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Chapter 756 – Trap

During the moment of life and death crisis, Wang Lin opened his third eye without any hesitation. At this moment, a fan-shaped red light opened and he barely managed to turn his head.

This red light didn’t shine toward the void but toward Li Yuan!

The force holding Li Yuan down immediately loosened when the red light shined on him. His face was pale, but he quickly raised his right hand and pressed it down between his eyebrows without any hesitation.

A black line as thick as a baby’s arm immediately flew out from between his eyebrows. It quickly turned into a rune before him and Li Yuan shouted, “Annihilation Restriction heart!”

In an instant, the restriction began to flash rapidly and expanded like crazy. At the moment the red shadow closed in, it collapsed.


A loud sound suddenly echoed and set off a huge shockwave, causing the force holding down the area to become unstable. The restriction wasn’t destroyed, it shattered into thousands of smaller blacks lines that formed various strange patterns that rapidly spread.

These restrictions had a strange connection between them, and the wider they spread, the more pale Li Yuan became. It was obvious that using the real Annihilation Restriction was a big burden on his body.


With one word, these restrictions immediately surrounded the area. They appeared near the red shadow and gathered toward it. The red shadow gave off a bright, red glow, creating a blood sea in the sky, and immediately charged out as the restrictions closed in on it. However, just at this moment, the restrictions all exploded, creating a thunderous echo.

The entire fragment showed signs of instability as if it was about to collapse.

The moment the force holding them down loosened, Wang Lin grabbed Li Yuan and stepped into the transfer array that was about to collapse.

The transfer array flashed and Wang Lin and Li Yuan instantly disappeared. At the moment they vanished, Wang Lin’s left hand mercilessly smashed down on the array, causing it to immediately dissipate.

The surrounding area was completely silent. The blood red figure slowly walked over. He stood before where the transfer array was and silently pondered.

After a long time, he raised his right foot and mercilessly stomped the ground!

A large crack appeared under his feet and spread out like a crazy dragon across the fragment. The crack split again and again until the entire fragment was covered in terrifying cracks.

The power from a cultivator beyond the Nirvana Scryer stage is above the limit of the Thunder Celestial Realm. A storm spread across the fragment and countless cracks appeared all over it. At this moment, even countless spatial rifts appeared in the sky.

The earth collapsed!

This fragment of the Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed under the stomp of this red shadow. Large amounts of earth collapsed and dissipated, causing a huge series of chain reactions.

More and more spatial cracks that continued to devoured everything appeared in the sky. The ground continued to break off into the void. Some were devoured by the spatial rifts and disappeared without a trace.

Half an hour later, the sky was no longer sky and the earth became nothing. One of the remaining fragments in the Thunder Celestial Realm had disappeared forever. This dramatic change terrified the few Allheaven Star System cultivators on the fragment. They all tried like crazy to leave this fragment.

The fear of death made them lose their wit. However, not many could escape the collapse of a fragment.

The collapse of the fragment caused a vortex that looked like it was going to devour everything. Far away, one could see the thunder chains being sucked toward the center of the vortex.

These chains were pulled until they were straight. Their movement immediately affected the connected fragments. A loud rumble echoed across the Thunder Celestial Realm and then the entire Thunder Celestial Realm began to slowly move.

However, the person who caused all of this didn’t care about any of this. Even if the entire Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed, he wouldn’t care. All he wanted was his daughter!

“Little brat Wang Lin, you won’t be able to escape next time!” The red figure turned and disappeared with a single step.

This person was the Blood Ancestor. Every since arriving at the Thunder Celestial Realm, he didn’t seek any treasures and moved as fast as possible across various fragments.

Every time he arrived at a fragment, he would scan it with his divine sense and then leave.

The sky was dim and there were sometimes flashes of restriction light coming from the sky. Looking up from the ground, the sky wasn’t tall at all, and combined with the darkness, it gave off a powerful sense of oppression.

On the ground, there were many small hills that craved a rugged valley. The surroundings were very quiet.

Spatial cracks would occasionally appear in the sky and release cold, howling wind.

