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Chapter 744 – Sword Tip

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan with a smile that was not a smile. His gaze was like a sword that directly saw through Li Yuan’s heart.

Li Yuan’s expression didn’t reveal any panic and instead became even more calm. There was no discomfort as he respectfully said, “Senior must be wondering why Junior didn’t go there and broke the restrictions himself.”

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan. This person’s intelligence was far from something that woman could compare to and was not ordinary at all. From what he heard from the two of them, this person was rescued by the woman’s family, but the price was handing over his life soul.

However, Wang Lin had always felt that their conversion earlier had been led by the person named Li Yuan as if he was trying to point something out.

Li Yuan’s expression remained neutral, then he revealed a look of sincerity and said, “In my earlier days, I found an ancient map that depicts a forbidden area in the Thunder Celestial Realm from before the Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed. Junior is confident in finding that place as long as it still exists. As for the restrictions there, Junior is 70% confident in breaking them.”

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change and he didn’t speak.

“If Junior is not wrong, there are origin tools inside the forbidden land. These are origin tools that are completely preserversed. If the restrictions can be removed, Senior can take half of the origin tools!”

The woman beside Li Yuan opened her mouth, but in the end she chose to remain silent.

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan. After a long time, he smiled and nodded. “OK, but…” As Wang Lin spoke, he suddenly raised his right hand and reached out. The woman’s body immediately trembled and a ghost-like shadow was pulled three inches out of her body.

All of this happened in an extremely short period of time. The woman’s face was deathly pale, as if she lost a lot of energy.

“I need to obtain a soul as a safety precaution!” The shadow condensed into a ball of light and Wang Lin put it into his bag.

Li Yuan’s expression was neutral, but he was extremely vigilant inside his heart. He knew that this person’s intelligence was not below his. This person decided to extract this woman’s soul rather than his. Could it be… that this person had seen through something!?

“Also, I’m very interested in the method you used to hide your restriction.” Wang Lin’s gaze fell on Li Yuan.

Li Yuan pondered a bit before taking out a piece of jade and spending a long time marking it. He then gave it to Wang Lin and said, “Since Senior is interested, then Junior won’t be stingy.”

Wang Lin caught the jade. After scanning it with his divine sense, he immediately frowned.

At this moment, although Li Yuan had his head down, he still saw the faint frown Wang Lin had. He thought to himself, “This cultivator is strange and is extremely knowledgeable, or else he wouldn’t have seen through my restrictions earlier. However, no matter how knowledgeable he is, he can’t see through my restriction methods!”

While thinking about the source of his restrictions, Li Yuan felt bit depressed.

Wang Lin indeed didn’t understand this restriction. Even with his understanding of restrictions, when he first saw the restrictions in the jade, he felt like he couldn’t tell head from tails. This restriction was clearly different from the restrictions he had learned, and they might not even be celestial restrictions.

When he started to observe the inside of the jade, 10 statues appeared. When he attempted to comprehending them, they began to overlap and caused his mind to be shaken.

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense. Although he couldn’t see through it, he managed to find something familiar within. He didn’t point it out but put it away and softly said, “Lead the way!”

Li Yuan quickly nodded and arrived next to the woman named Ge. However, the woman waved him away and with a snort jumped on a ray of sword energy before flying into the distance.

Li Yuan didn’t mind. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin before a ray of light appeared under his feet and he flew into the sky.

Wang Lin unhurriedly followed behind them. His eyes flickered as he examined Li Yuan.

“There was probably both true and false information in his speech. Right now I’m starting to wonder if he calculated all of this from the moment he first saw me…. If that is really the case, then his scheme runs too deep!” Wang Lin was always suspicious of others. Although Li Yuan looked ordinary, Wang Lin always felt something mysterious when talking to him.

“If what he said was all true, then I can forget this matter. However, if there were any lies that are disadvantageous to me, then I will kill those two!” Wang Lin’s killing intent was very well hidden.

The woman named Ge was filled with resentment, but she didn’t dare to vent it on Wang Lin. However, her heart was filled with hatred for Li Yuan.

“If it wasn’t for the problems in Li Yuan’s restriction, how could it have attracted that person? I just managed to create a connection with my heavenly ghost, and it was taken by that person!”

