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Chapter 750 – Slave Imprint

The person standing at the tip of the sword charged into the sky. A soft wind blew by the person, causing his body to tremble. Then he suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground.

The sword seemed to let out a cry of sorrow as it fell from the sky and stabbed into the top of the mountain. There was a ripple and then a large chunk of the mountain fell off.

A large amount of shattered rocks gathered around the sword, and in the blink of an eye, the sword turned into a stone statue. Beside it, a statue of its owner also appeared.

The figure of the servant at the tip of the sword slowly formed as the shattered stones gathered.

These stone statues were very rough-looking, but as time passed, they became more and more distinct, as if they were gaining spirit.

The seal from the stone statue had occupied Wang Lin’s mind. The seal emitted a powerful light in his eyes. It was as if the statue was coming to life and the stone eyes had begun to show intelligence.

“Future generations with my bloodline, release the restriction and let me awaken… If you don’t have enough power, then remember this for future generations…”

The moment that sentence appeared, the imprint that occupied Wang Lin’s mind wanted to take root and brand itself onto Wang Lin.

Luckily, the intense pain from Wang Lin’s body stimulated his mind and shocked him out of it. He immediately retreated a few steps and closed his eyes to sober up.

At the same time, the power burning his body filled his whole body and dispersed the imprint in his mind.

The moment he became sober, Wang Lin opened his eyes, and they were filled with aghast. He took a deep breath and retreated several more steps. This stone statue was simply too strange, but thanks to his 1,000 years of cultivation, he was able to take some guesses.

The seal from the statue was obviously a celestial spell, and it was some kind of inheritance. However, what it passed down wasn’t power, but a slave imprint that lasted for generations!

However, no spell in the world could escape the passage of time. This celestial spell might have been extremely powerful before, but as time passed, it became weaker and weaker.

Even so, if Wang Lin’s body wasn’t burning, it would have been hard for him to fully awaken. However, what confused Wang Lin was that the collapse of the imprint wasn’t because of the burning force. Although the burning force helped push it to collapse, the source of the collapse was the imprint itself.

Li Yuan looked at the stone statue and softly said, “Did you feel it…”

“Brother Xu can rest assured, that imprint will not enslave you and will dissipate… Because it has already imprinted on someone. My ancestors came here a long time ago and broke the restriction with their methods to arrive at the top of the mountain. From then on, they became slaves to this celestial… The following generations of descendants of my ancestors also had the slave imprint…” Li Yuan looked at the statue It was as if he was muttering but also speaking to Wang Lin at the same time.

Li Yuan softly said, “The statue of the celestial can’t be broken…” He lifted his right hand and pressed down on the statue. The celestial spiritual energy in his body surged out and countless cracks appeared on the statue. The cracks climbed all over the statue like centipedes.

In an instant, the stone statue collapsed into countless pieces.

However, the moment it collapsed, those shattered pieces reformed once more and it was back to normal in an instant.

“Brother Xu, you saw.…” Li Yuan turned around and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was serious as he nodded.

Li Yuan let out a bitter sigh and slowly said, “A long time ago, my Li family was famous in the Allheaven Star System as one of the six ancient cultivation families. The family cultivated the dao of restriction. Every generation, there were people who broke through the first step of cultivation into the second step.

“The Li family from back then was at the zenith!

“However, after my family’s ancestors entered this place, no one in the future generations was able to break through the first step of cultivation. The peak of the late stage of Ascendant was the limit… It was as if the potential of the family members were slowly sucked away at birth…

“In addition, even our lifespans slowly disappeared. In the same cultivation realm, my Li family members’ lifespan is only 30% of others’… All of this is because of the slave imprint!” Li Yuan suddenly turned around and stared at the statue with monstrous hatred in his eyes. The hatred was immediately replaced by melancholy, and Li Yuan’s face began to struggle.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He stood on the side and silently pondered.

Shortly after, it seemed as if Li Yuan’s body had been standing under rain, as his clothes were completely soaked in sweat. It was as if he had suddenly become a lot older in an instant. His hand formed many brandings and he placed them between his eyebrows. Each branding was formed by countless restrictions, and as they imprinted between his eyebrows, his eyes slowly regained clarity.

Li Yuan let out a mouthful of foul air and bitterly said, “Brother Xu, when I get too emotional, it becomes hard to control the slave imprint.

