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Chapter 738 – Want to Kill!

“Since this place collapsed when I fell, that means that this place is unstable. So even if this place is sealed with a powerful spell, it still won’t be able to withstand the collapse of the Celestial Realm!” Wang Lin calculated that staying in this tunnel would get him out of here.

To be more exact, this location was the connecting point fo all the tunnels. Almost all of the branching paths were connected to this tunnel.

“Exits that appear at fixed times to lure me and make me increasingly irritated when I try to rush at them. This person sure is bored!” A hint of coldness flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes.

How could he be willing to be fooled by another person like this? Right now he had to break through this scheme with his own strength!

Wang Lin raised his head and locked onto the dirt above him. He then slapped his bag of holding and the God Slaying War Chariot flew out, turning into the Thunder Beast. At the moment the Thunder Beast appeared, it let out a roar. It was connected to Wang Lin, so without waiting for Wang Lin’s order, a large amount of thunder moved through its body and gathered at its silver horn.

At this moment, its silver horn gave off a bright light. As it roared, the beast charged up carrying the powerful light. It was like a sharp sword that charged toward the dirt above the tunnel.

A loud rumble echoed across the passages and a violent tremble suddenly appeared. Wang Linu could clearly feel the powerful tremble that spread across the tunnels and immediately affected all the other tunnels.

The Thunder Beast’s body was knocked back. The powerful rebound force was something it almost couldn’t bear. After retreating a few steps, its body trembled, but its eyes were filled with battle intent and an unyielding gaze.

Just at this moment, a shadow flickered behind Wang Lin and the celestial guard flew out. Its body was covered in a golden light and it threw a punch at the spot where the Thunder Beast’s attack landed.

Boom! The earth-shattering explosion caused a violent tremble that spread across the area.

The celestial guard’s body was sturdy, so it withdrew its fist and threw another punch, causing more trembling. The rebound force was intense, and after five punches, the celestial guard had to back up. The golden glow around the celestial guard dimmed and its aura became unstable.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. The location he chose couldn’t be wrong. At this moment, the celestial guard retreated and Wang Lin took out the celestial sword containing the awakened Xu Liguo. The celestial sword rushed forth along with Xu Liguo’s cursing.

The Thunder Beast, celestial guard, and celestial sword’s successive attacks caused the fragment to tremble violently, especially this tunnel. Because this tunnel was connected to all the other tunnels, all the other tunnels trembled violently as well.

Wang Lin let out a roar, then his hand formed a seal and the celestial spiritual energy in his body surged. His origin soul gave off thunder and thunder gathered in his hand. He threw the thunder, and the Thunder Beast also roared and charged out with the thunder.

The celestial guard followed closely after!

The entire fragment began to tremble violently. At this moment, the violent trembling caused the tunnel to collapse!

The collapse of one tunnel caused a chain reaction, so all the connecting tunnels instantly collapsed as well. The collapse spread and a large amount of dirt fell. However, a trace of origin energy appeared and surrounded the surrounding area.

The origin energy threads were very dense and rarely intersected. However, every time the lines intersected, a light door appeared.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He didn’t think the spell would still exist after the collapse of the tunnels.

However, without the obstruction of the dirt, it was much easier for Wang Lin to leave through the exit that appeared every half an hour.

At the moment the next light door appeared, Wang Lin’s body flickered and he charged out of the door at his fastest speed. The celestial guard and Thunder Beast followed closely after.

At the moment he came out, he didn’t pause; he stepped into the void and let out a big breath.

“What is this person’s purpose? If he wanted to kill me, it wouldn’t have been hard with this spell. If he wanted to trap me, then simply make those doors disappear. However, this, why…” Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at the ground. The line forming the prison was still there.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin put away the Thunder Beast and celestial guard. However, when he looked at the line of origin energy below him, he felt his scalp tingle.

He looked around as he pondered and muttered, “This place is the Thunder Celestial Realm…

“Celestial jades should be dispensable things for those cultivators that have stepped into the second step. After all, second step cultivators focus on origin energy!”

This question had been sitting at the bottom of his heart ever since he found out about origin energy. He wondered why so many second step cultivators were so eager to come to the Thunder Celestial Realm.

After meeting Shengong Hu, Wang Lin made some guesses and gradually understood something.

Aside from the celestial jades, there were celestial pills and treasures in the Thunder Celestial Realm. Although some were taken every time it opened, there would still be some remaining.

