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Chapter 745 – Very Good, Very Good

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on Li Yuan’s feet. At the moment his feet landed, Wang Lin had a strange feeling. It was as if that person and the iron sword had become one.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and then withdrew his divine sense. He stepped forward and entered the void. The moment he entered the void, it was as if he had passed a boundary, and the rumble from the thunder seemed to increase several fold.

The woman named Ge snorted in her heart and thought, “This magical treasure is inherited from the family. Although it has no power, it is unmatched in resisting thunder!” With her thought, the flying sword began to move along the thunder chain. The thunder from the chain seemed to have no effect on the flying sword.

The woman named Ge looked at Li Yuan and frowned. The location he was standing on made her feel very uncomfortable. However, this was not the moment to say anything. Although the sword wasn’t very fast, it was stable as it flew along the thunder chain.

The surroundings were filled with nothingness, and one couldn’t see anything before them. However, no cultivator in the Thunder Celestial Realm would get lost. As long as they followed the thunder chains, they would find the right direction.

Shortly after, as the sword flew, they slowly entered the void. The woman couldn’t spread out her divine sense, so she didn’t see Wang Lin. She wondered if she had lost him, so she turned around and immediately felt as if a bolt of thunder had penetrated her. She was frozen, her eyes were filled with aghast, and the terror she felt toward Wang Lin reached a peak.

She saw Wang Lin treading on the thunder chain in his white robe. He walked step by step as if he was walking on flat ground.

The thunder moved through his body, but it had no effect on him. In fact, he felt very comfortable, and his origin soul was even absorbing all the thunder.

As Wang Lin walked, he set off violent waves of thunder behind him. This scene was very clear, even from a distance. It was like a bright beacon at night.

Li Yuan, who was on the sword’s tip, was filled with melancholy. As he stood on the tip of the sword, waves of emotions were set off in his heart. He was almost unable to control it.

“Old friend, it has been a long time… long time… since we meet…” Li Yuan let out a sigh in his heart and then immediately focused his thoughts. He immediately became aware of the woman named Ge’s change and subconsciously looked back. When he saw Wang Lin walking on the thunder chain, his pupils immediately shrank.

“He can stand on the thunder chains between the fragments with his body!” Li Yuan’s expression shank but quickly returned to normal.

Wang Lin didn’t speak along the way, but the thunder was like a burning fire at night. The thunder behind him gradually disappeared. After spending most of a month in the void. the trail of thunder behind Wang Lin had disappeared completely.

Only at this moment did Wang Lin relax. That thunder wasn’t something he wanted, it was because his own body contained thunder. That thunder was formed by the friction from the thunder inside his body and the thunder outside.

Wang Lin didn’t like this kind of phenomenon because it was too showy and could invite unwanted trouble. Now that his body had adapted to the chain, he relaxed a bit.

“When listening to the two of them, it seemed the reason Li Yuan’s life soul is in the woman’s family’s hands is because they saved him. However, I fear there is something more…” While he moved along the chain, he was still observing the two and pondering the situation.

“That woman’s sword can cause Li Yuan to have such a reaction. I guess being saved and then locked to the woman’s family was all part of his plan!” Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the iron sword. After taking many careful looks at the iron sword, he wasn’t able to find any clues. This iron sword had very strong resistance toward thunder. The deeper one traveled on the thunder chain, the stronger the thunder became, but the iron sword wasn’t affected at all.

Along the way, the three of them didn’t speak at all. Every time the woman named Ge looked at Wang Lin, there was fear in her eyes. She was now really afraid of Wang Lin. He had captured her heavenly ghost with ease and was able to safely step on the thunder chain. All of these things made her develop a fear toward Wang Lin.

Especially when she considered the fact that a part of her soul was in his hands. It made her even more terrified.

The woman thought, “I don’t have any real death grudge with him, only some conflict. Since he is a senior, as long as I remain obedient along the way and follow orders, I should be able to survive.”

As for Li Yuan, he suppressed the shock in his heart about Wang Lin and quietly stood at the tip of the sword. He remained motionless as if he had always been like this.

Time quickly passed. The three of them had flown in the void for almost two months. The Thunder Celestial Realm was too big, and in these two months they met no cultivators. It was as if for these two months, the three of them were the only people left in the world.

