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Chapter 751 – Arrival of the Blood Ancestor

The wind blew by and dissipated all the blood mist. Wang Lin calmly watched all of this. This had nothing to do with him, so he naturally wouldn’t have tried to help.

Moreover, even if he wasn’t here, Ge Hong’s fate was sealed from the moment they stepped into the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“This Li Yuan’s scheme runs deep. If what he said is true, then the way he endured being next to Ge Hong the whole way can be considered terrifying! Only after arriving at the mountain did he finally spill everything, and only because this mountain was filled with restrictions. It seems this restriction has a lot to do with his ancestors.

“However, I haven’t confirmed if everything he said is true!” Wang Lin calmly looked at Li Yuan. His calmness showed no sign of joy or anger, making it impossible to see through what he was thinking.

“However, Ge Hong’s eyes were a bit strange. Why did she want to turn around to look at the stone statue before her death…”

Li Yuan took a deep breath before he turned to Wang Lin and calmly said, “Brother Xu, my restrictions can’t compare to my ancestor’s. What I need from brother Xu is the spell that allowed you to stop the Illusory Yin cultivator from escaping!”

Wang Lin’s expression was normal, but his thoughts moved. From this, he would determine if Li Yuan had really witnessed his battle against the Illusory Yin cultivator and saw him use the Stop spell!

“In my entire life, that was the first time I saw a spell like brother Xu’s. That spell is very powerful and can be considered unsurpassable. All things freeze at that moment. With Brother Xu’s help, I’m confident I can break the stone statue completely and restore my Li family’s freedom.

“I offer the Anilhantion Restriction and the 18 Plum Restriction as compensation!”

Wang Lin calmly looked at Li Yuan. If this matter was as simple as what Li Yuan said, then it wouldn’t be a problem lending a hand. Forgetting the Annihilation Restriction, just the complete 18 Plum Restriction would increase his power greatly. There were even parts of it that could be used to enhance his spells.

As he pondered, Wang Lin looked at the stone statue. He only took a quick look while avoiding the hand print and then quickly withdrew his gaze. He seemed to vaguely notice something. The appearance of the celestial seemed… somewhat similar to Ge Hong.

“Brother Xu, my cultivation can’t match yours; even with the restrictions, I can’t match you, let along that sword energy, so why do you still doubt me? Forget it, in order to show my sincerity, I’ll give you the complete 18 Plum Restriction. After the seal is broken, I’ll give Brother Xu the Annihilation Restriction!” Li Yuan’s voice was filled with sincerity as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin showed no expression, but he nodded.

Li Yuan took out a piece of jade without any hesitation. After imprinting on it, he threw it toward Wang Lin. What was inside were the remaining five statues.

After looking at it, he put it inside his bag and slowly said, “I can help!” Although he said this, Wang Lin became even more cautious. He felt like there was something wrong.

Although Li Yuan seemed to have said everything, Wang Lin felt like Li Yuan was still shrouded in a layer of fog.

Wang Lin coldly snorted in his heart. “I want to see what exactly this Li Yuan is planning!”

Li Yuan revealed a joyous expression. He then took a deep breath and slapped his bag of holding, causing the iron sword to fly out. While holding the iron sword in his right hand, his left hand gently stroked the iron sword.

A stream of blood immediately flowed down from the sword’s body, emitting a red, demonic glow.

Li Yuan muttered to himself, but Wang Lin couldn’t clearly hear what he said. Li Yuan kept muttering and then a powerful resentment aura came from the iron sword. It was not a single strand of resentment, but many fused into one.

A red flame burst forth from the iron sword. Inside the red flame, the strands of resentment turned into various human faces that constantly changed.

There was a similar branding between the eyebrows of every single face. As the faces changed, this scene started to look extremely strange.

Just at this moment, Li Yuan bit the tip of his tongue and spat blood into the red flame. The red flame absorbed the blood and suddenly grew.

Bursts of ghostly wails started coming from inside the red flame, and they surrounded the area. The entire mountain was shrouded in these ghostly wails.

Li Yuan’s expression was lit up by this red flame, and it gave off a fierce feeling. He touched his bag of holding and the compass flew out. The moment the compass appeared, Li Yuan threw it into the red flame.

When the compass was thrown into the flame, its pointer was started spinning rapidly. Each turn caused a ripple to spread inside the red flame and diffuse outward. This allowed the red flame to quickly spread outward.

In the blink of an eye, the red flame from the iron sword became dozens of feet tall. It was as if it wanted to fly into the sky and give off a constant red light.

The red flame flickered violently and then the compass inside shattered. The moment the compass shattered, the red flame became more intense.

