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Chapter 743 – Li Yuan

After taking a few looks, Wang Lin landed. This restriction wasn’t very large, only about several thousand feet wide. What was wonderful about this restriction was that it was intertwined with the mountain nearby, so it was extremely well hidden.

If Wang Lin wasn’t confident that there were no restrictions here before, then he could have easily missed this. What was more important though was the celestial spiritual energy this restriction gave off.

“This restriction contains celestial spiritual energy which merged with the surroundings. This is quite amazing! However, it is precisely this celestial spiritual energy that is the flaw. After all, these are two types of celestial spiritual energy, and they wouldn’t completely merge in a short period of time.” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and deduced the restriction in his mind. Just as he was about to step forth, he thought of something.

“Wait, with how ingenious this restriction is, such a loophole shouldn’t exist! The celestial spiritual energy could have been removed, making the restriction even more hidden. With how skilled the person who set up the restriction is, that person shouldn’t have made this kind of mistake…”

Wang Lin slightly frowned before spreading out his divine sense and finding no clues for kilometers. He pondered for a while and muttered, “Strange, there is clearly an aura of a restriction, but I see no restriction. Could I be seeing things…” His eyes lit up before disappearing over the horizon. He flew toward the edge of the fragment and completely disappeared.

Time slowly passed. One hour later, on the restriction 100 feet to the side of the mountain, a ripple appeared and two people walked out.

These two were the man and woman Wang Lin met one month ago.

The woman stared with hatred at where Wang Lin disappeared and said with dissatisfaction, “Didn’t you say that your restriction can merge fake with reality and attract all cultivators on this fragment? Why wasn’t that person fooled just now?!”

The man beside her frowned slightly and said, “Maybe that person hasn’t truly left. We shouldn’t have appeared so hastily.”

The woman coldly said, “Don’t try to dodge the subject, I’m asking you a question!”

The man sighed and whispered, “Maybe he saw through it…”

“Don’t think too highly of others. Didn’t you hear that person mutter to himself that he couldn’t even see that there was a restriction!? Before, I told you to leave more flaws, but you were too self-righteous!” The woman was rather dissatisfied and her tone became worse.

The man revealed a hint of contempt in his eyes, but it was very well hidden. He plainly said, “Cultivators that come to the Thunder Celestial Realm are people who have cultivated for a long time and are highly intelligent. If I leave too many flaws, no one would believe it. If I leave no flaws at all, even if second step cultivators come, I’m confident they won’t see through it.”

A flash of killing intent appeared in the woman’s eyes and she coldly smiled. “Li Yuan, you have guts. Are you saying my cultivation time is too short!?”

The man pondered for a long time and respectfully said, “My life soul is in my lady’s family’s hands, how would I dare?!”

The woman coldly said, “It’s good you remember. If it were not for my grandfather, who took pity on you and gave you the pill, you would have died 100 years ago with your injuries!”

Li Yuan revealed a bitter expression and let out a sigh. His expression suddenly changed and he whispered, “Quickly return to my restriction, someone is coming!”

As he spoke, he stepped forward. The woman was even faster and directly stepped into the ripple. The two entered the ripple and soon the ripple disappeared. Even if one checked with their divine sense, all they would see was an ordinary rock.

A ray of sword energy came from afar and circled the area before landing. Then the light disappeared, revealing a middle-aged man. This person stared at the restriction and exclaimed. After looking cautiously for a long time, his eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out. When he found no abnormalities, his eyes released a mysterious light.

He pondered for a bit before taking a few steps back and slapping his bag of holding. A ray of white light immediately shot out. When it landed on the side, it turned into a puppet made of wood.

The puppet had inscriptions and markings engraved on it that gave off burst of white light.

The middle-aged man’s hand formed seals and he muttered to himself. With one point of his finger, the wooden puppet began to slowly move. It became more flexible until it was finally like a real person. It jumped into the restriction, and after walking a few steps, the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Explode!”

The puppet’s body trembled, the white light intensified, and with a bang, the puppet’s body collapsed. The shock from the collapse quickly spread and broke the restriction, exposing a hole that was hidden by the restriction.

The middle-aged man’s eyes revealed joy. He slapped his bag of holding and took out another puppet. This puppet directly jumped into the hole under the control of the middle-aged man.

Shortly after, the man’s eyes revealed ecstasy and he charged into the deep pit without any hesitation. Right after he entered, he immediately let out a scream and his origin soul came out of the hole filled with fear. However, just as he left, a green shadow came out and pulled him back in.