This was the only sound here.

An altar about 100 feet tall stood there with numerous steps leading to the top. The altar was damaged and had many cracks, including several that even extend to the top.

At this moment, a flash of light appeared on the platform at the top of the altar and two figures appeared.

Wang Lin stepped out with an extremely gloomy expression. His mood was still affected by what had happened before. What happened before made him realize just how close death was.

If it wasn’t for him having the spell with the third eye, the situation would’ve been bad! Similarly, if Li Yuan’s Annihilation Restriction wasn’t there, even with the transfer array before him, he still wouldn’t have been able to escape.

“Blood Ancestor…” Wang Lin frowned.

At this moment, Li Yuan also walked out from the transfer array. Blood was coming out of his mouth when he appeared. He immediately sat down and began to cultivate.

While Wang Lin pondered, he sat down and protected Li Yuan. At the same time, his divine sense spread out and observed the area.

Shortly after, he withdrew his divine sense and his express became even more gloomy. The spatial rifts in the sky could devour divine sense. Once his divine sense spread out, it could also attract those spatial rifts.

“Although it is like this, at least this place is safe!” Wang Lin silently looked at the distant valley and began to ponder.

“The Blood Ancestor actually came to the Allheaven Star System… When he appeared, he didn’t even give me a chance to speak and tried to capture me. He was obviously ready to search my soul to find where Yao Xixue is…” Wang Lin touched his bag of holding.

“If I hand over Yao Xixue, will the Blood Ancestor still come after me…” Wang Lin pondered for a moment and the celestial guard walked out to guard Li Yuan. Then he waved his hand and cut off his surroundings. After that, he slapped his bag of holding and a restriction ball flew out. It grew to the size of a person and opened up like a lotus.

When the restriction ball opened, Yao Xixue’s long hair covered her shoulders as she sat in the lotus position. The hundred years of imprisonment had made her rather fragile. At this moment, her eyelashes moved and she opened her eyes. When she saw Wang Lin, hey eyes showed confusion for a moment, but it was immediately replaced with clarity.

There was no joy or anger in her expression as she calmly looked at Wang Lin. After a long time, her mouth revealed a hint of mockery and she said, “I can feel the remnant of father’s blood spell… I can also feel your fear…”

Wang Lin silently stared at Yao Xixue.

“Do you want to let me go? Or do you want to beg me to ask my father to not kill you… Wang Lin, am I correct…” The mockery from Yao Xixue’s mouth became even stronger.

“I can let my father spare your life because I won’t let you die so easily…” The calmness disappeared from Yao Xixue’s eyes and was replaced with a deep sense of hatred.

Wang Lin frowned and said, “So you’re saying that whether I let you go or not, my fate is the same…”

Yao Xixue looked at Wang Lin and coldly said, “You won’t dare to kill me because killing me is the same as freeing me! If you seal me somewhere, you will have to face my father’s eternal pursuit. One day, my father will find you and I’ll escape.”

As Wang Lin stared at Yao Xixue, his eyes became cold. He quickly formed a few more restrictions that landed on Yao Xixue’s body. The restriction ball shrank once more into a ball of light and Wang Lin put it away inside his bag.

He then stood up, looked up into the distance, and began to ponder.

“Let you go… or not let you go… that does not depend on me, but on the Blood Ancestor!” Wang Lin’s eyes were fierce. Then, with a thought, he removed the surrounding restriction and looked at Li Yuan.

A moment later, Li Yuan slowly opened his eyes and let out a mouth of foul air. He slowly opened his eyes, revealing fear, and asked, “Brother Xu, who is that person!?”

Wang Lin let out a sigh. After retreating a few steps, he clasped his hands at Li Yuan and said, “I have burdened Brother Li on this matter. That person is called the Blood Ancestor. His cultivation is unfathomable and I have some grievance with him. When you and I leave, you should go first before you get anymore implicated.”