“Moreover, if that person wanted security, why did he take my soul but not Li Yuan’s?!” The more she thought about it, the more she hated Li Yuan.

Just at this moment, Li Yuan flew next to the woman. He looked ahead and said, “I remember that that place is not on this fragment. We need to go past that thunder area to find it.”

The woman named Ge let out a cold snort and didn’t speak. However, Li Yuan’s voice suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Lady Ge, I have already wrapped my divine sense in restrictions, so he can’t hear us. This person heard our talk earlier, so he knows that my life soul is in the hands of your family. As long as he controls you, he controls the two of us.

“However, Lady can rest assured, I’ll definitely find a way to retrieve your life soul!”

Li Yuan’s voice was very cautious, but it revealed sincerity and determination. Although the woman named Ge let out a cold snort, her heart became much more calm. It seemed she at least somewhat believed Li Yuan’s explanation.

Several days later as the three flew, the edge of the fragment appeared. Strands of thunder extended into the darkness like chains.

Once they were at the edge of the fragment, Li Yuan turned around and respectfully said, “Senior, these thunder chains contain a lot of power. Even powerful cultivators have to be extremely cautious on them. Senior, please be careful!”

When standing here, one could experience the majesty and might of the Thunder Celestial Realm. Here was also where one could feel how broken the Thunder Celestial Realm was.

If one looked from above, the edge of the fragment was an irregular zigzag shape. It was as if a giant pair of hands had torn the fragments apart! On the edge were broken layers of dirt that extended downwards. There was no end in sight, only the endless void.

It was as if this fragment was floating in the void.

When standing here, one could hear the thunderous rumbles before them. The sound was sometimes strong and sometimes weak. This created an illusion that made people not know where they were.

It was also as if they were at the center of the world and they were stepping on the void.

On the side of the fragment, strands of thunder were flashing. These strands of thunder seemed to be nailed into the side of the fragments and were extending into the void. The strands of thunder overlapped, forming chains. Although they look like they led to the void, Wang Lin could imagine them connected to another fragment on the other side.

This entire Thunder Celestial Realm was linked together with these thunder chains. They were like wires that connected a majority of the fragments of the collapsed Thunder Celestial Realm.

If one looked down from high above in the Thunder Celestial Realm, they would immediately see it all. All of the fragments were linked together with these thunder chains, allowing the broken Thunder Celestial Realm to remain standing.

Those fragments really looked as if a pair of giant hands torn them apart.

Wang Lin sighed in his heart. I was just like when he saw the giant hand print in the Rain Celestial Realm. These scenes made it so he couldn’t help but guess what happened countless years ago to cause the Celestial Realm to collapse like this.

It wasn’t that Wang Lin hadn’t guessed that this was caused by the ancient gods, but there were many problems with this theory. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin focused and looked at Li Yuan and the woman named Ge.

“How did the two of you get past these thunder chains?”

Li Yuan had been closely observing Wang Lin’s expression and found a trace of confusion when they arrived at the edge of the fragment and saw the thunder chain. This confirmed his speculation that this was this person’s first trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm!

After hearing Wang Lin’s question, Li Yuan respectfully said, “The key to getting past the thunder chain depends on Lady Ge.”

The woman named Ge let out a snort as she slapped her bag of holding and a black, iron sword flew out. This sword looked extremely normal without anything special about it.

However, after it appeared, Wang Lin noticed Li Yuan reveal a hint of uncontrollable excitement, but that was quickly hidden. Just as that excitement disappeared, he seemed to casually look at Wang Lin.

After discovering that Wang Lin hadn’t noticed him, he relaxed a bit.

The woman named Ge’s gaze fell on the iron sword. She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out blood. Then her right hand moved and she drew a rune with the blood. A similar rune appeared between her eyebrows and flashed along with the one she drew as if they were checking if they matched. Then the rune suddenly fell on the iron sword.

The sword trembled and a circle of light spread out. Li Yuan suppressed the agitation in his heart, stepped into the light, and landed on the sword. He stood in a strange position; he was on the tip of the sword! His back was facing Wang Lin and his face revealed a trace of reminiscence.

At the moment Li Yuan’s feet landed, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and stared at his feet. Wang Lin seemed to have noticed something, and lightning flashed across his eyes!

The woman named Ge frowned before stepping forward and landing on the hilt of the sword.

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