After that, it was the iron sword that collapsed. It turned into molten iron that was absorbed by the red flame, causing it to grow even more. The red flame was now more than 100 feet tall, and it pounced on the stone statue.

The red flame suddenly surrounded the stone statue. Even the statue of the sword and the servant was surrounded in the red flame.

The stone statue seemed to be refined when the resentment inside the red flame entered the stone statue. Cracks gradually appeared on the statue, and more and more appeared as if it was about to collapse.

Li Yuan’s eyes glowed as he slapped his bag of holding and a jade bottle immediately appeared. He threw the jade bottle and strands of white light flew out into the red flame. The strands of white light entered between the cracks of the statue.

More and more cracks appeared on the statue and the statue crackled endlessly. As the white light and resentment entered the statue, it was as if something inside it was awakening.

Just at this moment, Li Yuan took a deep breath, and without any hesitation, he took out the last treasure from his bag of holding, the scroll! The scroll suddenly opened, and at the moment the painting appeared, the statue surrounded by the red flames suddenly trembled and the feeling of something awakening became even stronger.

Li Yuan shouted, “Brother Xu, use the spell and let me seal the remnants of the immortal soul inside the stone statue!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he sneered. Not only did he not use the spell, he quickly retreated. He was almost able to see the true karmic cause and karmic effect behind this matter.

Wang Lin’s retreat caused Li Yuan’s head to suddenly turn and look at Wang Lin. He revealed a fierce expression and shouted, “Fellow Cultivator Xu, if you don’t act now, when will you!?!?”

At this moment, even more cracks appeared on the statue, and it even showed signs of collapsing. The feeling of something awakening became even stronger. A majority of the resentment inside the red flame had been absorbed, and all of the white light was also absorbed by the stone statue.

This resentment and white light were like nutrients that gave the statue the power to break free. However, there was also a seal preventing the soul from escaping. The seal wanted the soul to collapse with it.

Wang Lin retreated even faster and retreated 1,000 feet in an instant. Li Yuan’s eyes became cold and his cultivation exploded like crazy. Although his cultivation was still at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, there was a terrifying aura within him.

His charge was like teleportation, allowing him to directly catch up to Wang Lin, and he shouted, “Fellow Cultivator Xu, why are you retreating!?”

“Fellow Cultivator Li’s story is very beautiful, but I fear your purpose is not to break the Li family’s seal but to revive the celestial statue!” As Wang Lin retreated, the shadow behind him flickered. The celestial guard stepped out and threw a punch at Li Yuan!

There was a huge bang followed by this punch, and its momentum was shocking.

Li Yuan sneered and revealed a hint of contempt. His hand formed a seal and he waved it, causing a black line to appear. The black line expanded and formed a triangle. As the punch closed in, the triangle flashed and appeared before the celestial guard’s fist.

In an instant, the triangle expanded rapidly and made contact with the celestial guard’s first. Then it spread across the celestial guard’s fist like a flexible cord. In the blink of an eye, it wrapped itself tightly around the celestial guard.

At this moment, the celestial guard was wrapped tightly by this triangle that gave off bursts of black light. No matter how hard the celestial guard struggled, it was useless.

“A mere low grade celestial guard dares to act presumptuous before me!” Li Yuan’s laughter was shocking!

However, Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral, and he gently said, “You were indeed lying before!”

Li Yuan looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “I don’t want to attack you. Now, obediently go back with me and use the Stop spell you inherited from the Rain Celestial Realm. Once this matter is complete, I won’t be cheap with your reward!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and shook his head. “You even dared to kill the descendant of your master, how can I believe you?” After his remark, Wang Lin immediately retreated and rushed away from his place.

Li Yuan’s eyes shined brightly. He charged out and slowly said, “It seems I really underestimated you! But you can’t run away from me!” As Li Yuan spoke, he waved his hand and a restriction flew out from between his eyebrows. The clouds in the sky suddenly opened, and in the distance, the space distorted and then Wang Lin appeared.

After being forced to appear, Wang Lin showed no signs of panic, as if he had already planned everything.

At this moment in the center fragment of the Thunder Celestial Realm. This fragment was not big, so the landmass was naturally smaller. Thunder-like iron bars surrounded the edge of this fragment.

There was a huge formation at the center of this fragment, and four elders were sitting there. Each one of the elders had white hair, but their bodies were gaining large amounts of origin energy.

The formation suddenly flashed violently, but the four elders didn’t budge at all; not even their eyelids twitched. A moment later, a shadow appeared inside the formation.

This shadow became red, and soon, a powerful blood aura diffused across the aura. The four elders opened their eyes and revealed serious expressions.

“Junior Wang Lin, this old man has arrived!” The shadow condensed to formed a middle-aged man wearing a red robe with red hair and red eyebrows.

Blood Ancestor!

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