As for whether one could find any, it would depend on one’s own fortune. There were even rumors about complete celestial spells. Although most of the celestial spells were incomplete, the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System was confident that there must be complete celestial spells here!

In addition to all of this, there was another key reason. So far, eight completely intact corpses of celestials had been found in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

If one could find the corpse of a celestial, even if it was only a clue, they could sell it to the Thunder Celestial Temple. If the clues were accurate, one would receive great benefits.

If one could obtain a corpse of a celestial by themselves and handed it to the Thunder Celestial Temple, then the individual gains would be unimaginable. Even the benefits one’s family would receive would be a great harvest.

If the person who obtained the corpse of a celestial had enough talent, they may even be taken as a disciple of one of the ten great elders. From then on, they would be above others and their futures would be limitless!

Aside from all of this, what really attracted second step cultivators of the Allheaven Star System to this place were the origin energy pits!

More than 10,000 years ago, a cultivator found a semi-abandoned origin energy pit. That cultivator was only at the Ascendant stage, and after cultivating inside the origin energy pit, he miraculously broke through the first step and reached the second step!

For some reason, this news spread and caused every cultivator to go crazy over it.

As for how the origin energy pit formed, no one knew and no one had ever seen it the countless times the Thunder Celestial Realm had opened before. It was as if this origin energy pit had appeared out of nowhere.

There was a large amount of origin energy inside the origin energy pit. The origin energy there was extremely rich and didn’t need any refining. Even if one wasn’t at the second step, they only needed to cultivate to absorb it.

Various rumors spread by different people caused countless cultivators to gather at the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Aside from the origin energy pit, there was a tool called the “origin tool” by Allheaven cultivators. The energy contained inside the origin tool was different from the energy inside celestial jades. If a first step cultivator absorbed it, it would become celestial spiritual energy, but if a second step cultivator absorbed it, it would become origin energy!

All of these were the real reasons why Wang Lin was tempted to come. He was also suspicious about why he had never even heard of these things in the Rain Celestial Realm.

There was no answer, but he vaguely guessed that the Rain Celestial Realm was a little small compared to the Thunder Celestial Realm. This, of course, could be the fact that the collapse was more serious, so a lot of areas no longer existed. However, it was also possible that some areas were made inaccessible by others or weren’t opened to the public at all!

“My cultivation still isn’t enough!” Wang Lin let out a sigh, then his whole body turned into a ray of light and he was about to leave. At this moment, the lines of origin energy suddenly collapsed and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin stopped and stared at the scene.

At this moment, a faint fluctuation of celestial spiritual energy came from the collapsed ground. A greyish-white handle was half exposed inside the dirt.

The celestial spiritual energy fluctuations were coming from this object.

On a fragment somewhere in the Thunder Celestial Realm, the old man had his hands behind his back and was staring a towering mountain ahead of him. He licked his lips and was about to walk forward, but he suddenly stopped as if he had detected something and laughed. “That little guy took the shortcut, or else it would’ve been impossible for him to leave within seven days. However, there is no harm in taking a shortcut. Since you want to become a fated person with this old man that badly, then this old man will reluctantly agree!

“However, there are still more important matters at hand. This old man has prepared materials for tens of thousands of years for this matter to finally succeed! After I retrieve this mountain soul and place the Great Allheaven Formation, I’ll come and find you!”

The old man’s eyes revealed a hint of excitement. With his experience, there was hardly anything that could make him excited. If there was anything that brought any excitement to his life, then it would be this terrifying plan that he had been wroking on for tens of thousands of years!

The old man chuckled as he stepped forward toward the towering mountain.

“This old man will become the number one person in the Allheaven Star System! Once this plan is complete, I can sweep across the Alliance Star System and make that damn Master Zhong Xuan die without a grave!”

As for Wang Lin, he slowly landed, reached out, and pulled out the thing from the ground. This thing was incomplete, as if it was part of a water vase.

His eyes shined and looked at the ground. He could vaguely feel that there were several more fluctuations underground.

“Why didn’t I noticed this before… I only detected it after this place collapsed…” Wang Lin looked at it and pondered.

Just at this moment, a ray of light of light broke through horizon. This ray of light was black and seemed to carry a dense devilish energy. The ray of black light seemed to notice something and then it charged directly toward Wang Lin.

The devilish energy contained undisguised killing intent and arrogance.

“Junior up ahead, leave behind the thing in your hand and scram out of here! If you disobey, die!”

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