletons. It was as if they were gnawing on the bones, giving off waves of crunching sounds as they did so.

There were eight short swords stabbed into the ground at the center of the valley. The looks and auras of these short swords were exactly the same as the one before. It was clear that they belonged to the same set!

At the center of the eight short swords there was a huge skull of a beast. It had four ferocious bone spurs pointing out and gave off a grim aura.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to charge into the valley and reach for the beast skull. At this moment, the eight short swords immediately released sword energy and shot toward Wang Lin.

Before Wang Lin were the rays of sword energy and behind him was the devil shadow. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin didn’t panic and his eyes were calm. As the sword energy closed in, his finger pointed forward.

Stop spell!

This spell didn’t only stop people!

Those short swords weren’t ordinary objects, but the Stop spell wasn’t ordinary either. Although Wang Lin’s he can’t stop them for long due to his cultivation level, he could still stop them for a moment.

The moment he stopped the short swords, Wang Lin charged directly at the beast bone. The invisible devil shadow immediately chased after Wang Lin. Although he couldn’t see the devil shadow, he felt a cold aura surrounding him.

He was waiting for this moment! Because he couldn’t keep the third eye up and his divine sense couldn’t find it, if he wanted to deal with it, the moment it tired to devour him was the perfect moment.

Wang Lin didn’t turn around, but the shadow of a whip flashed between his eyebrows. The Karma Whip appeared before him and lashed out, causing a muffled groan to come from the void.

At the same time, Wang Lin immediately felt the cold aura around him scatter. He didn’t stop and everything moved as smooth as flowing water. His hand formed a seal and placed it on the beast bone before he picked it up and threw it into his bag.

All of this was done in an instant. At this moment, the eight short swords regained their freedom and whistled after Wang Lin.

The valley wasn’t large and he couldn’t fly too high. In such a narrow place, Wang Lin was in somewhat of a sorry state when dodging the short swords. The invisible devil shadow seemed to have intelligence and had concealed its cold aura. It often only reveal itself the moment it was about to devour Wang Lin, and Wang Lin was nearly swallowed. In addition, it had blocked the exit, preventing Wang Lin from leaving.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. The short swords behind him scattered and came at him from eight different directions. The sword energy coming from them all contained celestial spiritual energy.

They were intertwined together to form a sword formation filled with killing intent.

If this was it, it wouldn’t be such a problem. After spending some time, Wang Lin would be able to leave. However, at the moment he picked up the beast bone, green mist started coming out from the countless skeletons that covered the ground. The green mist formed various shadows that charged toward Wang Lin.

In addition to the mist, those bugs that were gwaning on the bones seemed to be stimulated by something and rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb. Right now it seemed like there was no escape, as the entire valley was sealed! Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and became fierce.

“Nothing here was naturally formed; it was all brought in from the outside. That means the mountain has no foundation!” Wang Lin moved to the side and avoided the short swords, green mist, and bugs as he closed in on the cliff of the mountain.

He let out a roar, and his right hand contained all the celestial spiritual energy and thunder in his body as he smashed his hand down. An earth-shattering explosion suddenly echoed across the valley.

Large pieces of the mountain fell and kicked out endless amounts of dust while celestial spiritual energy spread out in all directions. Li Yuan, who was still five kilometers way, was completely stunned. He didn’t knew what was going on inside, but he could clearly feel the ground shake and saw countless pieces of the mountain falling off.

The celestial guard next to Li Yuan was connected to Wang Lin. He stepped to the side and punched the mountain without any hesitation. There was another loud rumble.

Li Yuan sucked in a breath of cold air. He vaguely guessed Wang Lin’s idea and his heart started beating like crazy. He revealed a wry smile and thought that fellow cultivator Xu’s ideas were sometimes too shocking.

If it was with only Wang Lin’s strength, he could shake the mountain but not break it. However, the celestial guard was different. Its body was extremely strong, and after that punch, the mountain’s trembling became more intense.

In the valley, Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he grabbed the mountain and pulled it up. At the same time on the other side, the celestial guard was under more pressure. It buried its hands into the mountain and lifted the mountain up 10 feet!

The loud rumble echoed across the valley and even the entire storage space began to tremble. The celestial guard lifted the mountain and went under it. Its body released a golden glow and it completely carried the mountain on its back.

The violent vibrations affected the valley, causing the eight short swords to pause. The green mist completely ignored Wang Lin and charged out under the mountain that was lifted up. Even the insects did the same.

Popping sounds came from the celestial guard’s body. It seemed to have gone crazy as it let out a growl and pushed the mountain up several dozen feet more.

No matter how many spatial cracks appeared, they were crushed by the impact of the mountain. After lifting it up to a certain height, the celestial guard threw the mountain down.

The earth shook, the storage space looked like it was about to collapse, and even more cracks appeared.