The boring flight made the woman named Ge extremely irritated. However, each time she wanted to vent on Li Yuan, she would have an inexplicable feeling that this figure, this scene was somewhat familiar.

This familiar feeling made her suppress her temper. However, no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t remember what this familiar feeling was.

“I always feel like I have seen this scene somewhere before…” The woman named Ge spent most of her time pondering this question.

On this day, as they proceeded farther, the thunder became even stronger. The roars of the thunder echoed endlessly. The thunder spread out like dragons and scattered in all directions.

Wang Lin also felt discomfort from the chain, and he became vigilant because what made him feel uncomfortable wasn’t the thunder but the vibrations coming from the thunder chain.

These vibrations were coming from ahead, and they were causing the thunder chain to tremble and send thunder scattering in all directions.

Even the light screen around the iron sword flickered as if it could break at any time. The woman named Ge seemed to panic and increased her control. Li Yuan frowned slightly.

As they moved forward, the vibrations increased even more. The thunder seemed to contain a violent aura and a slight touch would cause a thunderous rumble.

Wang Lin was still frowning, and the caution in his eyes became stronger. He had a bad feeling, as if there was a terrifying existence ahead.

“Senior, although Junior hasn’t been to the Thunder Celestial Realm before, I know that the chains connecting the fragments shouldn’t shake so violently. Senior, look over there!” Li Yuan pointed toward the void on the left. At the end of the void there were vague flashes of light.

“Senior, there should also be a thunder chain over there, but we can still see the light. I fear that the shaking is not only our chain but a majority of the thunder chains in the region! I think there is something big happening!”

“How about… How about we return? Before I came here, the old ancestor in the family told me that if the thunder chains connecting the fragments shake, that means… that means that the two fragments are going to collapse!” The woman’s expression was pale and she could also feel the vibrations from the chain.

The vibrations became more frequent and more violent. The thunder that the vibrations were giving off was very shocking.

Wang Lin had already become aware of where Li Yuan pointed. After pondering for a bit, he gloomily looked ahead and slowly said, “The answer is before us. There is already no path for retreat, so we’ll know once we see it.”

Li Yuan nodded. He also had this idea. They had already travelled this far, turning back now wouldn’t help. Although cultivators needed to be cautious, when faced with a path of no retreat, they needed to bravely move forward.

Li Yuan looked at the woman and explained, “Lady Ge, although the vibrations of the chain have to do with us going deeper into the void, it is too late to retreat!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak anymore, but his body flickered and he increased his speed. He jumped over the two and charged ahead.

Li Yuan looked at Wang Lin’s back and thought, “He indeed wasn’t using his full strength before. This person is not simple! My ability to gauge a person is not wrong! How could someone who defeated an Illusory Yin cultivator be simple!?”

Not long after Wang Lin charged into the void, his eyes suddenly narrowed and he stopped. He stared ahead and saw a large area of fog filled with celestial spiritual energy spreading out. The fog was boundless and blocked all paths forward.

At this moment, the iron sword caught up. When Li Yuan saw the fog, he was startled. After taking a closer look, his expression changed and he shouted, “This is a restriction!”

Wang Lin had recognized that this fog contained traces of the power of a restriction. He slowly said, “Since this is a restriction, are you confident in cracking it?”

Li Yuan frowned and carefully looked at it. His eyes shined and he said, “I’m not confident. This isn’t a single restriction but many restrictions combined, and they are borrowing the power of thunder from the Thunder Celestial Realm. Just who has the courage to actually place a restriction like this?!”

His expression was very serious as he slapped his bag of holding and a compass appeared in his hand. The pointer spun non stop as his hand formed seals while he calculated and his eyes shined even brighter. Just at this moment, the compass in his hand exploded into dust and dissipated.

“This is a mid heavenly restriction that uses the Thunder Celestial Realm as its base with 9,999 spirits to act as formation eyes. It can form a huge and incomparable formation that can refine everything in the world!”

Just at this moment, a laugh came from the fog in the distance followed by an old man walking out from the fog. He was holding something in his hand, it was a thunder chain!

“Eh? Meeting you here proves that you are indeed someone fated with this old man! I was about to find you, but you came here yourself. Very good, very good!”

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