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Chapter 752 – Karma

Li Yuan looked at Wang Lin and felt doubt in his heart. If this person had already understood the entire situation, why was he still so confident? There was something strange about this.

After letting out a cold snort, Li Yuan didn’t waste any time and stepped out. His right hand formed a seal. In a flash, a restriction suddenly appeared. This restriction was unpredictable and suddenly split into 18 restrictions. However, these 18 restrictions showed signs of collapse, as if they were extremely difficult to handle. However, this sign of collapse was extremely well hidden and difficult to notice.

The 18 illusory statues suddenly took physical form due to the restrictions around Li Yuan. The 18 statues shot toward Wang Lin like 18 celestials gods.

These 18 celestial statues gave off bursts of restriction light. In an instant, they surrounded Wang Lin.

“This is the real 18 Plum Restriction. Look closely!” Li Yuan’s eyes became cold and his right hand pointed at the air.

Wang Lin leisurely and casually said, “To kill the blood of your own master, such a person is without shame and conscience! Li Yuan, when you sacrificed the blood of your master’s descendant, did you not feel the sadness from your master’s statue!? Do you dare to turn around and look at the seal on your master’s right hand!”

“Don’t try to break my faith. Everything I do is to revive my lord; it is not something a mere child like you can understand!” Li Yuan’s eyes were gloomy.

Wang Lin had now confirmed his own guess. That Ge Hong was the descendant of the celestial in the stone carving. Back then, Li Yuan’s ancestor came with the ancestor of the Ge family. For some unknown reason, Li Yuan’s ancestor died and the treasures were taken by the Ge family ancestor.

However, Wang Lin was still confused about something. However, at the moment Li Yuan recognized the celestial guard and named the Stop spell, Wang Lin was suddenly enlightened and understood everything.

“You don’t even remember who you are… You are not Li Yuan!” Wang Lin’s voice was filled with mystery. As he spoke, the 18 celestial statues rushed toward him.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a mountain stone appeared in his hand. The stone immediately grew until it was the size of a small mountain and gave off an ancient aura. Wang Lin’s hand slapped the mountain, causing the mountain soul to appear and expand.

Wang Lin stood inside the ring, his eyes shining brightly.

“Li Yuan is a descendant of the Li family. He spent his life trying to release his family from the slave imprint. However, you are doing the opposite. Not only are you not trying to release the slave imprint, you are using the soul of all those slave imprints as sacrifices to revive your master. The key to all of this is the blood of the descendant, to use the blood as an offering to awaken the dormant soul sealed inside! Who the hell are you?!”

Li Yuan’s eyes became cold. His hand formed a seal and pointed at Wang Lin. The 18 celestial statues trembled and turned into 18 plum blossoms that rotated rapidly around Wang Lin.

It created a vortex with Wang Lin at the center. The vortex gave off a terrifying aura.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm without any sign of hesitation. His hand formed a seal and a restriction immediately appeared. This restriction flickered and divided into 18 as well, but six of them were still only illusions.

With a flick, the 18 restrictions flew out toward the 18 plum blossoms, causing the 18 plum blossoms to pause. At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared in his hand.

Holding the celestial sword, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he slashed down!

Heavenly Chop!

When the sword fell, the surroundings seem to freeze, waiting for the sword to descend!

Bang Bang Bang…

Among the 18 plum blossoms, three of them immediately collapsed. Wang Lin took a step and walked out of the vortex formed by the 18 plum blossoms.

“You are the soul of the servant of the celestial. As the slave imprint was engraved into the Li family, they became slaves to the celestial and followed your commands!

“Not only are you not Li Yuan, even the Li ancestor from tens of thousands of years ago that collected the three treasures was not himself. It was you who merged together with the slave imprint and reincarnated into the Li family!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he stepped out and spoke with resolve in his voice.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he coldly said, “That is why tens of thousands of years ago, when you first reincarnated, you were able to make the Ge family comply. Today, after tens of thousands of years in your second reincarnation, you are still able to make the Ge family comply. This is because you are driven by a sense of self righteousness that you must revive your master even at the expense of the entire Ge family!

“You can cheat others, but you can’t cheat me. As long as it is related to reincarnation cycle, there is nothing I can’t see through!”

Li Yuan silently pondered. When he heard Wang Lin’s words, the ripple caused a trace of resistance to suddenly appear in his heart. Li Yuan’s face revealed a sign of struggle. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He had been waiting for this moment! At this moment, the mountain soul condensed into a ball of fog and was thrown at the stone statue.