The mountain fell from the sky and landed on the ground where all the cracks were, completely smashing them. Wang Lin used this opportunity to rush out from the valley.

Even the invisible devil shadow disappeared without a trace, and no one knew where it had gone.

Wang Lin grasped for air after rushing out of the valley and looked ahead. He could see that the third valley was also affected. At this moment, countless flashes of restriction light came from the third valley. It was apparent that many restrictions had collapsed due to the mountain.

“I fear the celestial that owned the storage space would have never thought that someone would shake the mountain to break the restrictions here!” Wang Lin adjusted his body for a bit before he rushed toward the third valley. His goal was the ancient god leather armor. Since the first two valleys didn’t have it, then it was very likely in the third valley.

Li Yuan sucked in a breath of cold air and the shock in his eyes gradually calmed down. He chased after Wang Lin with a wry smile.

As for the celestial guard, it had used too much energy. It turned into a phantom and fused with Wang Lin’s shadow to recover.

Wang Lin and Li Yuan charged toward the third valley one after the other. They got closer and closer and shortly after, they arrived before the third valley.

This place was seriously damaged. The originally narrow entrance were pulled open. Countless restriction lights flashed none stop. At a glance, Wang Lin was able to see a temple inside the valley.

This temple wasn’t large, but it was seriously damaged; the door was even gone. There were two skeletons inside, and one of them was wearing the ancient god leather armor!

As for the other skeleton, it had nothing, but there was a flash of gold coming from its right hand that had pierced through the skull of the skeleton wearing the ancient god leather armor.

The skull was filled with cracks; it was apparent it had been crushed by that grab.

Although he didn’t see the battle, he could imagine the fierce fight the two skeletons had just from looking at them.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the ancient god leather armor flew off the skeleton and into his hand. The moment he touched the leather armor, he immediately felt a bloody and sorrowful feeling.

Upon closer inspection, the leather armor was very rough and gave off an ancient aura. Even now there was the residue of a powerful aura in it, as if it was telling everyone how powerful the owner was.

Li Yuan walked forward and arrived next to the other skeleton. He stared at the golden fingers of the other skeleton. Then he took a deep breath, squatted down, and broke off the fingers one by one.

When he raised his head, he glanced into the temple without a door and his pupils immediately shrank. He shouted, “Brother Xu, look!”

Wang Lin raised his head, took a few steps forward, and looked into temple. Even with his mental fortitude, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. He scanned the temple to determine if it was safe before he entered.

Li Yuan was beside Wang Lin and he also stepped into the temple.

The temple was divided into two floors. The first floor had no place for worship and was completely empty. There were several murals hanging on the walls.

There were a total of nine murals. Looking at them one by one, Li Yuan’s eyes were filled with a strange light. He muttered, “This… What kind of spell is this? How can there be such a large person… It is possible these stories in the pictures were made up…”

Those paintings clearly painted a huge giant with eight stars on its forehead. He was surrounded by countless celestials armed with various treasures that attacked him like crazy.

The celestials’ bodies were really insignificant compared to the giant. The giant’s eyes were filled with cold indifference, but the paint was so attentive that even the exhaustion within that cold gaze could be clearly felt.

All nine murals were like this.

“Eight-star… Ancient god…” Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked up at the second floor. He let out a sigh and walked up, leaving Li Yuan muttering to himself on the first floor.

After all, not many people knew of the ancient gods...

The second floor was rather simple. There was only a table with yellow parchment paper spread out and a few brushes next to it. It was easy to imagine that the master of this place liked painting.

Not far away from the table was a censer, but there was only dust remaining inside it.

Wang Lin arrived next to the table and saw a paper was being held down by a paperweight. This paperweight gave off waves of celestial spiritual energy, so it was obvious it wasn’t ordinary. However, Wang Lin didn’t look at the paperweight but at the paper.

“The 16th year of the 27th era of the Celestial Realm. The first war between the ancient order and the Celestial Realm ended in victory! My magic treasure was broken and needs to be refined here. However, due to my exploits, I was reward a piece of its skin and made a suit of leather armor from it...

“The 19th year of the 27th ear of the Celestial Realm. A shocking change occured! The Celestial Emperor went crazy and died pointing at the sky… I personally saw everything, that scene that shouldn’t have existed when the Celestial Emperor died...

“Ever since I became a celestial, I never feared even when battling against the ancient god. However, at that moment, I became timid and scared. I saw… What should have never been seen...

“As most of the celestials battled, I escaped, and there was a pair of eyes following me… I had to paint what I saw…”

The handwriting became very sloppy at the end. It was easy to see how anxious the person writing this was.

“I drew it… But what is this… What did I paint…” The note ended here.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. After pondering for a moment, he sat down before the table and picked up the brush. He wanted to feel exactly what happened when the celestial drew this.

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