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Chapter 749 – The Hilt and the Tip of the Sword

“I want your 18 Plum Restriction method!” Wang Lin’s voice was quiet, but the meaning was shocking.

Wang Lin knew that the 18 Plum Restriction was very famous back in ancient times, but it was kept very secret. Outsiders could never learn it, and as for disciples, depending on their status, they could only learn up to 9 Plum Restriction! Only the master could learn up to the full 18 Plum Restriction!

Today, this restriction method was long lost and many restriction masters felt that it was regrettable.

The first time Wang Lin had heard of the 18 Plum Restriction was inside the cave in the Demon Spirit Land. When he saw 18 restrictions appear the moment Li Yuan moved his hand, Wang Lin began to suspect it.

What made him suspect even more was that when he received the jade with information on the hidden restriction, 18 statues appeared the moment he examined it!

These 18 statues were very different from plum blossoms. At that time, Wang Lin was confused, but after pondering carefully, he saw through some clues.

Although his voice was calm, he was only testing Li Yuan. If Li Yuan refused, then Wang Lin would no longer be interested. Whether Wang Lin wanted to attack or leave would only require a single thought from him.

This was the main reason why Wang Lin had followed them the entire way. If it was only for the vague possibility of the origin tool, Wang Lin wouldn’t have followed them until now.

However, this Li Yuan was too mysterious. Wang Lin wasn’t sure if this person was really only at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. This was why Wang Lin didn’t act on the way here.

Wang Lin only acted after they had arrived at the destination!

Li Yuan pondered for a bit before smiling. “Only the 18 Plum Restriction? If Brother Xu fancies it, then I’m happy to oblige.” He slapped his bag and took out a piece of jade. The jade was placed between his eyebrows for a few moment before he threw it to Wang Lin.

“That is he 13 Plum Restriction. I’ll naturally give you the remaining five after we enter the mountain.”

Wang Lin caught the jade and scanned it. Although his expression looked neutral, his heart began pounding. There were no chants inside, only 13 large statues and a total of 13 plum blossoms.

From beginning to end, the woman named Ge remained silent, as if nothing was related to her. She silently looked at the mountain before her and was in a trance.

“Brother Xu, the 18 Plum Restriction is not the only restriction I know. Do you know of the four great restrictions?” Li Yuan turned toward the mountain and started walking. It seemed like he wasn’t afraid of Wang Lin leaving with the jade at all.

After putting away the jade, Wang Lin’s eye were calm as he walked toward the peak.

“Rumors have it that when the world was born, the law of the world came to be. A long time ago, that law split into nine parts, and one of them was a restriction! It was also called formation! Different names, but the same meaning!

“Heaven, Earth, Mystery, and Yellow were the four grades of restrictions for a long time!” Li Yuan didn’t turn around as he casually walked toward the peak. The woman named Ge followed behind and was still in a trance.

“However, there is another grade above those four, and we call it Void grade! The Void grade is split into the four great restrictions. This mountain has the Annihilation Restriction of the four Void grade restrictions. No one has been able to reach the peak because this peak has no end!” Li Yuan’ voice slowly entered Wang Lin’s ear.

“Brother Xu must be puzzled on why I know all of this.” Li Yuan stepped over a protruding rock, then his right hand formed a seal and he pressed it down randomly in the void.

This press caused the entire mountain to flash and shake violently. A rumble echoed across the mountain and the entire mountain shrank by half.

Although one still couldn’t see the peak, it was obvious that the peak was a lot lower.

“So, what if you embark on the path to the peak? Without a way to crack the restriction, one can search the entire mountain and not even see through the clouds!” Li Yuan turned around and looked at Wang Lin with a smile that was not a smile.

“Brother Xu, do you have any questions?”

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan and calmly said, “You’re very noisy!”

Li Yuan frowned and immediately smiled before turning around and continuing. However, he stopped talking and his eyes were filled with nostalgia, as if every plant on the mountain was extremely familiar to him.

When they reached the middle of the mountain, Li Yuan’s right hand formed more complicated seals this time and he pressed it down on the void. The mountain rumbled again and shrank once more. Wang Lin’s pupil’s shrank as he could vaguely see the peak.

Just as Li Yuan was forming the seal, a voice faintly entered Wang Lin’s ear. “Senior, save me. This person is crazy. He…”

This voice came from the woman named Ge, but before she finished speaking, Li Yuan coldly looked at her, causing her to stop.

“Ge Hong, if you want to speak, just directly speak; there is no need to use divine sense.” Li Yuan’s eyes were cold and contained a hint of mockery. After entering the mountain, he was completely different from before.

Ge Hong pondered a bit before clenching her teeth and taking a few steps back until she was next to Wang Lin. It was as if only by doing this would she feel safe.

