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Chapter 754 – Ancient God Leather Armor

There were many celestial caves scattered across the numerous fragments of the Thunder Celestial Realm along with the treasures of their previous masters. These places were also filled with countless restrictions.

It was not simple to enter the dwellings of celestials.

Despite the fact that the Thunder Celestial Realm had opened countless times over the years, there were still places with restrictions not broken. These restrictions were often too powerful, and sometime there were places that cultivators shouldn’t touch.

In an area filled with debris, Li Yuan squatted down, touched the earth, and said, “Brother Xu, look here. This is a typical use of the fourth law of the eight laws of celestial restrictions. What it focuses on is causing disorder in the surrounding celestial spiritual energy in order to hide from divine sense!

“If I’m not mistaken, once this restriction is broken, the cave of a celestial should be revealed here!”

Beside him, Wang Lin looked attentively and nodded. “Brother Li means that the restriction here is primarily made of this soil?”

The fragment they were on wasn’t very big. Looking at it from afar, the earth was black and the sky was dark. There wasn’t any thunder here, but one could hear the muffled sounds of thunder.

There wasn’t anyone within tens of thousands of kilometers of these two. These two figures looked quite desolate here.

Li Yuan nodded and smiled. “I admire Brother Xu’s understanding of restrictions. In this past month, most of the times I said something, you were able to see the key points.” Li Yuan grabbed a handful of dirt and put it inside his bag of holding. He then said, “Brother Li should take some of this restriction dirt as well. Once we leave the Thunder Celestial Realm, the dirt may change after leaving the Celestial Realm environment. If that is really the case, then once we return to the Li family, it will be a good material for making the restriction compass.”

“Many thanks, Brother Li!” Wang Lin smiled slightly as he squatted down and grabbed a handful of dirt.

Li Yuan was very emotional as he sincerely said, “It should be me who is thanking you. If not for you, I would have already died, and let’s not mention you freeing me from the slave imprint!”

He became sober one month ago. After the initial confusion, his memories slowly emerged inside his mind. In particular, the various acts he committed while under the control of the slave imprint made it difficult for him to calm down.

After understanding everything, he was very grateful toward Wang Lin. He shared his study of restrictions without any hesitation with Wang Lin to express his gratitude.

“Once we return to the Li family, I’ll take Brother Xu to the ancestral inheritance temple. Once there, I can pay respects to the ancestors and then teach you the Annihilation Restriction to repay our debt!” As Li Yuan looked at Wang Lin, his eyes were crystal clear.

Wang Lin backed up a few steps and clasped his hands at Li Yuan. Although Wang Lin didn’t speak, his eyes showed the gravity of it all.

The Annihilation Restriction was one of the four great restrictions, and over the last month, Li Yuan had explained a lot of it to him. This restriction was a lot like a spell ,and although it wasn’t a celestial spell, it was comparable to one!

In order to learn this restriction, one must learn it at a place of inheritance. In this world, the Li family was the only place left!

“Unfortunately, the restriction here isn’t complete. It must have been broken by someone many years ago, but the method they use to break it is extremely crude!” Li Yuan looked at the earth and pondered a bit. He pointed between his eyebrows and a black line flew out. Then his hand immediately formed a seal and he pressed the seal down on the earth along with his finger.

“Break!” With one word, the earth seemed to shake. With Li Yuan’s index finger as the center, the earth trembled and suddenly the restrictions broken layer by layer. What appeared before Wang Lin was a celestial mountain and a beautiful pavilion.

This mountain wasn’t very tall and there was also a magnificent palace on its side. However, the mountain was filled with holes, as if there had been countless celestial plants there that were taken away. The only plants remaining were some very ordinary-looking trees that swayed in the wind.

The palace was also in ruin; it merely looked dignified.

“It is indeed as I suspected.” Li Yuan bitterly smiled and looked back at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “Brother Li’s restriction is really amazing. In the last month, you were able to see through restrictions right away. Although most of the time someone else had been there before, as time goes on, perhaps we will really find a complete celestial palace!”

“Each of the four ancient restrictions will have powerful spells when cultivated to the peak. Whether it is the celestials, or the demons high above, or the mortal beasts below, they can all be sealed!

“The 18 Plum Restriction is something derived from the Annihilation Restriction. However, it was spread outside, and that’s how the world outside found out about it.” As Li Yuan spoke, he was filled with confidence.

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan and said, “With how powerful the Annihilation Restriction is, there must be a lot of people seeking it in the Allheaven Star System…”

Li Yuan wryly smiled and nodded. “I don’t want to lie to Brother Xu. Over the countless years that the Li family suffered under the slave imprint, the Annihilation Restriction has been taught outside the family seven times! Every time was because it was the last resort.

“But…” Li Yuan looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “What they learned was indeed the Annihilation Restriction. The Li family didn’t hide anything from them and even let them comprehend it at the inheritance temple. However, without the restriction heart, it can’t be considered the real Annihilation Restriction!

“The restriction heart is something only the head of each generation can inherit. After we leave the Thunder Celestial Realm, I’ll go to the ancestral temple and permanently give you half of the restriction heart!”

Wang Lin was silent for a moment and then clasped his hands at Li Yuan once more.

Li Yuan quickly waved his hand. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly exclaimed and stared at the palace on the mountain.

“Brother Xu, look over there!”

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the palace. The dilapidated palace looked normal, but after staring at it for a long time, he seemed to have found some clues.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “The tree behind the palace. This whole time, only the left side has moved, while the right side didn’t move at all!”

Li Yuan’s eyes revealed shock and he nodded. “Although Brother Xu hasn’t learned the Annihilation Restriction, just your observation skills are enough to surpass many restriction masters.”

Wang Lin smiled and said, “It looks like our luck is pretty good.”

Li Yuan laughed and flew toward the mountain with Wang Lin. They soon arrived next to the palace. Wang Lin immediately noticed a gloomy aura coming from the motionless half of the tree.

This gloomy aura gave off a sense of danger.

Wang Lin stopped and Li Yuan stopped almost at the exact same time.

Under the tree, there were two white skeletons, and one of them was wearing leather armor. This armor was very rough and had some natural cracks.

At the moment Wang Lin saw the armor, his eyes suddenly widened, revealing a rare look of disbelief.

“This is…”

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