“Over the countless years it was because of this slave imprint that my Li family gradually declined. The clan members died one by one and their cultivations wee stuck at the first step. They slowly lost the glory of the past…

“Until tens of thousands of years ago, my Li family had an incomparable genius; he had talent far greater than all the ancestors. He had a terrifying comprehension of restrictions. If it was before my Li family was branded with the slave imprint, he would have become the strongest person in my Li family!

“Although this ancestor’s cultivation was stuck at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, his control over restrictions made it so that not even second step cultivators would carelessly provoke him. In order to break the slave imprint on my Li family, he used his limited lifespan and left the Allheaven Star System. He traveled to visit experts on restrictions in hopes of finding a method to break the imprint.

“In the Alliance Star System, he traded his restrictions for a scroll from a powerful cultivator. In the Cloud Dust Star System under the Wind Celestial Realm, he traded the family’s savings for a compass.

“Before his life span was about to end, he returned to the Allheaven Star System and came back to the Li family. Half of the remaining Li family members voluntarily gave up their lives and used their souls to imitate the soul of the celestial to refine an iron sword!

“He used the iron sword to gather the souls, then condensed them with the compass, and finally sealed them with the scroll. When that ancestor’s lifespan was about to end, the Thunder Celestial Realm opened. He took the three treasures along with all of my Li family’s hopes into the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“Unfortunately, there were no more news from the ancestor. From then on, my Li family fell into despair and declined even more. The family members died one by one. The slave imprint was like a curse that last reincarnation cycle after reincarnation cycle, and my Li family could never escape… To this day, including me, my Li family only has three people…”

Li Yuan’s voice was filled with sorrow. He suddenly turned and gloomily said, “It wasn’t until 1,000 years ago that my father saw the iron sword by chance at a remote cultivation planet! If that was all, it wouldn’t have been much. After all, it had been too long, and we had no way to judge if it was something that belonged to our ancestor.

“But this iron sword was refined by half of the souls of my family. My father was able to see the anger and grievance of my family members at a glance.”

Li Yuan’s right hand reached out, and after creating a flash of light, a vortex appeared. As the vortex rotated, Ge Hong appeared with a terrified expression.

To her horror, her body was dragged out of the vortex and thrown to the foot of the statue.

“The family that owned the iron sword had the surname Ge!” Li Yuan’s eyes became vicious and were filled with hatred.

“If it was in the old days, when my Li family was still strong, destroying something like the Ge family would only take but a flick of my finger. However, now my Li family’s cultivation is stuck at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, and even with the help of restrictions, we can’t beat the Ge family, which has two second step cultivators.

“Several years later, I went out in disguise and entered the Ge family. I found out about everything…” Li Yuan bitterly looked up at the sky.

“The Ge family already knew of my identity since a long time ago… However, they said nothing about the past and sent me to the Thunder Celestial Realm along with Ge Hong and the three treasures.”

“Even though they didn’t say anything, I could have guessed what happened back then, given my intelligence!” Li Yuan’s eyes became vicious as he stared at Ge Hong and slowly said, “Today I came to complete the wishes of my ancestor, but before this, I need your blood to appease the tens of thousands of years of despair that my Li family ancestors have suffered!”

When Li Yuan said this, his right hand reached out and immediately grabbed Ge Hong. His hand held her forehead and her eyes were filled with despair. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t speak.

Wang Lin frowned and slowly said, “Fellow Cultivator Li, the matter between your Li family and the Ge family have nothing to do with me. Why did you brother bringing me here?”

Li Yuan turned around toward Wang Lin and calmly said, “I saw Brother Xu’s battle with that Illusory Yin cultivator through my restrictions. One of brother Xu’s spells is very useful to me. Brother Xu can relax, I will not ask you to help for nothing. After this matter is complete, I’ll give you the complete 18 Plum Restriction along with my family’s Annihilation Restriction as compensation! Now, I ask brother Xu to not be impatient, as I must first offer sacrifice to my family’s souls!”

Li Yuan’s eyes were filled with deep hatred as celestial spiritual energy surged out from his body and rushed into Ge Hong like a raging dragon. The woman revealed a bitter expression, but her eyes were extremely clear. She struggled to look back at the stone statue, and after taking one look, she suddenly understood something. She opened her mouth to say something, but in the end she never got the chance.

Her body exploded into a mist of blood and covered the stone statue. Her origin soul was absorbed by the statue and disappeared.

Li Yuan silently pondered as he looked down at his hand with a confused expression. After a long time, he let out a sigh and said, with an ancient tone, “Ancestor, your family member, Li Yuan, will finish what you started…”

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