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Chapter 748 – To Raise a Difficult Question

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he looked at the mountain. The mountain was so tall that he wasn’t able to see the peak. It was as if there was another universe past the peak.

Bursts of silver, dragon-like thunder were coming from the clouds along the peak. There were also muffled echoes of roaring thunder.

When Wang Lin looked at the mountain, he could feel an ancient aura. This was the mountain’s soul.

As the woman named Ge stared at the mountain, her eyes revealed a mysterious light. Her body trembled and she subconsciously looked at Li Yuan. At this moment, he had his back toward her, and his back clearly entered her vision.

After looking at the mountain and then at Li Yuan, that sense of familiarity suddenly came back and exploded. The woman named Ge’s expression was filled with fear. This fear was several times stronger than when she looked at Wang Lin.

She remembered!

Just at this moment, Li Yuan turned around and meaningfully looked at the woman, causing her words to stop at the entrance of her mouth. She lowered her head and remained silent for a moment before she looked up once more. Her eyes were calm, as if she had understood everything.

Li Yuan looked at the mountain and slowly said, “This mountain is nameless! There are many restrictions inside. The Thunder Celestial Realm has opened countless time, but you can see that not many have cracked the restrictions inside!”

The woman named Ge silently pondered and calmly looked at the mountain. She was extremely familiar and unfamiliar with this mountain at the same time.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Let’s go!”

Li Yuan nodded and walked in front. He stepped closer and closer to the mountain. The thunder was extremely loud at the base of the mountain and one could clearly see flashes of thunder descending.

Li Yuan’s steps were firm as he stepped on the mountain. This mountain had no path, but since the Thunder Celestial Realm had opened countless times, a path naturally formed as people came and cracked the restrictions in the mountain.

The woman named Ge followed behind Li Yuan and leaned slightly to the side. She bit her lip as she looked at Li Yuan and thought “I should have already seen through this… That figure when compared to that thing in the family… So familiar… So it wasn’t a legend…”

The woman revealed a bitter expression. She understood why this Li Yuan had appeared in the family. This was all because he had purposely contacted them.

She also realized that if it wasn’t for Li Yuan using some special method, the family wouldn’t have let her come to the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The family ancestor’s complex gaze from when they left appeared in her head. Back then, she felt that it was strange, but now she understood.

The family ancestor knew all of this… Otherwise, why would no family member come to the Thunder Celestial Realm for tens of thousands of years.

It was as if the Thunder Celestial Realm was a forbidden area for their Ge family!

And all of this changed due to the arrival of Li Yuan. She became the first family member in tens of thousands of years to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm. The only person to accompany her was this Li Yuan!

“So the ancestor sent me to the Thunder Celestial Realm for atonement… This is why the ancestor gave me the family inheritance treasure…” The woman named Ge let out a pitiful smile.

“Li Yuan promised to bring back my sliver of soul probably because the sacrifice won’t work if my soul isn’t complete…” At this moment the woman named Ge’s mind was clear, as if she had seen through everything.

Her various changes in expression would naturally not escape Wang Lin. He noticed that after she saw this mountain, her emotions had been changing constantly.

His gaze moved from the woman and landed on Li Yuan’s back. Although his expression was calm, his mouth revealed a sneer. Wang Lin had concluded that Li Yuan had long taken notice of him; even the restriction was probably to lure himself to appear.

It could even be said that the various matters before were all due to Li Yuan’s scheme. Although there were few things Wang Lin wasn’t clear about, it didn’t stop him from seeing through this matter.

A hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes. He would not show mercy to those who plotted against him, but right now he had other plan. The killing intent that came out from his body was like a sharp sword!

Just at this moment, Li Yuan also stopped. He didn’t turn around but said, “Brother Xu, I’m not as unbecoming as you think… Meeting you was part of my plan, but there was also fate!” The way he called Wang Lin subconsciously changed.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he calmly asked, “What exactly is in the peak of this mountain?”

Li Yuan silently pondered before he looked at the peak of the mountain that extend endlessly into the clouds. His eyes revealed a hint of melancholy and he softly said, “My master is there…”

Wang Lin frowned. At this moment, Li Yuan turned around and looked at Wang Lin. The current him was very different from before entering the mountain; it was as if he had become a different person. He softly said, “Brother Xu, with your cultivation level, you won’t be able to leave this mountain without my permission!”

Wang Lin calmly said, “The 18 Plum Restriction, I know a thing or two!”

The moment he said this, Li Yuan was startled. This was not fake, he was indeed shocked. It was as if it was the first time he had seen Wang Lin. Li Yuan frowned and said, “Although not many people know of the 18 Plum Restriction, it is not as if no one knows it. It is not surprising that brother Xu knows.”

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan and smiled. “So what you used is indeed the 18 Plum Restriction!” His shadow flickered and the celestial guard flew out.

The moment the celestial guard appeared, its punch landed on the void behind them. When the punch landed, the entire peak shook and a vortex appeared. This vortex led outside!

The celestial guard withdrew its fist and returned back into Wang Lin’s shadow.

Wang Lin didn’t move. He calmly looked at Li Yuan and slowly said, “This place can’t trap me!”

Li Yuan’s expression immediately became gloomy. He looked at Wang Lin for a long time before slowly saying, “It seems I have underestimated you. However, even if you have this puppet…”

Wang Lin sneered and his right hand pointed forward. The final strand of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy came out. After his cultivation level increased, his control of this sword energy had become very refined.

The moment the sword energy appeared, a whistle echoed across the heavens and earth and the entire peak trembled. The sword energy was so fast that in the blink of an eye, it stopped before Li Yuan’s forehead. It was like a real sword was being pointed between Li Yuan’s brow.

“What if I add this?” Wang Lin’s voice was cold.

Li Yuan closed his eyes. A moment later, he opened his eyes and slowly said, “Since Brother Xu is like this, I presume you think the reward isn’t enough. Please clearly state what you want!”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. This Li Yuan was very intelligent, so he was able to understand what Wang Lin wanted. The reason Wang Lin was willing to take out Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was to force Li Yuan to say this!

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