“I know who you are, but you didn’t come to my family by accident; you have a purpose!” Ge Hong didn’t want to die. Even if she already had an answer in her heart, she wanted to fight for that chance at life.

Li Yuan smiled and nodded. “That’s correct!”

Ge Hong’s face was pale and she snapped, “Why me? The person who took your master’s thing was not me but the Ge ancestors!”

Li Yuan’s eyes became cold and he smiled, “Because you are a direct descendant of that thief. In the entire Ge family, you are his only direct descendant.”

Ge Hong’s eyes revealed fear as she took out her bag of holding and screamed. “I’ll give you everything in here. There are the scroll, the iron sword, and the compass. Those are the only three things. I’ll give you them all, so let me go. I’m begging you to let me go.”

Li Yuan accepted the bag of holding. His eyes were filled with a complex expression. Then he gently patted the bag and three things flew out. First was the iron sword, then a simple compass, and finally an ancient scroll.

Li Yuan picked up the scroll and opened it up with a shake. As he stared at the painting inside, his eyes filled up with melancholy.

The painting on the screen was a mountain. This mountain was very tall with most of it in the clouds. At the base of the mountain there was a flying sword heading toward the sky.

There was a man standing on the hilt. This person was only a blurry shadow. There was also a figure standing on the tip of the sword. The back of this person was very similar to Li Yuan’s.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He looked at Li Yuan and had a speculation in his heart. This painting was obviously from before the Celestial Realm collapsed. If that was the case, could this Li Yuan be a celestial!?

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air, but he also felt like this wasn’t true!

Li Yuan let out a sigh as he put away the scroll. Then he put away the sword and compass as well before looking at Ge Hong and calmly saying, “Let’s go!” He turned around and walked toward the top of the mountain.

Ge Hong’s face was pale and she clenched her teeth. She didn’t follow him up the mountain but charged down the mountain at full speed.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he moved forward.

As for Li Yuan, he didn’t mind Ge Hong leaving. He continued to walk forward without turning back or stopping.

“Brother Xu must have a lot of doubts, but please don’t ask. When we reach the peak, I’ll naturally tell you. Even I’m a bit fuzzy on the matter…” Li Yuan’s voice was a bit strange.

Wang Lin didn’t speak as he walked toward the peak with Li Yuan.

Along the way, all of the restrictions were cracked with a wave of Li Yuan’s hand. The restrictions he used got more and more complex, and they caused the mountain to shrink more and more.

Every time the mountain shrank, the peak became closer. Eventually, the mountain shrank enough that the peak was in sight.

There was a huge, stone statue on the top of the mountain. This was a sculpture of a middle-aged man, and beside him was a flying sword. There was a person standing at the tip of the sword.

When he saw the stone statue, Li Yuan became excited and subconsciously sped up. He dashed forward and arrived next to the statue in the blink of an eye. Standing before the 100-foot-tall stone statue, his eyes were filled with sadness.

Wang Lin also arrived at the top of the mountain and looked at the stone statue. There was a natural feeling coming from the stone statue, and it gave off a sense of majesty. It also gave off a hint of restriction.

In particular, this statue’s right hand formed a seemingly simple seal, but upon closer inspection, it was shockingly complex. When Wang Lin’s gaze fell on it, his mind trembled. It was as if there was a mysterious power trying pull out his soul.

Countless whistles of swords entered his ears and his vision became blurry. He looked around and saw countless celestials holding various weapons. They were charging into the sky to battle the heavens!

These celestials gave off flashes of thunder. When they raised their hands, they released powerful bolts of thunder that charged into the sky.

But the sky was completely empty! There were no enemies fighting these celestials, but there were celestials exploding one by one!

This strange scene shocked Wang Lin’s mind. At this moment, a celestial flew out from the pack. His sword was covered in purple thunder and there was a person standing on the hilt. This person was the same person as the stone statue.

There was also a person on the sword tip, but this person didn’t resemble Li Yuan at all!

When the sword charged out, all of the celestials scattered. It gave off a sword energy that caused Wang Lin’s soul to tremble from just a glance and charged into the sky.

During that instant, he seemed to heard a quiet cry in this silent illusion.

“As long as I’m alive, the soul won’t die!”

The moment this voice came, the man standing on the hilt of the sword collapsed, leaving behind the servant standing at the tip of the sword. He was staring at the empty hilt.

An extreme sense of sadness came from the servant’s eyes. It was as if the master on the sword hilt was his sky. Now the sky had collapsed and there was no one on the hilt…

From then on, there was only him and the sword left in this world. There was only emptiness above the hilt of the sword…

He looked up at the sky with the will to die. He stepped on the tip of the sword and, following his master’s footsteps, he charged into the sky.

“When the master dies, the servant follows!”

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