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Chapter 746 – How Much…

Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy and his pupils shrink when he saw the thunder chain in the old man hands. His heart was filled with terror. Even Wang Lin with his thunder origin soul and thunder body could not casually hold the thunder chain like that.

After all, just the thunder it gave off contained a trace of celestial thunder, so there was no need to mention the entire chain.

He couldn’t see any clue about the old man’s cultivation level at all, but he could imagine it was extremely high. In addition, he could vaguely feel a sense of returning to the origin from this old man.

Wang Lin subconsciously took a few steps back. He was very unfamiliar with this old man, so presumably, the fated person was not him. His gaze turned and fell on Li Yuan.

Li Yuan was also extremely surprised. When he saw Wang Lin’s movement, he guessed that Wang Lin didn’t know this old man. Then it became obvious that the fated person the old man talked about might be himself. He carefully looked at the old man and felt rather puzzled. He respectfully said, “Senior, the person you are talking about is…”

The old man walked out from the thick fog and stared at Li Yuan. He pointed at Wang Lin and said, with dissatisfaction, “Little fellow, the fated person this old man talked about is you! Come here!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he said, “I have never met Senior before. How are we fated?!”

The old man examined Wang Lin a bit and smiled. “Have you forgotten already? Anyone who can escape from the old man’s prison tunnel is fated with this old man!”

Wang Lin’s expression immediately changed. He looked at the old man, and after pondering a bit, he slowly said, “So it was Senior who set it up… I just don’t know why Senior did it.”

The old man revealed an impatient expression and stepped forward. Then his hand reached toward Wang Lin and he said, “What is all this nonsense? If this old man says you’re fated, then you are!”

Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy and he quickly retreated. He couldn’t see through this old man’s cultivation, so he couldn’t do battle and could only run!

The old man let out a mischievous smile and his hand reached out. In an instant, the area within five kilometers was filled with a powerful force. This force was simply too strong, and it also contained an unimaginable amount of origin energy.

One grasp caused Wang Lin’s expression to become pale and he found that he couldn’t move at all. It was as if someone had used the Stop spell on him. He could only watch as the old man’s hand reached toward him.

His eyes shined brightly, and as the old man’s hand closed in, he bit his tongue. Rather than spitting it out, he swallowed the essence blood and activated the escape spell he learned from the old man in the Demon Spirit Land. The blood had already formed an internal cycle inside his body.

As this internal cycle moved, his body loosened and disappeared in a flash. He reappeared a distance away and escaped without looking back.

The old man softly exclaimed. His eyes revealed a hint of interest and he smiled. “He is indeed worthy of being fated with his old man if he knows such an incredible spell that damages oneself to escape!” He then withdrew his hand and shot toward the void.

That grab earlier only used 10% of his power. At this point, he was more serious and used 20% of his power with this palm. One palm caused the void to twist like it was about to be torn apart and ripples appeared.

Then the old man softly said, “Reverse!”

In the blink of an eye, the entire void flickered as if everything had changed. Wang Lin’s eyes blurred and his body quickly moved backward. This posture was exactly the same as when he ran.

In almost an instant, when he regained his vision, he was actually standing 30 feet away from the old man. Cold sweat instantly covered his forehead. This kind of spell was already beyond his imagination.

The old man looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “Why are you not running?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before clasping his hands and respectfully saying, “I don’t know what Senior wants, but Junior’s cultivation level isn’t high enough to meet Senior’s requirements.”

The old man’s gaze fell on Wang Lin’s bag and he said, “No problem. You can’t help me, but the Thunder Beast inside your bag can. Let this old man borrow it for a while and then I’ll return it to you.”

Wang Lin secretly let out a sigh. He didn’t know how the old man knew what he had in his bag of holding. He slapped his bag of holding and the Thunder Beast flew out. The moment the Thunder Beast appeared, before it could even let out a roar, it was grabbed by the old man and dragged away. The old man smiled. “Very good, it is actually a silver-horned Thunder Beast, very good. Little fellow, this old man is not only taking this Thunder Beast; every Thunder Celestial Temple messenger’s Thunder Beast will belong to this old man for a period of time!”

The Thunder Beast finally regained its senses and was shaking from terror. This was the first time the Thunder Beast had showed this kind of behavior.

Upon seeing that the old man was about to leave, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and loudly said, “With Senior’s cultivation, how could Senior just take a junior’s possession like this?”

The old man stopped and turned around to look at Wang Lin. He smiled and his eyes revealed admiration. “You want compensation? Interesting, but I can’t just use your Thunder Beast in vain!” He looked at Wang Lin and said, “Your cultivation is a mess. A thunder origin soul and t a thunder body, what is this? Let this old man give you a helping hand!”

The old man’s right hand reached out and a large amount of dust gathered in his hand to form a ball of light. He then spat out a mouthful of energy into the ball of light and threw it without even looking. The ball of light shot directly toward Wang Lin.

The ball of light was too fast for Wang Lin to dodge, and so it directly entered his chest.

After doing all of this, the old man waved his sleeves and laughed. “You guys can’t break through here, so let me give you all ride!” As he waved his sleeve, a powerful force appeared, taking Wang Lin, Li Yuan, and the woman named Ge before disappearing.

“That iron sword is a bit familiar. Forget it, the matter at hand is more important, so I’m not going to think about it.” The old man looked at the Thunder Beast in his hand. The more he looked, the more pleased he became and he smiled. “Yes, after this old man uses some spells, this Thunder Beast should be able to pull the chain!”

The Thunder Beast carefully looked at the old man. Its heart was beating wildly, but it didn’t dare to make a sound.

The old man’s body flickered and then he disappeared with the Thunder Beast. However, almost right after he reappeared, he looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to and muttered, “Just then how much energy did I put into it? Uh… It seems I put a little too much… That little guy should be alright… Regardless, if he doesn’t die, then he really is fated with this old man.”

The old man stepped forward and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin’s group of three was sent through the fog by the old man and they were currently whistling through the fog. This kind of speed couldn’t be described anymore; it was simply too overwhelming.

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