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Chapter 747 – Burning

In an instant, Wang Lin’s vision blurred and his body fell and landed on the ground.

Li Yuan’s expression was pale as he landed 100 feet from Wang Lin. As for the woman named Ge, her face had no trace of blood and she immediately began to puke. The speed was so fast that her body was almost unable to bear it.

The moment he landed, Wang Lin immediately felt a powerful pain coming from the ball of light in his chest. This pain was so intense that it almost completely drowned him.

His body trembled. This feeling was like when a mortal swallowed a piece of burning coal. Imaginable heat was coming from inside his body as if it was trying to burn his entire body to dust.

Li Yuan adjusted his breath and his eyes lit up before looking at Wang Lin. At this moment, Wang Lin looked like he was in a lot of pain; it was as if a flame was burning inside his body.

The woman named Ge’s eyes revealed a hint of viciousness as she stared at Wang Lin. She could tell that Wang Lin’s current condition was not good. She gently touched her bag of holding and a black dagger appeared in her hand.

The moment the dagger appeared, countless ghosts appeared around it. This dagger was also an inheritance from her family and was highly toxic. The toxin could corrode the flesh, and the ghost sealed inside was extremely harmful to one’s origin soul.

Li Yuan slightly frowned, but he didn’t stop her. If this person was killed like this, then even if this person went to that place, he wouldn’t be able to reach the final destination.

The woman named Ge knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If she gave up this chance, she might never have another. She clenched her teeth as she held the dagger and was about to step forth.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. They were no longer filled with thunder but instead flames. He stared at the woman holding the dagger and said, in a hoarse voice, “The dagger is not bad; are you going to gift it to me?”

The woman named Ge was frightened and her eyes were filled with fear. She subconsciously took a few steps back and said, “Yes… yes…” With that, she quickly threw the dagger on the ground.

Wang Lin closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he regained his clarity. His right hand reached out and the dagger flew into his hand. After taking a closer look, Wang Lin put it inside his bag of holding.

The ball of light condensed by the old man had exploded in Wang Lin’s body, placing him in a huge crisis. That feeling of his body burning still existed.

However, what was surprising was that this burning had no harm to his cultivation and instead was very beneficial. As it burned, Wang Lin could even feel his cultivation slowly improving, and he became infinitely closer to breaking through the peak of the late stage of Ascendant.

However, this process was painful enough to make him go crazy. Fortunately, Wang Lin’s mental strength was as stable as a rock after 1,000 years of cultivation, so he simply endured the pain. On the surface, others couldn’t see anything abnormal at all.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral and his voice was no longer hoarse as he calmly asked, “Li Yuan, is the place you talked about on this fragment?”

Li Yuan’s eyes gave off an indiscernible flash as he bowed and respectfully said, “Senior, right now Junior is not sure. I need to go to the center of the fragment and observe for a while.”

Wang Lin glanced at Li Yuan and nodded.

Li Yuan’s body moved and he flew forward. As for the woman named Ge, she was now extremely terrified of Wang Lin and followed closely after Li Yuan. However, she could still feel a pair of eyes filled with killing intent watching her from behind.

Wang Lin casually followed behind them. The reason he didn’t kill this woman was because she was a key for Li Yuan! Li Yuan was probably a big reason why she was able to come to the Thunder Celestial Realm.

According to his previous speculation, if Li Yuan’s purpose was just the iron sword and the restrictions, he could have easily take it from the woman when they entered the Thunder Celestial Realm. There must’ve been karmic cause and karmic effect behind his actions.

Wang Lin was calm. While he followed behind them, he was also enduring the pain inside his body. Right now he felt very complicated toward the old man.

On one hand, he was grateful that this person had given him the opportunity. Although he was suffering from great pain, his cultivation level was slowly increasing. On the other hand, he hated the old man for taking the Thunder Beast and toying with him twice.

After letting out a secret sigh, Wang Lin focused his mind and suppressed the pain. He could clearly feel that his body was undergoing some kind of change after the ball of light entered him. He felt as if the ball was trying to condense the thunder his body and form a true body of flesh and blood.

Wang Lin didn’t know how long this process would take. However, he had a feeling that the moment his body finished changing and the pain disappeared, he would break through the first step of cultivation!

Wang Lin’s cultivation had reached the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, and even his domain evolved to the karma domain. However, he had no clue on how to make a breakthrough.

At this moment, he took a deep breath and decided to not suppress the pain. Instead, he let the pain explode and thus increased the speed of his cultivation.

If one looked from a distance, they would see a faint flame coming from Wang Lin body, as if he was burning. If one was close, they would even hear the crackling sounds of his flesh burning.

It was as if it was burning away impurities.

As Li Yuan flew, he didn’t turn around, but there was a flicker of restrictions between his eyebrows. With these restrictions, he could complete a lot of spells that normally required his divine sense.

He clearly saw through the state of Wang Lin’s body. After pondering a bit, he regained his focus. The higher Wang Lin’s cultivation level, the smoother this trip would be. However, he couldn’t let Wang Lin actually reach the Illusory Yin stage, or else there might be problems.

Li Yuan thought, “It looks like I can’t hesitate anymore!”

One month later at the center of the fragment, Li Yuan carefully looked around as if he was trying to match an image in his head. After a long time he nodded. “After looking at two fragments, I have determined the general location of the forbidden area. However, it is not here, but to the east!” Li Yuan turned and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral as he calmly said, “Just lead the way.”

After the location was determined, their speed naturally picked up. Li Yuan no longer tried to stall for time and sped out. From the eastern edge of the fragment, they once more got on the thunder chain and headed into the void.

The woman named Ge was helpless and could only follow. Three months later, they had crossed four fragments. On this day, Li Yuan stared at the towering mountain ahead and revealed a trace of extremely well hidden excitement.

“This is the place!”

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