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Chapter 755 – Shocking Change

“Ancient god skin!” Wang Lin’s expression immediately darkened as he stared at the leather armor on the skeleton.

He couldn’t tell what feeling it was, but the moment he saw the armor, Wang Lin felt sorrow.

He carefully looked again. This was indeed leather armor made from the skin of an ancient god. Although he didn’t know how many stars this ancient god had, when looking at the leather armor, he thought of his original body.

Li Yuan whispered, “Does Brother Xu know this thing?”

Wang Lin shook his head head and calmly said, “I don’t know, but it looks similar to something a friend owned.”

Li Yuan didn’t ask more but looked at the tree next to the skeleton and began to deduce. A moment later, his hands formed a seal and pointed at the tree. The 18 Plum Restriction immediately appeared and charged at the tree.

One by one, the plum restrictions landed and then the space around the tree began to twist. Countless ripples appeared and even the skeleton below the tree began to twist.

Finally, a sound like a mirror shattering echoed and everything before them suddenly collapsed.

The tree was gone and the skeleton was gone as well. The only thing that remained before Li Yuan and Wang Lin’s eyes was a transfer array that gave off a soft light.

Li Yuan looked at the transfer array and said, “This is the third law of the eight laws of celestial restrictions. Its main purpose is mirages. The skeleton we saw wasn’t really lying under the tree!”

“Using the skeleton as bait to attract people and then kill them with this restriction. I can’t begin to guess how many people have died over the years.” Wang Lin nodded. He had also seen through this. If that skeleton was real, it would’ve been impossible for it to have remained intact for so long.

“This is a slaughter restriction… It looks like that leather armor is a very tempting celestial treasure!” Li Yuan’s eyes became cold.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said, “I just don’t know if this restriction was left by the celestials or a trap set by someone who came later!”

Li Yuan also silently pondered. He was also pondering this question. Then he slowly said, “In any case, I can determine that this is the first time that this restriction has been broken. After all, I observed it for a long time and it showed no trace of having been reorganized. The time the restriction has been around also matches this.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were focused as he slowly said, “It could be that some changes happened to the restriction over the years. This allowed some light to leak out and showed us the inside of the restriction…”

Li Yuan pondered slightly and nodded. “What brother Xu said contains some truth. There is 70% chance it is as brother Xu said. Of course, there is also the chance that this was deliberately set by someone to kill and steal treasures.”

Wang Lin and Li Yuan were both astute people with extraordinary minds. The two only needed to discuss a bit to be able to calculate an answer infinitely close to the truth.

Just at this moment, the transfer array that appeared after the restriction was broken began to show signs of instability. It was as if it had been hidden in the dark for so long that once it appeared, it began to conflict with the celestial spiritual energy in the surroundings.

Countless small vortexes had appeared on the edge of the transfer array. This was a sign of collapse. Some illusions appeared form the vortexes. Although they were all fragments of images, one could see the wreckage of ancient buildings.

Wang Lin and Li Yuan both noticed this at the same time and both of their eyes narrowed.

Li Yuan laughed. “It looks like brother Xu’s speculation is correct! Why don’t the two of us go and check it out?”

Just as Wang Lin was about to speak, a powerful divine sense spread out. This divine sense was too powerful; it was as if the divine sense itself contained a spell.

As it spread out, the clouds in the sky spread out as if didn’t dare to provoke it and allowed the divine sense to scan this fragment at will.

Li Yuan’s expression changed. At the moment the divine sense swept by, he felt like it was even difficult to breath. It was as if this divine sense was corporeal and was pressing down on his body like Mount Tai.

It also caused the celestial spiritual energy in his body to go out of control and forced him to cough out a mouthful of blood. The divine sense originally only swept by, but then it immediately came back and locked onto this location.

Wang Lin was even more shocked. This divine sense gave him a familiar feeling. However, at this moment, he immediately moved without any hesitation and charged toward the transfer array.

Li Yuan’s face was pale and he almost lost his wit as he followed closely behind Wang Lin.

The two of them were originally not far away from the transfer array. At this moment, they moved very fast and got even closer to the array. However, the divine sense suddenly became crazy and the area within 1,000 feet of them suddenly became red.

Strands of red smoke suddenly came out and became something like ghosts. They let out a sharp wails and charged at Wang Lin.

“Restriction!” Wang Lin shouted as he grabbed Li Yuan and charged toward the transfer array.

Li Yuan’s astuteness was not weaker than Wang Lin’s, so he immediately understood Wang Lin. If both of them attacked, it would slow them down. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin focusing on speed while Li Yuan focused on attack was the best choice.

While allowing Wang Lin to pull him, Li Yuan’s hand moved rapidly and countless restrictions began to appear. The moment the restrictions appeared, they trembled and divided into 18. A large amount of restrictions appeared in almost an instant.

A large amount of restrictions appeared and stopped the ghosts coming from the red smoke. Wang Lin didn’t look back as he pulled Li Yuan to the edge of the transfer array. He was one step from entering the transfer array.

Just at this moment, a cold snort came from the divine sense. Then a cold voice echoed in the area.

“Blood space, condense!”

The moment these three words appeared, a force immediately began to squeeze this 1,000 feet area. The space rapidly solidified as if was trying to freeze everything within this area.

Wang Lin was only one step from the transfer array. However, after he raised his foot to take the step, it was as if an entire mountain was tied to his back and his step slowed down.

Even his body felt countless powerful treasures squeezing him as if they wanted to keep him in place. Not only Wang Lin, but Li Yuan also felt this.

This power was simply too powerful; it was comparable to the heavens’ might. It was as if an invisible hand has fallen from the sky and grabbed hold of this 1,000 feet area. Its five fingers slowly closed in as if it wanted to crush this area.

Wang Lin’s face was pale and cold sweat filled his forehead. He couldn’t even lift his hand to take out a magical treasure. He could vaguely see a flash of red light charging toward this location from the distant void. A red figure was quickly condensing within the red light.

A sense of hatred was coming from inside the red light. This was a hatred that carried over across two star systems. The killing intent within was unimaginable…

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