At the same time, Wang Lin pointed at the sky and with a thought, the shadow of a whip appeared. The Karma Whip appeared with a series of snapping sounds. The moment it appeared, Wang Lin grabbed the whip, stepped forward, and mercilessly swung the whip.


This whip was too fast. What it hit wasn’t the flesh or the origin soul but the karmic cause and affect!

When the whip landed on the struggling Li Yuan, his body trembled and he quickly retreated.

“Even the flesh you’re in rejects you! Because your soul is not of the Li family!” Wang Lin let out another roar and his eyes released a mysterious light. He then took out another step and pointed at Li Yuan.

Stop spell!

Li Yuan’s retreating body suddenly paused and the Karma Whip whipped him once more.

There was a crisp snap as the whip landed, causing Li Yuan’s body to tremble once more. The struggle on his face became ferocious.

Wang Lin was about to continue, but he suddenly stopped because the struggle on Li Yuan’s face suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Li Yuan’s body quickly retreated and rushed ahead of the mountain soul. A restriction appeared in his hand and he pressed it down on the mountain soul. He then looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “I’m not wrong!”

As if responding to Li Yuan’s words, the collapse of the stone statue became even more intense. All the resentment and white light inside the red flame was absorbed by the stone statue. Even the red flame began to shrank as if it would eventually be absorbed by the statue as well.

“I’ll allow my master’s spirit to break free and enter the reincarnation cycle. I’m not wrong! Not wrong! Even if all of Master’s descendants die, I’m still not wrong!” Li Yuan’s voice became more calm. As he stared at Wang Lin, his right hand lifted from between his eyebrows and a black line appeared from his hand.

This black line was exactly the same as the one that trapped the celestial guard. However, the moment it appeared, it showed signs of collapse, as if it wasn’t complete.

Wang Lin noticed this and remained calm. Those two hits with the whip had opened a hole in Li Yuan’s mind. This person was indeed as he had speculated: only the remnant soul left inside the slave imprint.

“Although I don’t know why you failed during your first reincarnation tens of thousands of years ago, it is obvious that you’re not confident this time either! Otherwise, why would you have taken interested in me mid way!?

“What you’re interested isn’t my Stop spell, but… this!” In Wang Lin’s right hand, the Karma Whip flickered in and out of existence.

Li Yuan’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he stared at the karma whip in Wang Lin’s hand and slowly said, “You are very smart… Yes, what I want is the whip containing the power of the reincarnation cycle and karma domain! Without it, I’m only 70% confident, but with it I’m 90% confident!” With that, his right hand pointed at Wang Lin. The black line connected at both ends to form a circle and flew straight at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin quickly retreated, but he didn’t panic at all. A majority of his previous actions were all to confirm his final speculation.

Once he confirmed the last speculation, he became 100% confident in leaving this place!

He was finally able to confirm his speculation when he heard Li Yuan’s answer about the Karma Whip! The black line closed in and Wang Lin retreated even faster.

“Since you failed during your first reincarnation tens of thousands of years ago, then you still won’t succeed during your second reincarnation!

“All of this is because your own master is unwilling!”

“Shut up!” This was the first time Li Yuan’s emotions had fluctuated so violently, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. He rushed out and waved his right hand, causing three more black lines to appear in his palm. The three lines formed three swords that shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a laugh and a ray of white light shot out from his mouth. The light turned into a screen that contained the Mountain and River Screen, revealing its majesty.

This was the first time Wang Lin had used this Mountain and River Screen. Even if Li Yuan had seen his battle against the Illusory Yin cultivator, it would be impossible for him to know he had this.

The moment the Mountain and River Screen appeared, the Mountain and River Painting appeared around Wang Lin. The current Wang Lin was like someone inside the painting. The black lines immediately entered the Mountain and River Screen and became dots in the painting that slowly moved toward Wang Lin.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, you also came here with these three treasures like today and also came with someone of the Ge family. The reason you didn’t succeed back then was because even your master wasn’t willing to awaken using such a method. As a servant to your master, are you really not wrong!?”

Wang Lin’s voice came out from the mountain and river. His voice carried the might of thunder and echoed across the world. This voice was so loud that the rumbling words echoed inside Li Yuan’s ears.

Li Yuan’s body trembled and the struggle appeared once more on his face.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. With a point of his finger, the karma whip appeared once more and whipped toward Li Yuan.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he shouted, “Look back at your master’s statue. What is that under your master’s eyes?!”

The Karma Whip pierced through space and landed on Li Yuan, causing his body to tremble. However, there seemed to be an invisible force that made him look back at his master’s statue on the mountain peak.

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