Li Yuan wryly smiled and said, “Brother Xu, that person’s cultivation is no ordinary second step cultivation. My Annihilation Restriction is only at the fourth level, but even though I used it with the restriction heart, he was still able to escape. I fear this person’s cultivation level is higher than the Nirvana Shatterer stage; he is at least at the Nirvana Cleanser stage… With this cultivation, it is a top tier existence in the Allheaven Star System… How did you provoke such a person? Alas… If my annihilation restriction had reached the seventh level, then I might’ve been able to seal him.”

Wang Lin was calm as he slowly said, “Brother Li, let us find the exit first. We can talk once we leave.”

LI Yuan let out a sign. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Although that person’s cultivation level is high, if we don’t provoke him, it’s not as if there aren’t any ways to avoid him. Forget it, let’s do what you said and look for an exit first.

After he spoke, he stood up and looked around.

Wang Lin slowly said as he looked at the valley in the distant, “You can’t spread out your divine sense, as there are spatial cracks that devour it.”

Li Yuan’s eyes revealed a strange light. He jumped off the altar and grabbed a handful of dirt. After taking a closer look, he moved forward and jumped onto a tree. After breaking off a branch, he put it in his mouth and the strange light in his eyes became even stronger.

“Brother Xu, let me borrow your puppet!” Li Yuan slowly flew into the air and spatial cracks immediately appeared in the air as if they wanted to devour him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When he saw Li Yuan’s actions, he felt that Li Yuan had just discovered something new. With a thought, the celestial guard immediately jumped up next to Li Yuan.

If a crack was to appear, the celestial guard would immediately punch the void to create a vortex to diffuse the crack. Although the effect wasn’t good, it still had some effect.

As Li Yuan flew higher and higher, more spatial cracks appeared. The celestial guard was like a golden whirlwind that surrounded Li Yuan and gave off a constant streams of rumbles.

As Li Yuan rose into the air, he looked into the distance. His eyes were filled with shock and a hint of disbelief.

Just at this moment, a crack several times larger than normal appeared below him. The crack that suddenly appeared gave off a powerful suction force that tried to devour Li Yuan.

Li Yuan’s expression changed and even more cracks appeared beside him. With so many cracks, not even the celestial guard was fast enough. They suddenly fell into a crisis.

Wang Lin stepped forward and slapped his bag of holding, causing the Mountain and River Screen to appear. The Mountain and River Painting covered the sky and immediately absorbed most of the spatial cracks. Wang Lin took this opportunity to charge forth and drag Li Yuan back.

At the moment the crack below Li Yuan attempted to devour them, the two and the celestial guard instantly returned back to the ground.

The painting in the sky looked as if it was torn with many small openings and looked as if it was damaged. Wang Lin’s expression was serious as he waved his right hand and the painting in the sky disappeared. The screen returned to his hand and he put it away inside his bag.

“Brother Xu, do you know what this place is?!” Li Yuan’s face revealed excitement and his eyes were still filled with disbelief. He took a deep breath and excitedly said, “Brother Xu, celestials rarely used bags of holding. In general, they often opened up their own spaces. Once the celestials die, these spaces do not collapse, but it is very difficult to open them once more.”

Wang Lin was startled and his expression immediately changed. He asked, “ Does Brother Li mean to say that our current location is within a celestial’s storage space?”

Li Yuan laughed. His eyes were filled even more excitement and he nodded. “Yes, it must be that this place is quite old and that the space became unstable, so cracks appeared. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for us to enter here.

“The dirt here was moved here from outside. Not even the mountain and tree belong here; they were all brought in from outside.”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and he slowly said, “Brother Li, if this place were to collapse, would everything inside shatter with it…”

Li Yuan was startled and he nodded. “Yes, this place is not a fragment like the outside. Once this place collapses, a powerful force will immediately cause everything inside to collapse as well, leaving nothing behind. However, Brother Bu can be at ease, because if there are no external interferences, then this place shouldn’t collapse. Unless… you… could you…” As Li Yuan spoke, he suddenly thought of something and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he softly said, “If that is so, then perhaps… I can set up a trap to deal with the Blood Ancestor!”

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