Ripples appeared once more from the rock 100 feet away and Li Yuan and the woman walked out. Looking at the hole, Li Yuan let out a sigh and turned his head. As for the woman beside him, she revealed a look of excitement. She walked to the hole and then reached in with her hand as if she was stroking something. She softly said, “Be good, eat one more and we will change places. This time I’ll definitely let you eat your fill in the Thunder Celestial Realm.”

“Interesting!” Wang Lin’s figure appeared not far away. He never left but used an illusion as a disguise and saw a good show.

The woman’s expression changed as she turned around and stared at Wang Lin, who had suddenly appeared. She frowned and was about to speak when Li Yuan stepped forward, standing before the woman. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Fellow cultivator, before, we offended you with the matter regarding the restriction. Right now…”

“Why are you wasting time with him? This person’s cultivation level is same as ours. If both of us attack, we can feed him to my pet!” The woman let out a cold snort and charged forward. She slapped her bag of holding and a feather fan immediately appeared. The fan flew out with fierce killing intent toward Wang Lin.

Li Yuan bitterly smiled as his right hand formed a seal and restrictions immediately appeared. The restrictions combined together and began attacking Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, he could be considered the top first step cultivator. At this moment, he charged forward and flicked his finger, shooting out a bolt of thunder. The bolt of thunder hit the feather fan. The thunder dissipated and the feather fan collapsed without any ability to resist.

Since her magical treasure was destroyed, the backlash of it caused her body to tremble violently and she coughed out blood. She then took several steps back and her face was filled with horror.

Wang Lin had only taken one step. Instead of the fan, what Wang Lin paid more attention to was Li Yuan’s restriction. The restriction split into 18 restrictions that overlapped and connected with each other.

This restriction was very strange; if one looked at it purely with the intention of cracking it, it would take some time to do so. However, right now it was a battle. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t try to crack it but raised his hand. The thunder inside his origin soul appeared once more, forming a giant palm. The palm smashed down directly toward the 18 overlapping and interconnecting restrictions.

After several bangs, the 18 restrictions collapsed one by one as they weren’t able to withstand the power of the palm. After all the restrictions collapsed, the palm still hadn’t dissipated and landed directly on Li Yuan’s chest.

Li Yuan coughed out blood, his face turned pale, and he retreated a few steps. He stared at Wang Lin with a look of disbelief.

At this moment, Wang Lin took the second step and directly stepped over the two people. He arrived next to where the restriction was and looked down into the pit.

There was a cloud of green yin energy inside the pit. At the moment Wang Lin looked down, the yin energy flew out, forming a huge skull that gave off a green glow and immediately rushed to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light and he softly said, “Heavenly ghost!”

At this moment, the woman revealed a horrified expression and shouted, “Devour him!”

The skull formed by the heavenly ghost gave off a green light that made the world look green. As it rushed toward Wang Lin, there was a flash of light from between Wang Lin’s eyebrows and the Karma Whip suddenly appeared.

The moment the whip appeared, it immediately whipped at the heavenly ghost. The heavenly ghost let out a miserable scream and a large amount of green gas released from its body. It was about to retreat, but how could Wang Lin let it escape? The Karma Whip immediately wrapped around the heavenly ghost and pulled it back. Then Wang Lin took out the one-billion-soul soul flag and immediately threw the heavenly ghost inside.

“With this, the chance of refining the second celestial guard will be much greater!” Wang Lin turned around and looked at Li Yuan and the woman.

The woman revealed a terrified expression. She couldn’t imagine how this person was able to easily capture the heavenly ghost that her family had been raising for many years.

Li Yuan’s expression was extremely. Just now, he saw the whip that had suddenly appeared next to Wang Lin. He sucked in a breath of cold air and said, with a complex expression, “Senior, the two of us…”

“The two of you setting up a restriction to trap people have nothing to do with me. However, since the two of you took the initiative to attack me, then I can’t let you off easily!” Wang Lin’s expression showed no joy or anger, but those words caused the woman’s body to tremble. Li Yuan let out a sigh in his heart.

He pondered for a moment while looking at Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Senior, this matter was our fault. This junior knows an extremely secretive place where restrictions exist and presumably celestial treasures as well. Junior offer this place to settle this matter.”

The woman beside him no longer had any spirit and didn’t dare to speak.

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